Who Greets a Departing Soul?

rp_Who-Greats-a-Departing-Soul-1-1024x819.jpgBy Harold Klemp

Q: In the ECK writings, reference is made to the Angel of Death.  Some of these references portray this figure in unsettling terms.  Elsewhere, the writings indicate the noninitiated are met by friends and loved ones at the time of passing and guided across by a benign angelic being.  Could you say a little about the experience of death for the noninitiated and what this special time means for the ECK initiate?

A: Good question!  A rule about what happens to a noninitiate at the time of death is that there are no fixed rules.

Many times, the departed is greeted by loved ones.  They come because of the love bond that exists between them.  This bond, of course, is due to strong, good relationships that may date back over many centuries.  Yet it provides both courage and comfort.  The courage is necessary at the moment of translation, for Soul is leaving behind all things It had, in that lifetime, come to regard as essential to Its physical existence.

And, in a real sense, that is true.  All those “things” were like cables, holding Soul to earth like a ship’s anchors.  Death cuts those cables.  Without the presence of loved ones, this could prove to be an unsettling passage for some noninitiates.

Another who might greet a departing Soul is a holy man.  The two have enjoyed a close relationship, making possible their monumental reunion on the other side.  Satan, or one of his agents, is the player at the death of one who has committed a serious crime, like a murder.  Needless to say, this spells a rueful and terrifying encounter for the departing Soul.

Happy, however, is the ECKist.  He is overjoyed at the appearance of the Mahanta, who may bring others that share a spiritual bond with the ECKist.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.


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