Saved by the Mahanta

By Tosin, Nigeria

Although a student of Eckankar, I occasionally doubted the constant presence of the Mahanta in my life. I wondered if the Inner Master‘s promise, I am always with you, was really true.

One evening, I was lying in bed, trying to decide whether I should do a spiritual exercise, have dinner, or just go to sleep. All of a sudden, I heard the very clear voice of the Inner Master within me.

“Get up and sing HU!” he said.

The voice was so strong and urgent, it sounded like a command. I promptly got out of bed and began singing HU, Soul‘s love song to God. About five minutes into the spiritual exercise, I heard another clear, inner instruction.

“Get your keys and go for a drive!” the Mahanta said.

“Where to?” I asked. It was already 8:00 p.m.

The only reply I got was a strong urge to leave the house immediately.

Reluctantly, I picked up my car keys, still doubting the wisdom of these instructions.

Shouldn’t I eat something before going on an aimless drive around town? I thought to myself and began walking toward the kitchen. Just then, my cell phone rang. It was my neighbor Gina.

“Can you please give me a ride to the pharmacy?” she asked. “My younger sister is critically ill, and I need to get to the pharmacy to buy some drugs!” It seemed unusual that Gina would call me to help her. She had never asked a favor from me before.

I forgot about dinner and left the house to drive her to the pharmacy. She was already waiting for me outside the gate of our compound.

When we arrived at the pharmacy, she thanked me and told me she didn’t expect me to give her a ride back. But waiting for her seemed like the best thing to do.

While alone in the car, I silently asked the Mahanta if this was the reason I needed to get my car keys and drive away from home. I didn’t get a response.

When Gina was done, she got back in the car and asked me to drop her off at the beginning of our street instead of at home. I decided that as long as I was already out of the house, I would stop at the local video store to pick up something to watch. So I dropped off Gina and went to the video store.

Once there, I chatted with the shopkeeper while searching for a video. I still wondered why the Inner Master insisted I should go for a drive.

I browsed for forty-five minutes, but nothing piqued my interest. Now tired and hungry, I wanted to go home.

I got in my car and sang HU as I drove, still unsure of what this experience was all about. About a quarter mile from my house, the Inner Voice spoke again.

“Stop and go to the barbershop,” the Mahanta said.

I realized I was driving directly past the barbershop. Although I just wanted to go home for some food and rest, I followed the inner guidance and stopped for a haircut anyway.

At about 9:10 p.m., I was done. By now, I was starving and ready to go home. But inwardly, I asked the Mahanta for confirmation.

“Can I go home now?” I asked.

“OK,” was the soft reply.

When I arrived, I found a terrible scene. Eight armed men had broken into the compound and raided our homes. People who resisted had been attacked with weapons. Some of the more seriously wounded were already on their way to the hospital. I learned that the robbers had arrived minutes after I drove away and left shortly before I returned.

I was shocked. Grateful for the Mahanta’s protection, I soberly went inside and sang HU.

I realized the Mahanta’s inner guidance kept me from harm and possibly death. Now I know that the Mahanta, the Inner Master, is truly with me all the time, offering wisdom, guidance, and divine love. I just need to listen and be willing to do my part.


46 Responses to Saved by the Mahanta

  1. Anne Paris says:

    This reminds of my Eck experience too. I was going to school on a two wheeler. As I crossed the road, an ambulance came towards me very fast. It was inches away from hitting me. But then miraculously I drove past it before it could hit. It feels so impossible scientifically. But it did happen. Miracles do happen.

  2. Eleanor Leon, Canada says:

    I’ll share one of my stories: was driving down a very busy highway in February and there was still some snow on the road, I was listening to songs by Nat King Cole (L.O.V.E.) one of my fav songs, and I was also singing HU inwardly with the music, thinking of the Mahanta as I drove. The next thing I know the car is spinning and it finally stops on the side of the road perfectly in between two large electric poles! Not a scratch on my car, or on me, and no other cars, miraculously to hit! A miracle, a blessing from the ECK, the mighty ECK! I am so grateful, so grateful.
    Thank you!

