What Does ECKANKAR Teach?

Shariyat_02_color_HIECKANKAR teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God.  These exercises also help us Soul Travel, to move into greater states of consciousness.  A spiritual exercise can be as simple as relaxing and singing the word HU, an ancient name for God.  As we practice these spiritual exercises, we learn to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We learn that each of us is Soul, a spark of God sent to this world to gain spiritual experience.  And as we unfold spiritually, we learn to express the love of God through service to others.

Karma and reincarnation are primary beliefs in ECKANKAR.  We build up karma as a result of the spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  The ECK (Holy Spirit) helps us purify ourselves of karma (sin), making it possible for us to accept the full love of God in this lifetime.  We gain wisdom, charity, and freedom.

Of all religions on earth today, ECKANKAR offers the most direct teachings on the Light and Sound of God.  For people who experience these twin pillars of God, life becomes fresh and new again.


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  1. Matthew Taylor says:

    Since they in Eckankar use the word karma instead of sin I wonder this. Do they not use the term as often as they do in Roman Catholic that they have to go to Purgatory in order to be purified from their sins?


    Most people imagine that karma is just action or deed (good or bad).

    Karma means more than that. It can arise from our thoughts and words. This means we as souls should be very circumspect about our dealings; especially those submerged in the light and sound of God to avoid sowing things we would regret as we reap them.

  3. Marcus Grant says:

    I agree that we build up karma through the spiritual law of cause and effect .. very true. But I don't agree that karma is ONLY 'sin' when you posted 'karma (sin)' .. that is actually incorrect to define karma just that way. There is both 'good karma' resulting from good deeds and 'bad karma' resulting from not so good or bad deeds. Karma itself is defined in Sanskrit as an action or deed .. karma is basically what we DO, either good or bad. So purifying our bad karma is certainly something we should do. I am Buddhist and my teacher is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who teaches not far from Chanhassen! He drills us very often about karma and what it is and how to avoid and eventually be free of bad karma. So I appreciate very much our similar beliefs!

  4. richard okagbare says:

    Many thanks.
    Long ago, I had the privilege of seeing the golden book image featured beside this article – an open golden book with bright shafts of many coloured lights radiating from it as it is fed directly by a brighter white shaft of light from above mounted on a slim cylindrical post. Over the years, I sometimes yearn to visit this plane again.

  5. Paul says:

    Indeed a way to God’s love

  6. shakuntala says:

    Singing HU ,either individually or in a group ,has many many benefits. transformation takes place in individuals. love and mutual respect grows in the groups solutions appear to problems sometimes miracles happen too !

  7. Nicola East says:

    To recongise that you are soul a loved one as is everyone else is by the creator.

    The journey is within oneself and helping others on your way but not taking over their lives because every living thing has freedom of choice.

    To know love is always and always with you singing HU is a key to complete knowing it.
    Love is and always with you.

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