What Happens after Death?

ECKANKAR, Truth, God, Light and SoundBy Harold Klemp

Q: What happens to us after death?

A: I’ll paint a picture of the afterlife with a broad brush.  The reason is that consciousness is like a river of water in that it goes gradually from a small stream to a larger one.

A composer, for example, uses a similar method.  When he wishes to move up, say, eleven notes from a starting note, he will work his way up in gradual steps rather than in one big leap.  He may go up two notes, drop back a half note, move up a full note, and so on, until he reaches the eleventh note he was aiming for.

These gradual movements from the smaller to the larger or the lower to the higher are to prevent a destructive or jarring effect upon the sensibilities of man or nature.

So it is, too, when an individual moves from this life to the afterlife.  It is within the limits of one’s expectations.

Of course, we do not speak here about the particular event that causes death, such as an accident, other violence, or even a peaceful passing in bed after reaching a ripe old age.  Our attention is upon what sort of life one can expect in the other worlds after his passing.

It will be similar to what an individual gains on earth and his spiritual state of consciousness.  If he embraces the images and conditions of a Christian, he will start there in the continuation of his life in the other worlds.

Soul must use the earthly life to expand in consciousness via the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

These exercises open a person’s heart to God’s love, which is to help and comfort all.  With this understanding, one may then become a real spiritual traveler.  He begins his mission as a Co-worker with God.  Everything is an open book.  Life is a joyful, interesting, and useful one, of service to all.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

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  1. William kavanagh says:

    We are taught in ECKANKAR that when one hears the sound of ECK within, we are in the presence of GOD.
    Yet your human consciousness find it hard to believe for some Souls!
    We have to remember that we can’t be outside of GOD for GOD is omnipresent—everywhere!

  2. Jeri DeVale says:

    It would be great to know what some of the choices are for where we go when we die? Maybe have someone give us a tour—to see what spiritual community after death wants me and what I might want back. How people are serving on the other side. Will I see relatives? Maybe yes, maybe no.? Or just go to the spiritual community automatically that the level of my awareness is.

  3. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Wah Z, thank you for this story.

    I once read a book that was talking about “life beyond”, referring to life after death. This was when soul was searching, and this search lead me to discovering ECKANKAR, which finally answered many questions I had in mind about this issue of life after death.

    I am happy you keep reminding us in various ways that what we mold as our heaven or life after death depends on the life we live here, our believes and our state of consciousness.

    Thanks to the ECK teachings, I wouldn’t have known that I am responsible for where to go or be after death.

  4. Thanapakkiam Narayanan says:

    Nearly a year ago my mother passed away peacefully at home. A few of us children had the opportunity to be around her when she took her last breath.Being a Hindu, the rituals were carried out accordingly.There was Hindu chanting etc. Being an Eckist I chanted HU the whole time until her body was taken to the crematorium. My niece who was an Eckist at the time received this message on the inner. The chanting of HU not only had helped raise my mother’s soul but had raised every other soul including the souls inhabiting animals! She said she could see the rats and cats that were around being lifted up in the air….

  5. Lawrence Kena-Bonti says:

    Eckankar Teachings is great. It banishes fear and replaces fear with love and curiousity. The more curious you become,the more awareness you activate.
    The Mahanta the Living Eck Master is great. Baraka Bashad.

  6. Carmen says:

    Its inspiring to read all the above experiences. I am a seeker and when I came to ECK I became very curious and I started to read more about ECK. I am not there yet, I am just a new learner and what I read about ECK makes me happy inside, I know not why, but I am glad I am in the process of being one with you in ECK.

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thank you Joyce ‘Joy’ Millman for sharing. Quite insightful.

  8. Melvin Lawlor says:

    I awoke after my dear departed mother placed a blanket over my body in the dream state in floods of tears the other day.
    Its not easy for me to understand that I am again with the Mahanta and not easy to exept.I am willing to learn all the lessons that are here for me to learn in both the dream state and other states of consciousness.
    May the blessings be.

  9. Melvin Lawlor says:

    I see in my Dreams.Thank you Mahanta.
    Its unfoldment.Gradual unfoldment.
    May the blessings be.

  10. Joyce Millman says:

    Have experienced many times death of loved ones very dear to me who died of different causes. Life on Earth is hard bearing grief without them. However, I ask the Inner Master help me by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me before going to sleep & put my entire faith in knowing the answers will come & not even knowing the questions to ask. Over time, in my dream state, there I visit with them. It seems just as real as life itself & in Soul, we meet together. I see & talk & laugh with them just as though they were alive. It surprises me! Upon waking, I feel as though the Mahanta has given me a wonderful gift & everything is ok again. This has happened to me so many times that I believe now there is just a thin veil between this earthly life & the after-life because to me, it feels as like we are actually alive. Seems like we are on a journey, just like taking a trip, only they got on the ship before I did & one day so will I & we will meet again, like see you later. My reason for sharing is to help somebody know that I have cried an ocean of tears when they each went away but in the dream-state we are still together & so I can again see the sun come up & know their spirit is with me. This is just my personal experience along with Faith to share this with you all hoping you too can find comfort & there is Hope, this may help. May the blessings be. "Joy"

  11. ARLENE FORBES says:


  12. helen says:

    Thank you Mahanta. I love your metaphors – they are so enlightening.

  13. Gurcharan says:

    He is absolutely right. ECK is not for everyone but everyone should know about ECK. Be prepared for a journey that will prepare you for anything. It is hard and sometimes long. Its the only way that connects and disconnects with all believes until you understand. It is real. May the blessings be.

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