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Look of Love

ECKANKAR, Animals, Love, Divine SpiritBy Harold Klemp

A woman from Trinidad felt as if her life had gone to hell in a handbasket.  Her marriage had just broken up.  Then her son began using drugs.

Life was pretty hard, so much so that one day, while she was driving to work, tears began pouring down the woman’s cheeks.  She decided to pull the car off the road and just cry.

She pulled up beside a field where young horses were grazing.  Still crying, she got out of the car to enjoy their beauty. Read More


Spiritual Love

ECKANKAR, Relationships, Youth, Spiritual LoveBy Harold Klemp

Q: How can one have a healthy, loving relationship without getting too attached?

A: Not to get attached is often taken to mean “not to get involved.”  It actually means not to let your idea of how things should be dictate the relationship.  That kind of love has strings attached.  It means always trying to have your partner do what you think is right.

Those with pure love do all they can to let their mates grow in every way.

So we come to the real meaning of detached love.  It means to let others exist without forcing our will upon them.  That is spiritual love.

Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


The HU Works!

By Onoriode, United Kingdom

A friend of mine recently went through a very traumatic experience. She already suffers from anxiety. This was made worse when she was viciously attacked by two men. They stole some things from her purse like money and her phone.

She was badly shaken and did not leave the house for months—only to work and straight back. Read More


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