Where Fear Comes From

You've Lived Before, You'll Live AgainBy Harold Klemp

What is this life all about?  I would have to say it’s about fear and how to overcome it.

You have a job, you’re afraid of losing your job.  You have health, and you’re afraid of losing it.  Your child is sick, and you’re afraid your child won’t get any better.  Will you have enough to feed your family?  These are all fears.  The experience in this world seems to be total fear.

When fear is a dominant player in your life, it steals the joy and freedom of living.

Hidden fears—stacks and stacks, piles and piles of them—reside in each human being.  What is their origin?  Many fears developed before your birth into this lifetime.  Each human being carries a history of hundreds or thousands of past lives.  That allows plenty of time to hurt others.  And it also gives them a chance to hurt you.  Get hurt enough in a certain way, and you cringe from the mere thought of that sort of pain.

People are not born equal.  At birth each brings a unique load of karma.

But most people have no idea how to work it off.  How many even know it exists?  And so they cower inside their coats of flesh, too afraid to live and too scared to die.  They desire heaven; earth is hell.  Yet they fear the passage to heaven, because the passageway is death.

It’s the mother of ironies.

Yet occasionally there come these little beams of light, sunshine shining into our lives.  And this is the love of God.  When we can fill ourselves with this love of God more and more, finally there is no room in our heart for the darkness of fear.

How Seeing the Past Can Loosen Fear’s Grip

A woman in New York City we’ll call Amber had a fear of icebergs since childhood.  To travel from one area of her city to another meant a ride on a ferry, and she disliked boat rides.  Nor did she care to swim near rocks.  On one vacation in Puerto Rico, the tide had caught and swept her out to some rocks, where she went into a panic and nearly drowned.

She’d often wondered about this fear of rocks in water, and her intense fear of boats.

The fear grew in strength as Amber reached adulthood.  By then she noticed an absolute terror when seeing even a picture of icebergs.

What would cause such a response?

At one of her Eckankar classes, the group tried a spiritual exercise to view the past.  As they did the exercise, she wondered, Is it possible that I was on the Titanic when it sank in 1912?

Amber went into contemplation to find out.  She did begin to see into the past.  Yet before allowing an outcome, she cut off the experience and sat waiting for the others to finish the spiritual exercise.

The next night at bedtime she did her usual contemplation.  The Mahanta came and asked, “Why did you cut off the contemplation yesterday?”

“I just felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t want see any more,” she replied.

“It’s important for you to see and know what’s happened in the past,” the Mahanta said, “so that you can live this life without fear.”

So Amber went into contemplation a second time that evening.  The Mahanta, the Inner Master, let her see the past like a movie, as if she had become an actress in this movie.  She was indeed booked as a passenger on the Titanic.

But she didn’t die on the ill-fated maiden voyage of this famous ship.  She was a survivor.  One of the women to secure a seat in a lifeboat, she was thus able to save her life.  Some men in the water wanted to climb into the lifeboat, but she fended them off.  She feared it would sink and threaten her own life.

In this lifetime Amber gave birth to two healthy children, but after these full-term pregnancies she had four boys in a row who died soon after birth.  Each lived just a few hours to a few days.

What was the reason for this string of heartaches?

In this contemplation scene, Amber saw that her refusal to let the drowning men into the lifeboat was a most selfish act.  It denied others the right to live.

That was the reason for her loss of four sons.

A second realization was that in the previous life she’d been born into a selfish family, a family that scorned generosity.  And she proved to be the most selfish of them all.

With that understanding of her past, Amber could choose a new direction in this lifetime, one of love and service to others.

Afraid of Death?

I’m eighty-seven years old and not a member of Eckankar.  I am asking if you could help break the terrible fear of death I’ve carried with me since childhood.  I want to have this burden gone forever and the assurance that someone will meet me when my time comes.  I want it to be the beautiful experience it was meant to be.

Please be assured that your loved ones will meet you on the other side, so there’s no reason to hold on to your fear.

If you’ll keep in mind that love and love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries.  And, of course, I am always with you in my spiritual self.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear.

28 Responses to Where Fear Comes From

  1. David Coldwell says:

    The strange thing about the fear of death is that when living in an environment surrounded completely by death such as travelling in space, one develops the love to survive. Out of this one develops immense gratitude in seeing places that few ever see.

    Even in ancient times, when sailors set across the world with immense odds against them ever returning home again, they still went. They still sought to break their connection with the known for the unknown.

    Today we have the blessings of being able not only to leave this world physically as astronauts do, we are also to be able to explore our uniqie inner worlds. With the teachings of Eckankar we begin to realize that life exists everywhere we travel and so the fear of death is left behind because life is the rule, not the exception.

