A Special Purpose for This Life

11C53_BZ_TheMomentBy Harold Klemp

Odd as it may seem, you had a special reason for coming into this lifetime.  It was to become a more godlike being, but most people do not realize this fact.  They assume that birth is a fancy of destiny.

All the lives you have ever lived were for the polishing of Soul.  Like it or not, you are now at a higher and more spiritual level than in any prior incarnation.  So look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Keep in mind, whatever it is, for better or worse, it’s of your own making.

You are the sum of all your thoughts, feelings, and actions from this life and every lifetime in the past.

People, in general, think of karma as an unpleasant force and less often as having a beneficial side.  Take for example Mozart, already composing music at age five.

The rule of karma determines factors like male or female body, eye-hand coordination, long- or short-term memory retention, and desires.  In addition, our karmic package includes race, ancestry, family, friends, economic and social standing, and much more besides.

However, what comes of those conditions depends upon the exercise of our free will.

The Law of Cause and Effect, or the Law of Karma, is always in play your whole life.  You must know how to live in harmony with its exacting terms.  The experiences that derive from an adolescent or mature understanding of that law will, in time, bring you to an acceptance of divine love.  That’s the reason you’re here.

Excerpted from The Call of Soul.

9 Responses to A Special Purpose for This Life

  1. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks @Harry. And as Harji says, the help (hope) is at the end of our arm. We each need to serve this time.

    Feels awesome one year later reading an old post…. I am again reminded that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is always with me, always helping.

    Thank you.

  2. Harry Horton says:

    I’ve uncovered all sorts of bad karma from my past lifetime in the British Navy in the 1800s, unfortunately left me as a spiritual time server. But in a beautiful sense, the painful overwhelming truth is beautiful in itself. Its like the English poet John Keats wrote, if sorrow had not made sorrow more beautiful than itself or something along those lines. And that goes for recognizing our past lifetime misdeeds. In a restaurant one day some months back a friend I knew looked at me and smiled, and he said: “Doing time, doing time.” I thought that was an odd thing to say. I was not incarcerated for doing anything but rather I was totally free walking the town that I lived in. Then it dawned on me that the voice of God was talking through my friend. And God stated to me that I was a time server as God communicated this state of being of mine through my friend at the restaurant that day.. With that thought, in mind, the memories of my British Navy past lifetime events, the killings that I had done came to mind. And sadly I had to acknowledge that I was a time server spiritually as a result of my nefarious misdeeds in that previous past lifetime.. Eckankar is needless to say highly invaluable for exploring these highly important spiritual areas of our life ,and as such, Eckankar is a spiritual treasure of wisdom and guidance for anyone truly interested in seeking the secrets and ways of God. Lets hope Eckankar will be around a long time. For every soul’s benefit.

  3. Adekunle Fakorede says:

    The teachings of ECK have given many like me an insightful purpose for living : A raison d’être . Thanks Harorld for another beautiful share.

  4. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Sometimes, I just want to do what I love to do. Then I remember responsibilities, those who depend on us for their daily bread etc. So, I think of that as service as well. Remaining calm and with patience, it becomes easier to accept, to change and to love. I try not to lose sight of the higher goal but surrender to the ECK (Holy Spirit) while trying to do my part. This morning, I received a golden-tongued wisdom. I had been contemplating going for an ECK Regional Seminar in Benin coming up this weekend. But it would mean away from family for a day or two. So I asked the Mahanta: to go or to send my goodwill. This morning, I hitched a free ride to work with my colleague who also happens to be my neighbour at home. We saw some people by the roadside displacing kegs of petrol for sale as there is a current scarcity in the country. Out of the blues, my neighbour said: it reminds him of going to Cotonou when you cross the border, you see something similar back in those days. This caught me off-guard as Cotonou is the largest city in Benin and I caught the message. My mind accepted what my heart needed. I inwardly thanked my colleague for being the channel for the clear message and am grateful to the Mahanta, the ECK and the Sugmad for the continuous blessings of divine love and guidance.

  5. Linda Cioney says:

    Thank you for reminding me I am responsible for each and every moment and event in my life. And the graciousness of the Holy Spirit eases me through life when I let It and when I can accept more if God’s love. Thank you.

  6. Diane cummings says:

    The Light and Sound of Eck has given my purpose in life. I am eternally grateful.

  7. Sandy Stevens says:

    So true. The really wonderful thing is when we are finally able to make that connection alive in our heart and learn to live within the flow of the ECK, everything changes. Yet, at this level, nothing does. But the way we experience it all will never be the same.
    Living in this new state of consciousness is a becoming. We become the frame through which the Light and Sound can pour in and flood the worlds with divine love. Thank you for creating this wonderful blog.

  8. Isaac Utuh says:

    The teachings of ECK have been a guiding light, lighting my path on this journey of Soul. Thank you, Z, for offering these teachings on a platter of gold.

  9. Barbara says:

    Thanks for creating this beautiful blog! The art is simply beautiful and the content is inspirational. It’s exciting to know that there is a dynamic place like this to receive the teachings of ECK.

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