Your Bond of Love with All Life

ECKANKAR, Pets, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

If you have a pet, you are aware of the bond of love between yourself and your pet.  This bond of love exists because you are Soul—a particle of God sent here to gain spiritual experience.  Ultimately, to learn how to give and to receive divine love.

What most people don’t realize is their pet is also Soul.  Animals are Soul too.

Soul exists because God loves It.  It’s very simple.  And when two Souls set up a bond of love, it is stronger and more enduring than eternity.  It doesn’t matter if the two Souls are human beings or if one of them happens to be a bird, a dog, a cat, or another animal form.

You, me, our pets—we are all Soul dwelling here in the world of nature.  Nature itself reflects the laws of ECK, the Holy Spirit.  We can observe the working of Divine Spirit in the habits of birds, the cycles of plants, and the instincts of reptiles and mammals.

All sing the glory of God; all teach the secrets of life.

Excerpted from Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships.

8 Responses to Your Bond of Love with All Life

  1. Peter Akpokodje says:

    If animals could read this blog, they would say ‘thank you for having a place for us, Souls.’ Truly a wonderful religion Eckankar is, that understands the purpose of existence.

  2. Thirumal Elumalai says:

    When I was in the age of 5 to 20 year, i had grown with one white cow. Its almost like our family member. Once my father sold it for money. But in dream still I am meeting sometime. its love green memories for me.. it was a wonderful moments we spent with it..

  3. Kathlynn says:

    I had known this truth in my heart as a child, but wasn’t able to articulate it, many years before learning about Eckankar. This story does that beautifully! Animals have been a very important part of my life. I’m so grateful to know about this blog.

  4. Farshad says:

    It remind me formation of solar systems. Holy Spirit, first Form the bright sun, however, it was not complete, then put some planet to spin around that in harmony and timing, some of them has got a beautiful ring, moons, clouds, or other chemicals. But was not complete yet.
    Then, create one of them special, very special! Water, unique color blue ! Origin of life.
    Now, who is going to see these beauties, to admire and grace the Sugmud?
    Likewise, life formed. Astunishing miracle! Now, solar system has wholeness. All happened Ensemble.

  5. Chere says:

    I have had some animals in my life who continued to visit with me in the dream state after they translated.
    We had a very strong bond of love.

  6. sara chubs says:

    My kitty is MY heart! Thanks for sharing this deep insight into True Love. Giving is Love, as our love ones accept it we are sharing Gods love w/ each other!

  7. George Christopher says:

    Animals are soul too!, the call of soul, animals are relationships that can be grand experience to learn and grow from, thank you Sri Harold!

  8. Carol Cameron says:

    A beautiful blog! This is an exciting new way to share with others…..

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