Finding Your Own True Path to God

Wonder of WanderingBy Harold Klemp

Divine Spirit has provided many paths for Soul to take back to God.  Each path roughly fits the consciousness of a like-minded group.

That is why there is no reason to look down on any religious teaching.  The ECK Masters come to enliven, not destroy, religious teachings, because periodically the spiritual light dims.

No one path is true for everyone.  That includes Catholicism, Protestant synods, the Oriental beliefs.  Many of the different Christian groups are still grappling with the Golden Rule given twenty centuries ago.

A lot of attention is put upon sects today, but the spilling of blood that was the baptism for the rise of Christian power is ignored.  The karmic debts incurred by the priestcraft during the past centuries is not where one wants to put his attention.  I am not criticizing Christian history, because I played my role helping in the establishment of several paths.

By now you have developed your own ways of testing whether someone’s claim has any degree of truth.  Use that method and measure the teachings of Eckankar.

Is a path true?  What are you looking for in it?

In ECK, you ought to be able to see the Light and hear the Sound of God.  No path on earth can promise its followers prosperity and unblemished health.  That is being ignorant of facts, of how things are.

A spiritual path ought to show the way to God.  If you find one that does this, then follow it.  If not, you must find another that fits you.

Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


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