  3. jim Arbuckle says:

    I have been in Eckankar for many years. My memories are always fond and induce a feeling of love, which reminds me of the inner guidance of the Mahanta that has been and still is with me to this very day. Many years ago, in the town where I lived, an acquaintance I knew from my childhood, suddenly appeared at my front door. I was so surprised to see this individual again after so many years of being out of contact (this is strange I thought to myself), but I was curious as to what he wanted so I opened the door to chat. After the exchange of some pleasantries, he asked me if I could do him a favor. I said “What would you like me to do?” He said, “I have some important documents I need delivered” and he was willing to pay me a fee if I would do it. Within seconds of him completing that statement, the Mahanta spoke as plain as day “No!” and I received very strong feelings something not very good was going on. I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” He left and I never saw him again. A few days later I was watching the local news. There was a story on about a man being arrested for stealing engineering blueprints from a prestigious engineering firm located in my home town where I was still living at the time. At that moment the news story broke, I realized the man arrested is the brother of my childhood acquaintance whom had asked me to deliver “important documents” for him.

    The Mahanta protected me from becoming unknowingly involved in a criminal act.

  4. MARIAN says:

    Thank you wah zee for your love. I wanted to attend the African seminar in Nigeria but was not having enough money. During my spiritual exercises, I surrendered and told the Master my reason for attending which was to serve. Am grateful to the Master not only because I was at the seminar, or because I served its because I was appreciated and I was the happiest person . The blessings of God comes in ways and packages we don’t expect if we can just stop listen, act and be grateful for the gifts of life and give back to life more love will flow because abundance flourishes from a grateful heart.

  5. Richard Theriault says:

    What a wonderful story. I just felt like signing HU while reading it.
    Thank you

  6. Richard Theriault says:

    Hi Gladys,
    There is a little book called “Spiritual Wisdom on Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation” authored by Harold Klemp. You may find it that it answers some of your questions.
    You may have a look at it here:

  7. Joy Oyovwevotu says:

    Thank you for the wonderful experience. This is another conformation, if we needed any, that the love and protection of the Master is always with us. It is important however to point out the important of reliance and trust in the Master that prompted the ECKist to follow the inner message thereby being saved from the terrible experience. In other words, there could be a price to pay when we disregard the inner messages.

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Hi Gladys,
    The Mahanta is always with each ECKist. The more we accept this reality, the more it becomes real to Soul… The best response I can give is for you to go within and contemplate the experience… I recall having similar experiences but of seeing just before coming awake in the physical. More info can be gotten from asking other ECKists who your heart opens to and listening with an open heart. For me, the best answers come from within. It may be different for others. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Osamudiamen Ikponmwosa says:

    Thank you for shareing this experience. Thank you Mahanta for your love. The master’s love comes in unusual ways.

  10. Godwin Agubalu says:

    A wonderful story indeed. The Master’s love and protection started before I came into Eckankar. I fail from a tree at 13 years of age, but did not make all the way to the ground. He planted my feet in the next branch below. I have been poisoned but threw it up after some days. I had an accident with my brother and I was the one stopping other vehicles to help my unconscious brother to the hospital. I could go on and on. For all the above and much more I am a tireless Vahana, spreading this massage of love to a very few who would listen. May the blessings be.

  11. Clemsirues says:

    The Mahanta’s guidance is real and amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Adakou says:

    Before you wake-up, Hu will protect your path and will open your mind to the reality. Just don’t forget to be Hu.

  13. Gladys says:

    Last week, I was sleeping, it was about time to get up and start the activities of the day when suddenly inside my head I heard a voice telling me this: “prayer and meditation” who said that ? is the Mahanta? is it my Higher Self? It was a man’s voice in a soft but firm tone of voice, It is the second time I hear a voice inside my head. I would appreciate a response to my question. Thank you Gladys

  14. Kokoette Bassey says:

    ECK is real!
    The Mahanta is love, the highest spiritual consciousness one can think of. I embraced the teachings of ECKANKAR some years ago and have experienced changes in the way I view life.
    ECK has equipped me to be a good spiritual student.

    May the blessings be

  15. Henry says:

    This story touches a string in my life experiences and spiritual growth. Thanks for this blog.

