What’s Different about ECKANKAR?

ECKANKAR, Spiritual Path, Light, SoundBy Harold Klemp

Q: There are so many choices available to the seeker of truth today, including various teachings of the Light and Sound.  What makes Eckankar different?

A: There aren’t that many teachings about the Light and Sound.  There are a lot of teachings that know nothing about either the Light or the Sound as an important part of the spiritual path.

Christianity speaks about the Light in a number of places in the Scriptures.  For instance, Saul on the road to Damascus—that was the Light of God.  I don’t think Christianity understands the full importance of the Light of God.  And even those religions that do have both the Light and Sound of God may not fully understand the importance of having both of them as part of a viable spiritual path.

So, in ECK we teach that there is this balance of the two aspects so people can have the straightest, most direct, and most spiritually beneficial path to God.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

17 Responses to What’s Different about ECKANKAR?

  1. Kikpoye Christian Olokirika says:

    The light and sound is my only way, this is where I love to be = ECKANKAR …

  2. David Coldwell says:

    A common question that is on many people’s minds in this stressful age is, Who can heal a broken heart?

    But what is a broken heart? It is Soul’s separation from God. This comes about when we reincarnate into a new state of consciousness and need to be reconnected to God. Only a God Realized Soul can reconnect us to God. Until this happens, we only have a mental concept of what living a spiritual life might be.

    3 aspects of reconnecting to God are contacting the Holy Spirit through singing HU, becoming aware of the Light and Sound with our inner senses through the Spiritual Exercises, and learning how to work with the Holy Spirit through the guidance of the Mahanta (the Spiritual Master who is able to work with us anywhere and at anytime), and the physical counterpart which is the Living ECK Master (currently Sri Harold Klemp).

  3. Patrick says:

    In Eckankar, I find answers to my daily questions myself.

  4. Clement pewan says:

    I have tested many parts before I come across ECK teaching. ECKANKAR is all need no one to compare with. Thank you MAHANTA

  5. Caleb says:

    Once again, thank you Wah Z. To me Eckankar teaches the true ways of Divine Spirit which other religious paths do not teach.

  6. EMEKA, E. EGBEJI says:

    Thank you Harold, is of no doubt that GOD speaks to us in several ways both in the outer and dream state but the question is how can one be a good listen?

  7. Mary Jane Portaz says:

    For me what makes a difference, is to know that I have the freedom to choose for myself, without any fear of punishment or reprisal from outside or others. Without the guilt. The Light and Sound of God are real. I encountered them in this lifetime as a very small child, so when I found out about ECKANKAR, it was a true coming home again. I’m eternally grateful.

  8. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thanks for this post Wah Z.

    The ECK teachings have actually made a difference in my life. Teaching me how to listen to the Sound and see the Light of God, then using them daily to facilitate my life and above all to seek my way back home to God, is a miraculous and priceless gift for me this life.

    I can now talk about God´s presence in my life with no doubt.

    Thank you Mahanta.

  9. Peter Akpokodje says:

    When Soul is ready, It will come and when it finds the Mahanta of the time, no force can stop It, not even It’s own doubt.

    Talking, reading or writing about the Light and Sound is one thing, but experiencing It is definitely another. It is life-changing. 🙂

  10. stanleyugonna says:

    I love to be a member of ECK, because I want to gain a spiritual freedom but the problem lies on the person. Coach me, tanks.

  11. Bernice McKinley says:

    That You found me. That You are saving me from returning to the place where I was born that now has nothing good to say about ECKANKAR.
    I am so grateful for this. This lifetime that has seemed so hard to live yet has opened my eyes to who and what I am.
    Balance! I am grateful for that as I muddle through my life.
    I love You for all You do so I can be me.

  12. AZUBUIKE OMAMA says:

    I thank the Sugmad, ECK, Mahanta to have made it possible for me to find ECKANKAR. I have known that I am soul, I exist because God loves me and can accept my responsibility, and have known why here. THANK YOU Mahanta, MTBB.

  13. Assé says:

    Thank you Sri Harold . we learn how to love live with ligth and sound

  14. John Adedipe says:

    ECKANKAR, the religion of the light and sound of God offers a unique individual path back home to God. It offers us complete freedom and responsibilities. It has a Living ECK Master who also doubles as the Inner and Outer Master. He is also the Dream Master and a Wayshower He is respected but not worshipped. He is the MAHANTA, the WORD-MADE-FLESH. As a spiritual student of the current GODMAN, Sri Harold Klemp, for 30 years he has given me true love and protection. He has trained me to have confidence in God and myself. I have learnt soul travel which has made me lose the fear death. He has taught me how to face my fears, how to stay detached, how to see God in others. I now know how to pass on God’s unconditional love to others in pure services without expectation of rewards. Importantly, I now know Self Realisation and with the Master’s help God Realisation is assured. I can eventually be a co-work with God. These and many more benefits are not available in other religions. I AM BLESSED TO FIND ECKANKAR AND THE MAHANTA THE LIVING ECK MASTER IN THIS LIFE TIME. MTBB.

  15. Tryphena Williams says:

    The greatest difference for me has been the freedom I have gained from my on going study of the teachings of ECK. Having the tools to help better understand who I am and why I am here ,has made all the difference to my life …

  16. Mariette Grandmaison says:

    When speaking about the Light and Sound I like this daily application:
    With the Light comes the idea: “I see what you mean” = comprehension
    With the Sound comes the idea: “It tells me to go…” = direction/movement

  17. Lucy Lwason says:

    Thank you Harold, yes God speaks to us on this physical earth through these two aspects the light and sound.

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