A Little Black Kitten Heals a Broken Heart

ECKANKAR, Pets, Love, FreedomBy Harold Klemp

An elderly woman in England had a cat named Scrap that she had to have put to sleep.  This was a very great loss for her.  Our pets become our very close friends; when they leave there is a great emptiness in our lives, and we don’t know if we’ll get another pet.

During one of this woman’s empty days, she looked out her window into the garden and saw a little black kitten. Somehow it had jumped over the six-foot fence into the backyard.

“I don’t want to start feeding this kitten,” the woman said.  “It probably belongs to someone else, and it should go home.”

But she put food out because the kitten was very hungry.

As time went on, the kitten appeared every morning, waiting for her breakfast.  This concerned the woman, but she’d put the food out anyway.  Months went by, and one morning she noticed the cat was pregnant.

Soon there were five more kittens.

With five kittens in her care, the woman’s freedom changed.  She no longer traveled to see friends and family as often.  But she also began to notice that the mother cat had some of the characteristics of her old friend Scrap.  The woman started to wonder if the young cat was Scrap come back in a new body.  So she decided to keep the cat and some of the kittens.

She missed her freedom to travel, but she was learning that life is day to day. God had given her someone to love and need her.

We need to be needed in life.

By coming into her life at this time, the little black kitten helped the woman heal her broken heart.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too!

11 Responses to A Little Black Kitten Heals a Broken Heart

  1. Iyabo Igbinoba says:

    I thank the ECK for the understanding that Animals are souls too

  2. Willie Daniel says:

    Life is all About given service ,the more u give the more u get.Thank you MAHANTA

  3. Paul Ako says:

    Life is all about love.. Thank you Z

  4. Lynda J. Weber says:

    My Sampson is my best friend…..I love his purr & liken it to the sound current of the Eck or Holy Spirit soothing healing.

  5. Tracey says:

    So thankful for this golden tongue wisdom. I am experiencing my own souls rendition of this story. A 15yr old female bangel has joined our family. Observing her, has shed light on the "natural" for me. She has boundaries, offers unconditional love, cuddles, & allows me to give care. She intuitively lets me know when she is ready to come back in the house. She is very insightful when other energies are in the room, sensing them. Her reactions are with the quickness of a kitten. I am so thankful for the "inconvenience", 😉 as I have been missing my grandchildren that had lived with me, & moved prior to the cats arrival. Thanks Mahanta <3

  6. Mon says:

    May be she didn’t lost her freedom, may be her freedom was having this cats next to her, these little creatures teaching her how to be free in the relationship of love. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

  7. Mehdi says:

    Beautiful story.
    Love doesn’t go anywhere for people who love all universe for no reason. We don’t see love because it is so simple . We expect something unusual and unique but love is for people who have sensitive feelings like a child.
    Thanks mahanta.

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Indeed Z, we need to be needed, to serve life. We need to love, for we are love.

  9. shelley wilson says:

    Thank you for this timely post. It is for me, Golden tongue Wisdom. I am so glad this story showed the thinking process.Showed the real weight of love NOW, is worth the loss in freedom. I can see now, the love and happiness IS also freedom. breaking the illusion that I was in. All the time in the world doesn’t feel right, actually becomes counter productive with out a happy free heart. Love sets us free. Thank you Mahanta for this Story on my Page TODAY. I have been wanting a cat for so long now. I have been dreaming of a little kitten. I choose love. When I get my companion, I will also promise to keep it safe and cared for to the end of it’s physical incarnation. Love always, your chela shelley

  10. Barthelemy Tanoh Koua says:

    I would be glad to share stories and many other things with other ECKists

  11. shakuntala says:

    Thank you Mahanta for making us realize god’s love at every moment of our lives

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