  16. Louis says:

    This was very comfortable and live Mahanta s guidance, yes he is with us.

  17. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thank you ECKANKAR for creating this platform to share uplifting experiences for Soul, that's me. The mission renewed needs each of us to do our part with life, just as the Mahanta is always always always doing his. Such is love divine.

  18. Robert says:

    Thank you Eckankar for this site.
    It allows chelas around the world to communicate with those they would never speak to.

    Hi Emma…say hi to Bob.

  19. Paula Flint says:

    Saved by the Mahanta is such a personal topic to me. Thank you for offering it as a blog topic.

    I had been an ECKist for several years and doing all I could do to be of service to the ECK while constantly asking for assistance from the Mahanta. When one night I had the following dream.

    I was the passenger in a car. The Mahanta was the driver. All of a sudden he pulled off into the side of the road, got out, came around to the passengers side door, opened it and said, "It's time for you to drive."

    I knew immediately that it was time for me to drive my own vehicle, my own body, my own life. He was handing the reigns over to me. He had enough confidence in me to trust me with that responsibility.

    I have been learning to navigate life with the Mahanta as my passenger – yes sometimes it is necessary that he take the role of back-seat driver but he does it beautifully! I'm still a babe in the arms of the ECK when it comes to driving my own vehicle, but with the Mahanta as my driving coach I KNOW I can do whatever is put in front of me!

    Thank you Sri Harold for being born and crossing my path in this most important lifetime!

  20. Helen says:

    Over the last two weeks attending the Worldwide I have heard a number of stories like this one and realise how safe I am living in Australia. I am so grateful for this. But also understand that to really experience how the Master looks after his beloved Chelas in places like Nigeria strengthens the faith and bond between Master and Chela. We share a common gratitude for the blessings and care that we experience.

  21. Bernadette says:

    I love this blog too! It’s a wonderful GIFT, easy to share all over the world. It’s a way to keep the spirit of the Seminar going for ever! Thanks to the team.

  22. Sena says:

    Beautiful soul,

    That was a great experience you shared! Thank you for reminding me that for me to be aware of the forever love and guidance of the Mahanta, I have to do my own part. 🙂

  23. Jemma Sue Meade says:

    The ECK is real. Don’t question it. Just do it. What a wonderful experience in surrender to the ECK.

  24. Holly says:

    Nice remembrance of how we are always taken care of when we allow ourselves to listen. I too have had experiences like yours. These experiences are never wanted in our lives but it does build our trust and calmness that we are never alone and reminds us of the profoundness of how much we are loved. Thank you for sharing

  25. Lydia Flores says:

    The Inner master helps us in many was and takes different forms. We must keep our eyes and ears open to HIm in whatever why he guides us.

  26. Amoy Olton says:

    I can relate to that story. I had unknowingly dropped my car keys in the car and as I was about to close the door and lock it, a booming voice inside my ear said to me “do not lock your door” and that alerted me and I realized that my keys had fallen under the cushion. My husband was abroad and my house keys were on the bunch so it would have been a difficult situation. Thank you Mahanta for your help.

  27. John Adedipe says:

    Surely the Mahanta’s promise can’t be faulted. We must listen, learn and grow spiritually. The Mahanta’s love, guidance and protection are ever assured. Just keep the HU, the most sacred name for God, constantly upon your lips you can relax in the assured arms of God.
    May the blessings be!

  28. david says:

    Your experience is a confirmation to my believe and a further trust in the Mahanta. Eck is real.

  29. June Laurence says:

    I really enjoyed Tosin’s story. I too have bern given proof of the Mahanta’s constant presence and there is no longer any doubt that he is closer than my own heartbeat. I too have heard the inner voice instructing me what to do and it feels really good knowing that the Mahanta has my back. It,s even better than having an old and trusted friend that you can always depend on.

  30. Susan brylski says:

    You are blessed. The Mahanta called you twice and would have again but you responded to the love. Good job dude! I think it is time for my HU. Thank you

  31. Oludaisi Farinre says:

    Every detail is already taken care of by the MAHANTA.