  2. deanna strahl says:

    I have a lot of anxiety which I work very hard at not paying attention to and leaving it be but the thing that has really helped me in Eckankar with my fear and anxiety are the discourses. As a third initiate presented by the Mahanta I have been in discourses for over 12 years and find they help one get through hard obstacles like rough emotions and scary times that we think we cannot handle. The discourse materials ease tension in people and are worded in a way that help us let go of negativity like karma fear and anxiety. They are also informative and for everybody. Not just certain people which is very important. You know that we are all equal and can have the same privileges as each other. Anyway I am going through this now and am very glad I have my book of monthly discourses to work on for the rest of this year.
    Thank you
    Deanna Strahl

  3. Seeker says:

    The greatest fear I had faced till now in my life is fear of failure. I would strive hard to be successful in everything I did because I feared failures. I didn’t want to get into the zone of “failures”. Sometimes I would even not do certain things because I would fear I might fail in it. Another fear I faced was my fear of people thinking I am incapable or low in some aspect. It could be my physical appearance or my performance in profession, personal life etc.. In short, I feared being judged by people. For a long time, I somehow went through my life without having to “face” this fears. Then there came a point in my life when I failed so miserably in my academic life. Now confronting this fear and living it was suffocating and depressing. But I had to live with this fear. People started telling me I was incapable. They started judging me and criticising me about my failure. This saddened me to depths I can’t even explain. Suddenly the whole world seemed to crumble and I was beginning to feel anxious and hopeless. Again I had to face the fear of judging by people. I did. Throughout this journey of “facing” my fears, I had learnt that they are just weeds in my life that have only made my life more miserable. Knowing this, I slowly started to change. Mahanta had made me face these fears at this point in my life so that I go beyond such mind’s traps and start living up to my Soul’s potential. I’m so grateful that I am beginning to live up to my potential because of experiencing Mahanta’s love through the Spiritual Exercises of Eck. The fears no longer keep me trapped. I am a free Soul.

  4. Mark wolf says:

    I have had fears all my life. I was born in January and my mission is to gather courage for future incarnations. I was fearful of my overbearing father. I finally got past that and wondered what lessons he taught me that he didn’t know he taught me? As I grow in consciousness I now am wondering what lessons I learned that I didn’t know I learned!! I really find Paul Twitchell’s book “ the Eck-Vidya ancient science of prophecy “ extremely beautiful and insightful.. As I look back from my present state of consciousness which is expanded awareness, I see that I have had an incredible vast number of life experiences in my 68 years. I also see how the Mahanta and the Eck have protected me time and time again. They have guided and guarded me. I declare my self a channel daily
    I am Being the HU Man
    May the blessings be

  5. Touch Of Gratitude says:

    I sing the HU song beginning of each day. I am grateful and starts the day well too. Blessed.

  6. Uwem says:

    I don’t know whether I was born with fear but where do I engage my self with it, may be from birth or past live. But since HU was introduce to me by my father and I sing, Chant it for a day, week, month, years and now fear derive from me. Thank you MAHANTA.

  7. Holly says:

    I once heard that fear was a condenser, and love is an expander. This is totally true for me. When I worry, or am afraid of something this shuts down my ability to see the situation clearly and let LOVE guide me to a better solution.

    Singing or chanting HU, the ancient and most sacred name of God, HU allows me to resonate with life Itself. HU is the most amazing gift. You don’t have to understand it, HU helps me align my awareness with the Divine within me. Is it any wonder that our species name is Human…part spirit…part matter.

    I love reading all the different stories and learning.

  8. Peter kwame forson says:

    Singing HU has been a profitable for me in all aspects of my life—is a great and a beautiful prayer. Thanks again to eck master Manhanta

  9. EJIKE EZAKA says:

    I like this ECKANKARblog so much.

    Thank you Wah Z, I love you.

    From Ejike, Nigeria

  10. Phil says:

    “Love and love alone is the reason for living…” These are the words Sri Harold closed with. I’m finding myself coming back to love again and again. When I’m afraid (and I remember) I reach inside for the love in my life, I feel gratitude and fear is no longer so important. It can be crowded out by love or really embraced by love.
    I sometimes see the fearful part of myself as a little boy that I embrace and assure that the Mahanta is taking care of us.
    I’m thankful for these gifts (teachings on fear) from the Mahanta.
    I see that this blog is also one of those gifts. Thank you all with love.

  11. Bernice McKinley says:

    it is so great to know that The Mahanta is always there to help.
    One morning last week when I woke up unable to remember my dreams and scared about a situation with my finances, I picked up the Shariyat Book One: there was the answer——-practice the Kundun. The Kundun is the practice of the Masters presence.
    The Eck is so precise in it's help in the moment.
    I calmed down .I felt the Mahanta "whispering" to me as I dealt with the situation.
    It really cut down on the drama, as I was able to work with the individuals involved calmly and rationally.
    Thank You Mahanta.

  12. JK Spaeth says:

    This is a great post, especially as I have been dealing with a specific fear very recently. Its true what others have posted — the spiritual exercises of ECK will help you work through your fear, sometimes lifting it completely from your shoulders.

