Why Do We Dream?

ECKANKAR, Dreams, Prophecy, GuidanceBy Harold Klemp

Why do we dream?  Why is it important to dream?  Because dreaming comes from the creative imagination, which is God’s gift to you and me.  It is the nature of immortal Soul to dream.  This is why your dreams, both in everyday life and while asleep, are so important.

Through your ability to dream, you often have experiences in the other worlds where you act as an observer.  But as you move farther along, you become the participant in your dreams.  You become the actor.

You begin to see goals, spiritual goals which may be as valid as finding a home for your family.  You want a place where they can be happy, a haven away from the fast pace of today’s society.  You create a warm place where friends are welcome.

It’s a place where you can go, a home, a spiritual dream.  Because as we plan our homes, whether it’s a rented home or one we buy, we’re just thinking of a higher home. It’s the home of Soul.  The place where Soul has come from, from the heart of God in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

Dream.  Dream your way home.  Dream your way back to God.  Use your creative imagination, because that’s the only way you can return to the source of all life.

Dreams Happen in a Real World

Dreams touch every level of our life.  They may let us glimpse the future, or give suggestions for healing, or share insights into our relationships.  Above all, they can and will steer us more directly toward God.

What is this fantasy about dreams?

First, understand that the dream world is anything but a fantasy.  A “confused” dream simply shows the inability of our mind to accept truth head-on, so it bends the facts and artfully weaves them into a story line that is less likely to cause us distress.  Yes, dreams are real.

A mother listening to her young daughter tell of an inner experience from the night before dismissed it offhand as only a dream.  The girl quickly corrected her.  “Not just a dream, Mom,” she said.  “It was real.”

So, first, understand that the land of dreams is an actual place.  Second, any experience you gain in the dream world is as useful to you spiritually as any of those you may have here in the human body.

To grasp the universal nature of dreams, take a step back and imagine that you are standing at the top of all worlds.  The identity that can do that, to command a view even of creation itself, is the real you—eternal Soul.  Soul is a child of God, and, by nature, godlike.  And so It can share in the divine attributes of wisdom, joy, freedom, and divine love.

So why doesn’t It?  Why don’t you?

Your dreams are like a telescope that can give a better view of something that is normally out of reach: your spiritual side.  That includes how you act, feel, reflect, think, react, and even love.  Most people fear putting the telescope of dreams to their eye, afraid of what they might see.

Your Hidden Life

Dreams are a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, much like a fishing line dropped from a small boat into a bottomless sea.

A person who learns to dream well can usually take everyday life in stride, because dreams give him or her a perception that others cannot help but notice.  An understanding of dreams can steady us for the surprises of the day, and so aid us in learning to manage stress with more foresight and grace.

Dreams often tell what’s coming.

A friend from the air force and I keep in touch with an exchange of letters every few months.

Usually, he comes for a visit in the dream world on the inner planes while writing me a letter.  Next morning, I’ll tell my wife about our visit on the inner planes.

“Ray must be writing a letter again,” I say.

And it usually comes a few days later.

Dreams are like that fishing line dropped from a boat into the sea.  But they are much more than a communication link, which the line suggests.  Our memory of dreams is a glimpse of the full spiritual life that each of us leads beyond the physical.  Our daily physical life has as little scope or variety as might exist in a rowboat.  A full spiritual life, on the other hand, includes all events around the boat (human self), including those within the sea, on the land, and in the sky of existence.

Dreams are a large part of each person’s hidden life, and it’s this sea of experience that we want to look at.

Your Source of Everyday Guidance

Dreams can tell us everything we need to know to get along in this life.  Yet how many people really believe that?  If people actually did, the study of dreams would be much more prominent in our society than it is today.

Most of my life I also paid little regard to dreams.

My early dreams were of two kinds: the bad and the good.  The first were nightmares, and the less they came, the better.  Even the good dreams had little to recommend them, since everything in them was topsy-turvy.  I usually blessed the deep and dreamless sleep, because in that unknowing state there was a kind of refuge which did not threaten my waking life.

In fact, my recollection of dreams started to flower shortly after I began my study of Eckankar in 1967.  My desire to Soul Travel had aroused my curiosity about the invisible worlds, and soon I bought a notebook to record any adventure that might occur there.

Dreams taught me to face myself, let me see the future, took me to the heavens of God, and even apprised me of impending illness and where to obtain the cure.

A Dream Guide Who Can Help You

Daydreams, night dreams, contemplation, Soul Travel—all are steps in the pursuit of heaven.  In Eckankar, the student is under the protection of a spiritual guide known as the Mahanta.  This is the Spiritual Traveler, the Dream Master.

As the Mahanta, he is the Inner Master.  The Inner Master is not a physical being.  It is someone you see in the inner planes during contemplation or in the dream state.  He may look like me, he may look like another ECK Master, or he may even look the same as Christ.  All it is, really, is the merging of the Light and Sound of God into a matrix, into a form which appears as a person.  This, then, becomes the inner guide which steers a person through the pitfalls of karma, the troubles we make for ourselves through ignorance of the spiritual laws.

The Master often works in the dream state because it is easier to get through.  Fears can inhibit and prevent one from exercising the freedom and power and wisdom which are the birthright of Soul.  In the dream state, the Inner Master can begin working with you to familiarize and make you comfortable with what comes on the other side.

The Living ECK Master is the other half of the title the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.  This means the outer spiritual teacher, myself.

Thus, the spiritual leader of Eckankar can work both inwardly and outwardly with all who come to learn of God and life.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Dreams.

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