What Is an ECK Satsang class?

May 2013_KW_0216 - Satsang Group TempleAn ECK Satsang class is a gathering of ECK members who choose to come together once or twice a month to further their spiritual understanding through study of the ECK discourses. In studying the ECK discourses, an ECK Satsang class revolves around the rhythm of the Living Word.

This rhythm is important because it is the Life Force, the ECK. The words of the outer teachings are instruments of the Mahanta to help unlock your heart so you can enter into the secret kingdom. To the eyes of the world it may all seem foolishness, yet the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to those who cherish them enough to reach out for them.

What happens during an ECK Satsang class?

You will have the opportunity to share experiences you may have had during the month, which helps you recognize your own success with Soul Travel, dream travel, the Light and Sound of God, or the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. When listening to others share their experiences, you’ll be astonished by their richness and infinite variety and you’ll learn to discern the golden hand of the Mahanta in each of the experiences.

As a spiritual laboratory, an ECK Satsang class is a place to explore a wide range of ECK ideas, ask tough questions, and then experiment in how to find answers through contemplation. The purpose of the class is not so much to get the “right” answers as it is to help you find your own relationship with Divine Spirit. Through this process, you learn that you have the creative power within yourself to solve life’s challenges.

Why is an ECK Satsang class important?

A Satsang class is a spiritual forum in which you can learn to give and receive divine love. It is also a way to give service to all life and be a Co-worker with the Mahanta, while learning to be a Co-worker with God.

Learn more about Satsang and the benefits of ECK membership.

7 Responses to What Is an ECK Satsang class?

  1. Chike wadike says:

    Satsang discussion classes is an avenue to enrich Soul spiritual, it’s a blessing to me. Its uplifting and inspiring. Thanks I found one.

  2. David says:

    I have done a particular discourse in a Satsang. There was a sentence that suddenly jumped out as if someone had taken a moment of my past and written it down. Without the Satsang preparation, I would have missed this connection, this very important lesson. Satsang can help us make connections to experiences that we have missed before and provide a non judgmental environment so that we can gather truth about the same subject from many points of view, from each other.

  3. Adekunle Fakorede says:

    A Satsang class is a special meeting with the Holy Spirit, the ECK that helps one consolidate each monthly lesson in a discourse series. .

    Preparing for the Satsang class helps me link the letters of the words in the lessons with the spirit of the words therein contained . Attending Satsang classes leaves one refined and refreshed in spirit..

  4. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I attend an ECK Satsang class once a month.

    It is for me a spiritual gift to meet like-minded Souls and share in the joys and blessings of living. Attending ECK Satsang class tops the most to-do list for the month, only this one is done not out of duty, but love for God, life and me.

  5. Michael Agha-Okoro says:

    Good and very helpful. Centre are dotted in most towns in Nigeria, my Country. Thanks alot for the blog.

  6. Sarah Smith says:

    What I love about satsang is that the topics and theme of each chapter seems to resonate with what is happening at the same time in my daily life. I’ll read a chapter at the beginning of the month and then see the spiritual principles of that chapter unfold in my daily life. It’s a wonderful way to validate the love and connection of divine spirit in my life.

  7. Melvin Lawlor says:

    To become a member of ECKANKAR just go to:-

    Choose membership services and follow through.
    Although you can do this to become a member,it’s also a good idea(I found)to contact an ECKIST you may know and ask him/her for help also.It’s good to ask questions, and you can ask them of the ECKIST who helps you.They may help you fill out the form and support you along the way with questions in future.
    If you have no ECKISTS as friends the Membership Services will let you know what to do.Surely there is a Open for the Public Satsang Group not too far away from you.Look in the local papers or ask Membership Services where your nearest Open Satsang Group is because you’d like to join !.
    May The Blessings Be.Joel Love.

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