What Happens after Death?

ECKANKAR, Truth, God, Light and SoundBy Harold Klemp

Q: What happens to us after death?

A: I’ll paint a picture of the afterlife with a broad brush.  The reason is that consciousness is like a river of water in that it goes gradually from a small stream to a larger one.

A composer, for example, uses a similar method.  When he wishes to move up, say, eleven notes from a starting note, he will work his way up in gradual steps rather than in one big leap.  He may go up two notes, drop back a half note, move up a full note, and so on, until he reaches the eleventh note he was aiming for.

These gradual movements from the smaller to the larger or the lower to the higher are to prevent a destructive or jarring effect upon the sensibilities of man or nature.

So it is, too, when an individual moves from this life to the afterlife.  It is within the limits of one’s expectations.

Of course, we do not speak here about the particular event that causes death, such as an accident, other violence, or even a peaceful passing in bed after reaching a ripe old age.  Our attention is upon what sort of life one can expect in the other worlds after his passing.

It will be similar to what an individual gains on earth and his spiritual state of consciousness.  If he embraces the images and conditions of a Christian, he will start there in the continuation of his life in the other worlds.

Soul must use the earthly life to expand in consciousness via the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

These exercises open a person’s heart to God’s love, which is to help and comfort all.  With this understanding, one may then become a real spiritual traveler.  He begins his mission as a Co-worker with God.  Everything is an open book.  Life is a joyful, interesting, and useful one, of service to all.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

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