A Better Life Is Just One Step Away

ECKANKAR, Soul, God, DestinyBy Harold Klemp

A woman worked in a medical office where the doctor was unkind to her.  She was always being scolded for this or that.  She finally couldn’t stand it, so she quit; she felt that no matter how bad it was out there in the world, she’d be better off without a job than working for that doctor.

Right after she quit, the woman had an accident where she broke her jaw.  She lay at home recuperating, wondering what she should do as the bills began piling up.

One morning she got a call from another doctor in the same medical building where she had worked before. He asked her if she would work on a temporary basis in his office while one of his regular employees was on maternity leave.  She said yes and started work the next week.

The woman loved her new job.  In comparison, this office was like heaven.  One day she noticed that the voices on the other side of this wall of her new office sounded very much like the people who had worked in the unkind doctor’s office.  She realized the offices were back to back.

All this time she had been a few footsteps away from heaven.  But she had to go through a lot of trial and tribulation to land on the other side of the wall.

Sometimes it’s like this in your spiritual life.  When things are hard for you, you wonder, What’s happening?  Have you forgotten me, God?

But sometimes you need the experience of leaving the old place first, of having the will to say, “This is not the way I want to live my life.”  There are a lot of little things that go along with a decision like this.  When you go from one state of consciousness to another, there are always adjustments to be made.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.

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