You Exist Because God Loves You

ECKANKAR, Youth, Love, RelationshipsBy Harold Klemp

Q: My grandmother passed away recently.  I need a way to not be sad yet always have her with me.  I don’t want to have to think about her passing away.  Can you write back to me about this?

A: In our home, Mother had a plaque on the wall that simply said, “Time heals all wounds.”  And it does.  It’s likely that you can see the same about your feelings now about your grandmother passing away several months ago.

There is no quick, easy answer about how to overcome the pain of separation from a loved one.  But, before long, the pain does get less.  Often it goes completely away.

Life offers all of us an unending chain of joy and sorrow.  Know that everything is in its rightful place, that a door opens for every one that is shut.  Love who you are, what you do, and those who are dear to you.  Don’t ever take your family for granted.

I wish I had some great wisdom to give you.  The closest anyone can come is to say, “You exist because God loves you.”  There is wonder and beauty in that.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

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