  13. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Interesting story Debi. Thanks also for sharing. Living the examined life helps us to know what happens to us. Soon and with a degree of inner stamina from practicing the spiritual exercises, we see that all things happen for us whether to make us stronger, test us, show us love or even grow us spiritually. At one time my bathroom door kept squeaking at odd times in the night. Initially, I wondered. Then, I closed the windows and it still did. Now I became suspicious and wanted to investigate, but was clueless where else to start.

    Days later, I got the picture of the Mahanta (big size) in my room. This is calming and uplifting. But the door still squeaks once in a while, only this time, I do not give it a second thought. I even see it working for me. How exactly? Just being conscious.

  14. Paul says:

    Yes, fear is darkness and love is light. Thank you Mahanta

  15. John Adedipe says:

    Where there is love and trust fear disappears. With spiritual exercises of ECK and absolute inner reliance on the Mahanta we can overcome all insidious fears of death and failure. For me I now know better that as soul I am eternal. I dont have to be afraid of death and failure. The promise of the Mahanta for the faithfuls is never to be taken lightly It has been made manifest in my life always. I am thankful to the Sugmad, the ECK and the Mahanta the Living ECK Master. Am happy to be an ECKist in this lifetime. Thank you Wah Z.

  16. Diane cummings says:

    Mahanta, you came to me in 1970 to show me love and filled every cell of my being with Divine Love, before I even knew of Eckankar. I am truly loved and blessed.

  17. kokoete Friday umoh says:

    Wow fears my greatest challenge in life right now and its all about the fear of death.

  18. Nwoke Atulaegwu says:

    Sometime in 1994 after the translation of my elder brother I was scared to go to the mortuary to retrieve his corpse for burial. But a day to the burial, the Mahanta through the dream state took me to the mortuary where he was kept, and this helped me to reduce the fear of seeing corpse. As such I was able to get to the mortuary the following day picked him home for burial. Trust the Mahanta, He can help you overcome the fear of any nature. Thank you Wah Z

  19. Linda Cioney says:

    Love or fear? When fear rises, just keep loving.

  20. Asivweneta Okan says:

    We are the creator of our life. I now begin to understand more about my fears and worries in life. I am gradually trying to overcome my fears, by singing ‘HU’ and with the help of the MAHANTA. Thank you MAHANTA.

  21. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Soon, we realize that we are connected with every other Soul. That’s why when they go through pain or purification, we feel it too. What better way to live this life fully, than to share in their pain by surrendering the circumstance to the ECK or Holy Spirit, especially after doing our part. We do our part by being a clear channel for the Light and Sound of God. The Spiritual Exercises of ECK is key. Glad to have my attention pendulate to what matters now. Thanks for creating this blog!

  22. ZINSOU Ignace Sètondji says:

    Fear is a lack of love.To enjoy life you have to put always your attention in God .
    Thanks for this blog.

  23. Gerald says:

    I must say that the spiritual exercises of Eck have completely removed my fear of death, and I know now that there really is no such thing. Of course it is the suffering of so many people in my own family, and around the world, that is hard to stomach. Even knowing that the suffering serves a higher purpose does not make it any easier to watch. Personally I can endure life’s suffering better I think, than I can watching others in lesser states of unfoldment go through the trials of this world. I just have a hard time accepting that there can be no better way for Soul to mature, than to endure so many hardships. Rich or poor, or no matter what one’s life circumstances, or level of unfoldment, it seems suffering is part and parcel to this Earth plane existence. Baraka Bashad!

  24. John Ebadan says:

    This is a wonderful piece from the Mahanta, as of today so many people I have met on my every day life are afraid of one thing or another and by some the fear becomes overwhelming and can ruin what might have being a wonderful life, I was also one of those who feared a lot but not any more, thanks to the dream teachings and books provided to me by the mahanta.

  25. Chris says:

    To know that we all have piles of them inside and can yet overcome those that hold us back, when we are ready, that is a good reminder.
    Thank You!

  26. Gbadegesin Ilupeju says:

    This Life is precious, live it to the fullest with Divine Love

  27. Sharyn says:

    I’m just leaving the 2015 Eckankar seminar and I wanted to thank you for the new app and this blog. Although I’m in my 60’s and didn’t grow up in the digital age, I live in it now and use the tools to my advantage. These tools are so helpful to my spiritual growth and I’m sure young and old alike will agree. Kudos to Eckankar leadership for this evolution. With love in Eck.

  28. Melvin Lawlor says:

    Fear of death. I have it and like most people choose to live life now and deal with death when it happens is what most people would say I suppose. If you’ll keep in mind that Love and Love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries. And,of course, I am always with you in my spiritual self. These simple words from: Spiritual Wisdom On Conquering Fear, by Sri Harold Klemp, have really helped me! I Love Your Words And I Love You Wah Z.

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