ECKANKAR—Celebrating 50 Years, 1965-2015

2015 marked the fiftieth anniversary of ECKANKAR in the modern era. This video shows highlights from ECKANKAR’s time line, and a glimpse of the ancient lineage of ECK Masters.

Hear from Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and Paul Twitchell, and learn what ECKANKAR offers seekers of truth today. Enjoy inspiring images of people living the path of ECK around the world.

16 Responses to ECKANKAR—Celebrating 50 Years, 1965-2015

  1. obinna says:

    thanks so much Eckankar for this wonderful insight, am so grateful you set me free. may the blessing be.

  2. Jill Barber says:

    What a wonderful video, thank you!! It encapsulates the essence of ECKANKAR in the modern world so beautifully, showing all those amazing Masters so clearly. I was delighted to see all the groups of chelas throughout the world, including the campout in Australia, where I live. I was especially thrilled to see all the temples that exist in several countries at this time. I was at the 50th Anniversary celebrations, my first visit to the temple in Chanhassen, and this all brings back so many golden memories of that whole time. We are so fortunate to have all these blessings this lifetime! I am filled with gratitude.

  3. Sandy Stevens says:

    Ahhh Rodney! As I read on I was so inspired by your words as I prepare to facilitate a group on this same topic. I wasn’t surprised when I saw your name at the end! Often your words are poetry in action.

  4. Fred says:

    I am thankful for finding ECK in this life time; it’s been five years for me but I know the love of the Sugmad, the ECK and MAHANTA will always lead me!!!
    Baraka Bashad.

  5. Okagbare says:

    Eckankar’s 50th anniversary celebrations had more than the celebrations for me. Though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, some weeks after my return to my little corner of the world, I realized an expansion in consciousness. I also realized that one has to win his consciousness everyday like the wise Christian clergy who remind their followers that they need to win heaven everyday because it is all too easy to fall out of grace.
    Kal takes it works seriously and is always at the gate waiting for a slip, a crack in the armour to slip in and diminish your consciousness everyday. Win your consciousness everyday. You will be happy you did.

  6. chijioke ukwuoma says:

    The Celebration was thrilling in that the effort and Love shown by Past, Present Leaders and Chelas of ECKANKAR worth emulating! With the LOVE in our heart ECKANKAR we can make this Teaching “World Religion” because this is what the world really needs nothing else!!!

  7. Mary Meyers says:

    Thank you for this inspiring video. I’m so grateful to be a student of the ECK teachings, along with an awesome community of ECKists all over the world. The spiritual leader of Eckankar shows me how to make better choices in all departments of my life and see opportunities to share love and service every day. I’m much happier now, recognizing so many blessings, knowing death is nothing to fear and this lifetime really matters. Thanks again!


    thank you this opportunity to our part of soul. i’m really i preciate this blog .for forward to teaching others soul they ready to back home to join eckankar. i wishes to be in the next worldwide eckankar seminer.may the blessings be.merci beaucoup .thank you so much.

  9. Michael says:

    This Video brings love tears in my eyes THX from an ECKist from Germany 🙂

  10. John Adedipe says:

    Thank God I am ECKist! Thank you Wah Z for the true teachings of the Light and Sound emanating through your writings on the outer and on the inner realities. For me it’s been awesome experiences being on this sane and balanced path to God. It’s the ECK (HOLY SPIRIT) that has chosen me, that has given me the spiritual staying power for the past thirty years! I’m most GRATEFUL for this unconditional love.

  11. Johanna Carter says:

    This teachings have brought so much love and joy to this lifetime. I am grateful to have a spiritual leader that leads by example and show me guidance spiritually, as well. I am looking forward to the next celebration. The best time to be an ECKist.

  12. Jemma Sue Meade says:

    After being on the path of ECKANKAR for more than 30 years and having attended our 50th anniversary seminar I have a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit and life is a joy to live. Thank you Z. I love you.

  13. samson ehijinwa says:

    I have enjoyed being a member of ECKANKAR for 27 years. I have enjoyed my membership, have no cause to regret being a member.It is been a life of joy and Harmony. I give my thanks to the MAHANTA for the joy of my remaining in this part.The Celebration of 50 of ECKANKAR in this physical plane is an upliftment of Human Consciousiness .THANK YOU ZEE.

  14. Gary Curtis says:

    Wonderful video. I really loved it. There were a lot of photos of Paul Twitchell and Sri Harold Klemp that I had never seen. It’s always funny to me to hear Paul’s voice, because his Kentucky accent is so familiar. (I live in southern Illinois, just across the river from Paul’s hometown of Paducah Kentucky, and our family used to travel there often to visit my great aunt Mary when I was a child.) On a sadder note, I remember spontaneously starting to cry when I read a notice in “Fate” magazine in 1971 that Paul had translated. I didn’t know why I was crying, because I had never even met the gentleman personally, but had only read a couple of his books. It felt, however, as though I had lost a close friend.

    A Happy 50th Anniversary to ECKANKAR

  15. Ruben Johnson says:

    God is Love… Like God, Love is what makes Eckankar special. Love binds each soul. Though most of us know it, not all of us will accept and/or practice Divine Love in our current life. Life is about giving and receiving Love. In Eck I have learnt to give Love in order to balance the Love that I receive unconditionally. I am grateful for making the right move in the 1970s and will not look back for anything. If you like freedom like I do, you will love Eckankar.

  16. Sammy says:

    For Sugmad (God) so loves Soul that it presents onto Soul, the Mahanta – the Living manifestation of Sugmad – and an embodiment of ECK (Holy Spirit) to guide Soul on its way back to the pure heavens. May the Blessings BE!

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