  32. Joseph Gorlock says:

    I use to have a life like that all the time it seem very natural i was being save by the Master but i saw to make it more real to me the next experience would have to be bigger than the last one to prove to me that The Eck Love me. then one Day i said is there a better way or know I am Love & Protected by the ECK with out all this Drama. Then That Soft Voice Sure Joe Just Listen to the small things Sure Whatever walk a little faster & you catch your Bus at the corner Bang there the Bus so i keep doing this & it became like i was like Better than getting Car Service I also became More Frugal & it A became A different world How Sweet it can Be.
    Until One Need To Burn Some Karma off as they say take the next step. Thanks Joe

  33. Karen says:

    Wow! What an experience. The Master is truly with us all the time, protecting and guiding us always. May the Blessings be.

  34. Chibuzo Okonkwo says:

    That was fantastic, especially when you were so hungry!
    I wish some day I would hear the Mahanta speak to me also like in a telephone chat!

  35. Patience Willie Arikpo says:

    The voice of the Mahanta at times comes like a silent still inner voice, or some times like a forceful command. So lets always be open to spirit to hear when God is talking to us. May the blessings be.

  36. Azadeh says:

    Thank you for sharing love with us
    Tonight I was gloomy and worry about something.

    I got the Mahanta’s love by reading this story
    Barkat bashad


  37. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Tosin for reminding me of a forgotten experience many years ago. Before we were required to wear seatbelts in our cars in the United States, I was driving into an intersection about 2 blocks ahead of me. I clearly heard the Mahanta's instruction to buckle my seatbelt! I had never buckled it before, didn't even know how but I managed to do it quickly because of the urgency in his voice. As I entered the busy intersection suddenly there were collisions happening all around me including school buses. I was thrown around in the car but having my seatbelt fastened kept me from losing control and my car and I were safe. There were other vehicles inches from mine when it all ended. I was so grateful that I had my seatbelt on thanks to the Mahanta's protection! And of course I wear it all the time now… trust in the Lord and tie up your camel, haha.

  38. sylvanus seka says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and great experience about the inner’s master guidance.
    The inner master is real and guide and protect us all the time.
    Thank you Mahanta

  39. Laura says:

    Powerful story. Trust comes from doing the spiritual exercise of ECK. Anyone can do them and singing HU will strengthen the connection between our inner guidance and our daily life experiences. The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master protects all who ask him. He is the true teacher I looked for and found.

  40. Love says:

    Vraiment émouvant cette histoire. Il faut toujours suivre la guidance spirituelle du Maître.

  41. Emmanuel says:

    Wonderful experience!!! No one should doubt this experience, for sure, the MAHANTA is really closer than we can imagine…

    Thank you for sharing the love of ECK

  42. Jackie says:

    And love Tosin’s story. What an experience! Saved by the Mahanta indeed!

  43. John Marikos says:

    I had a similar guidance once that had a different purpose. I woke up a little bit after midnight with the strong guidance to go for a drive. I was still relatively new to ECKANKAR, so this was a surprise for me. As I started to drive, I realized I was low on gas. I drove from gas station to gas station trying to find one open in a town new to me. Finally I found one. In those days, gas was put in the tank near the back bumper. The man inserted the nozzle there and scrambled back to my open window. He exclaimed, ,”You’re in ECKANKAR!” I was surprised, but then remembered, putting an ECKANKAR bumper sticker on the back bumper and some brochures in the car the day before. He explained that he had been been hiking in Mexico years ago and had met a couple who were ECKists. They told him about the ECK teachings. Later he regretted not asking how he could learn more. He was so happy when I handed him the brochures and I was thrilled to be there to serve him.

  44. sheida says:

    dear Tosin;
    thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. i havent had such a direct connection with the inner master ;but in some other manner; have always been benefited from his guidance.
    may the blessing be.

  45. vincent says:

    Waoh! This reminds me of a realization I once had after an experience -the inner master is so close to the student that he is out of focus of the usual human ‘long sighted’ percerption

  46. Jackie Allen says:

    I love this blog! Thanks ever so much for publishing it. I just know it will be well loved and one more awesome lane on the ECK digital highway. –Jackie

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