What Is the Ultimate Goal of Soul?

ECKANKAR, Goal, Soul, Love, SpiritualBy Harold Klemp

Here is a brief review of the final goal of Soul: It gathers an education in the lower worlds so that It can become a true citizen in the spiritual community.  This is what we call a Co-worker with God.

The relationship between parent and child in the worlds of matter is based upon this spiritual design.  The parent is the vehicle for the child’s entrance into the world and is responsible for his education.  The child must, between birth and the age of perhaps eighteen, learn all the dos and don’ts of his culture.  The significant fact underlying the parent-child relationship is that there is more freedom for the child as he gets older and assumes more responsibility.  The parent has failed his duties if the child reaches legal age and is unfit to take his place in the world.

The path of Eckankar encourages the freedom and responsibility of Soul.  After all, that is Its birthright.

Every Soul is a spark of God.  The child learns by making errors, but the wise parent must let the child learn for himself, giving guidance when it is necessary.

Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.

25 Responses to What Is the Ultimate Goal of Soul?

  1. Alois says:

    Learning to be a perfect cooperator with God is an ultimate goal of Soul.

  2. Caleb says:

    Thanks Wah Z for yet another reminder to everyone.

  3. Edem Kisse says:

    To always give a love and be a co-worker with God.

  4. Jonathan Asia aOba says:

    Its a great experience to realize yourself as Soul but Soul knowing its relationship with the Mahanta gives the greatest joy.

  5. Marcus says:

    Every moment is the ultimate goal of soul .. this moment. (And the way of this moment is always love .. always always love coupled with wisdom.)

  6. Ikesinachi Obilor says:

    The ultimate goal of soul, is to recognize the hand of God, the ever presence of the Mahanta the living Eck master, to come upon learning the know-how, to draw from the vast inner spiritual resources it is adorned with, with the assistance and guidance of the Mahanta, and return home to God, a co-worker in the light and sound…

  7. Karen says:

    The Ultimate Goal of Soul is so easily explained by Sri Harold. I share similar feelings like Holden and enjoyed reading all the comments by fellow Eckists. The ECK Teachings are really wonderful. May the Blessings be!

  8. Holden Anele says:

    The ultimate goal of soul is to be a coworker with God as explained by Sri Harold.
    We can aim at this while consciously showing human love and divine love to the best of our ability . . . and ask the ECK to help us in doing so because it’s really not easy. The world can be too cold, too bitter and too hostile to discourage an average person from showing love. But keeping the ultimate goal in sight will leverage us in showing love to people that come across our way in this dog-eat-dog world. Thanks for this reminder! Cannot thank you enough.

  9. Alle roberte says:

    we have to know that we are in this world but we are not from this world. So our goal is learn all thing necessary that can help us mature responsable to become co-worker with the Sugmad.

  10. Mary Meyers says:

    I’m grateful to know that everything that happens–successes and failures–joys and sorrows–understanding and confusion–all have meaning and help Soul in Its goal to become a “citizen in the spiritual community” . . . life is forever learning more about giving and receiving love.

  11. John Adedipe says:

    Soul’s ultimate goal is to become God realised and take on duties of co-working with God – providing detached services to all souls in form. It is only on the path of Eckankar that you can get this attainment. Thank you Wah Z. May the blessings of the Sugmad be.

  12. Rama says:

    I’m greatful to the Mahantha that I’m in Eckankar in this life . Hope fully I can be a co- worker to God some day.

  13. Farideh says:

    Yes very true, the real goal of soul is to serve God, to become a vehicle to serve. I asked Sugmad to show me and give me the apportunity to be a vehicle to serve, I was tired of the job I had because I wasn’t that useful, I had a cashier job in a store in a very rich location up town city but I was not happy, so I was looking for other job, that day I was in front of a store for interview, store was not open yet, I saw a woman coming to me I recognized her, I knew her, she asked me what I am doing there, I said for interview, she said that she had a friend who is looking for a private care giver who can speak their language and can stay there night time, because he has Parkinson’s and doesn’t sleep at nights, I said I will think of it, I passed interview but the salary they offered me was not high and they were looking for part time, I said I’ll call them , after 2 days I called the woman I saw in front of store she gave me her friends phone number I called and they got very happy so I started working for them as a care giver for one year until they decided to put their father to private nursing home, that was a great experience and I hope I passed the test bing a vehicle for God.

  14. Immanuel says:

    inner happiness of human kind lyes solely on bringing the soul close to God and doing the things which is Godlly

  15. Bonny Audu says:

    All of life is about purifying soul. Good or bad life experience. Soul is in this world to be fully aware of its responsibility – as a conscious giver of the holy spirit.
    I am just glad that I am a conscious Eckist in this life time. Life is short don’t waste

  16. Edito A. Chy says:

    It is nice to know that the teaching of Eckankar has a Living Eck Master who can guide the seeker in both inner and outer world.

  17. Zeta says:

    Working with the creative tools through the Eck teachings…
    and being able to accept responsibility by standing on ones
    own two feet is an amazing gift.With work and dedication this
    can be achieved…Thank-you…

  18. Roland Roger says:

    The practical side of getting adult looks like that If the child gets adult, in my country (Philippines) here, when 18 years old, Soul has normally finished HI-school and is ready to look for a job and can stand on his/her own feet. Mostfly these Souls come out of a big poor families, and the eldest take his/her responsibility to share its mostly low income with the family. Some are attracted to big cities for finding a new job and higher income, others stay close at family home, because its cheeper for living and having some savings, but income is less. If the new adult is still in education (college) and not yet graduated, or has no scholarship as support, then parents have the responsibility for support until final goal is reached for the young to stand on his own feet, and become financially independent from the parents. It depends a lot on the creative power and motivation of the child to look for its own way. This is the physical side today. How much inspiration to reach independency can be given by the parents is another question of spiritual understanding and how much the family is linked with the ECK, the Creative Power of Life. Its up to the parents to give the spiritual understanding to the child also to handle difficult situations. Its always a matter of learning for both sides and I think the teachings of ECK are the best way to do it.

  19. James says:

    With Service in diverse ways, Spiritual Exercises and the Mahanta, the ultimate goal for Soul is realizeable in this life.

  20. Michael says:

    To be an co-worker with sugmad(god) means to give love to anyone and anything,right? 🙂

  21. Diane cummings says:

    To learn how to give and receive love.

  22. Ernest Edukere says:

    Realizing that I am Soul is one great awareness. Even better, is the knowingness that Self realization and God realization is possible in this lifetime and that it requires consistency and constancy, in love song, through the spiritual exercises.
    The ECK Teachings are truly a gift to the me and I am gratefull for this.

  23. Joseph says:

    This becomes a two fold lesson for parents. Living to be a Co-Worker and teaching it.

    May the Blessing Be.

  24. shakuntala says:

    Can we reach the ultimate goal of our soul,that is, being a co-worker with God , while still in the physical wold ?

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