Where Fear Comes From

You've Lived Before, You'll Live AgainBy Harold Klemp

What is this life all about?  I would have to say it’s about fear and how to overcome it.

You have a job, you’re afraid of losing your job.  You have health, and you’re afraid of losing it.  Your child is sick, and you’re afraid your child won’t get any better.  Will you have enough to feed your family?  These are all fears.  The experience in this world seems to be total fear.

When fear is a dominant player in your life, it steals the joy and freedom of living.

Hidden fears—stacks and stacks, piles and piles of them—reside in each human being.  What is their origin?  Many fears developed before your birth into this lifetime.  Each human being carries a history of hundreds or thousands of past lives.  That allows plenty of time to hurt others.  And it also gives them a chance to hurt you.  Get hurt enough in a certain way, and you cringe from the mere thought of that sort of pain.

People are not born equal.  At birth each brings a unique load of karma.

But most people have no idea how to work it off.  How many even know it exists?  And so they cower inside their coats of flesh, too afraid to live and too scared to die.  They desire heaven; earth is hell.  Yet they fear the passage to heaven, because the passageway is death.

It’s the mother of ironies.

Yet occasionally there come these little beams of light, sunshine shining into our lives.  And this is the love of God.  When we can fill ourselves with this love of God more and more, finally there is no room in our heart for the darkness of fear.

How Seeing the Past Can Loosen Fear’s Grip

A woman in New York City we’ll call Amber had a fear of icebergs since childhood.  To travel from one area of her city to another meant a ride on a ferry, and she disliked boat rides.  Nor did she care to swim near rocks.  On one vacation in Puerto Rico, the tide had caught and swept her out to some rocks, where she went into a panic and nearly drowned.

She’d often wondered about this fear of rocks in water, and her intense fear of boats.

The fear grew in strength as Amber reached adulthood.  By then she noticed an absolute terror when seeing even a picture of icebergs.

What would cause such a response?

At one of her Eckankar classes, the group tried a spiritual exercise to view the past.  As they did the exercise, she wondered, Is it possible that I was on the Titanic when it sank in 1912?

Amber went into contemplation to find out.  She did begin to see into the past.  Yet before allowing an outcome, she cut off the experience and sat waiting for the others to finish the spiritual exercise.

The next night at bedtime she did her usual contemplation.  The Mahanta came and asked, “Why did you cut off the contemplation yesterday?”

“I just felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t want see any more,” she replied.

“It’s important for you to see and know what’s happened in the past,” the Mahanta said, “so that you can live this life without fear.”

So Amber went into contemplation a second time that evening.  The Mahanta, the Inner Master, let her see the past like a movie, as if she had become an actress in this movie.  She was indeed booked as a passenger on the Titanic.

But she didn’t die on the ill-fated maiden voyage of this famous ship.  She was a survivor.  One of the women to secure a seat in a lifeboat, she was thus able to save her life.  Some men in the water wanted to climb into the lifeboat, but she fended them off.  She feared it would sink and threaten her own life.

In this lifetime Amber gave birth to two healthy children, but after these full-term pregnancies she had four boys in a row who died soon after birth.  Each lived just a few hours to a few days.

What was the reason for this string of heartaches?

In this contemplation scene, Amber saw that her refusal to let the drowning men into the lifeboat was a most selfish act.  It denied others the right to live.

That was the reason for her loss of four sons.

A second realization was that in the previous life she’d been born into a selfish family, a family that scorned generosity.  And she proved to be the most selfish of them all.

With that understanding of her past, Amber could choose a new direction in this lifetime, one of love and service to others.

Afraid of Death?

I’m eighty-seven years old and not a member of Eckankar.  I am asking if you could help break the terrible fear of death I’ve carried with me since childhood.  I want to have this burden gone forever and the assurance that someone will meet me when my time comes.  I want it to be the beautiful experience it was meant to be.

Please be assured that your loved ones will meet you on the other side, so there’s no reason to hold on to your fear.

If you’ll keep in mind that love and love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries.  And, of course, I am always with you in my spiritual self.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear.

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