What Is Soul Travel?

Art by: Claude GruffyThe traditional concept of Soul is that you have one, but that it is distant from your everyday life and will become important only when your physical body ceases to exist.  The ECKist, on the other hand, believes that each person is Soul and that It is the essential and permanent center of our being.  It can never be lost.

We can, however, forget who we are.  Our physical senses and emotions become overwhelming, and we lose Soul’s spiritual viewpoint.  Regaining this viewpoint is called Soul Travel.  And Soul Travel is accomplished by practicing the Spiritual Exercises of ECKANKAR on a daily basis.



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  1. jackie smith says:

    hello everyone all i can tell you that i dont need to read or excise i am a true soul travler i was born one and yes i am a dreamer to i guess thats the gift god gave me all i has to do is lay and think of who and where i want to go or be with i jus go its funny how people can just talk but im a true travler.i dont understand how i got like this but i ask god alots of things and he just like me dream and all them come true except the last one i ask him to reval all he kept tellin me that he was talkin and everything was going be alrite as i write this i just lost my sister. nov 18th and god never reval it just only tellin me everything going be alrite.yes im gifted and my mother was to. i can tell everybody the true exprince of a soul traveler cause i am one i dont need to read or excise im just sayin its the gift that god gives you. thanks all.from a person that dont need no books.

  2. Eric says:

    I was wondering where there is an ECKANKAR place in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. Is it possible to communicate with the spirit of a lost loved one? Lost my beloved son 2 years ago.

    Thank you, Eric.

  3. Mark Richardson says:

    When I was a boy I had a burning desire to know who I am and why I am here. Books and beliefs did not satisfy that desire, because I wanted truth by my own experience. When I came a cross a book on out of the body travel I was excited – maybe I would experience heaven or a reality other than this one. I finally had an out of body experience meditating one day where I first found myself above my body looking down, followed by a journey as Soul through a wall into another reality, greater than the physical reality. As much as I tried I could not repeat this experience. Then I found a book on Eckankar which gave many techniques for Soul Travel (called spiritual exercises) which allowed me to experience out of the body in a safe, natural way. The book also, like a travel guide, provided a road map of the inner worlds, so I would know where I was and what to expect of the people and the laws there.

    Besides removing the fear of death, and the truth that life continues, it began the ongoing journey into why, as Soul, I am here on earth and provides daily answers to why things happen to me and what spirit is trying to teach me.

  4. Ademola Shote says:

    The awareness that you exist outside yourself is Soul Travel

  5. Zirrus says:

    It’s been my experience that people will have out of body experiences or other inexplainable things happen to them to show them they are not their bodies, they just HAVE a body to use on the physical plane. Some people don’t need these big experiences, they have expansive incidences that let them see things from a higher perspective… as soul.

  6. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Very good insight Phil.

  7. Aime Assamoi says:

    You are doing Soul Travel always when you are giving love to you and others, when you remenber that you exist because of the love of God for you.

  8. Phil Levesque says:

    I’ve learned that you and I are Soul. Soul is like a cell in the body of God. It is everywhere at all times And beyond time and space. Soul’s attention can be anywhere we direct it with our attention. Often the ECK, Holy Spirit directs our attention to what is most important to our spiritual unfoldment at any given moment. This may happen in a dream, a vision, or “waking dream” (when we recognize something is special about an experience in our day-to-day life. We can then learn something about ourselves by paying attention to the “dream”. It can be read like any dream- with the heart).
    Souls attention spreads out in every direction, like ripples from a pebble dropped in a pond, but our minds can usually only grasp one or a few things at a time. Mind will often forget our deeper soul experience because the experience is beyond what the mind can comprehend.
    Soul Travel is not really travel at all, it is becoming aware of where we already are.

  9. Roland Reeb says:

    I had a hard time seeing myself as Soul. This physical body feels so real to me. I wrote to the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and said, “you have to prove to me I am not this body.” In my spiritual exercise I experienced the body slowly melting away and then I became aware of myself as Soul. What an amazing experience that was. I became a dedicated ECKist. Thank you Z. With love in ECK.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Hi Joan, to know more about the ECK Master Gotta, I would suggest you try a Soul Travel technique that most helps one to gain the wisdom desired, if that is what you need. You can find more information at a local ECK Center near you or on the ECKANKAR website ( Soul knows and it is only a matter of time, open heartedness and the Spiritual Exercises of ECK for the bodies to accept this wisdom.

  11. shakuntala says:

    The concept of soul travel is defined so simply and clearly and I like it.Thank you

  12. Paula Flint says:

    My life has been a testament to that truth. ECKANKAR is all about personal experience. We can gain a lot of knowledge from books, people, and movies but when we learn to put that knowledge into motion – through experience – it turns into wisdom. That is what I have learned from studying and experiencing life as an ECKist for 30+ years. Give it a try! You can prove it for yourself.

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