Life Is a Gift

ECKANKAR, Soul, Resposibilty, SuicideBy Harold Klemp

Q: On this journey home to God, we are sometimes faced with painful experiences.  During these times, some people make the choice to end their lives.  What is the spiritual lesson and responsibility in making that choice?

A: Life often is pain.  If not physical pain, then surely emotional or mental dis-ease of some sort.  Earth is God’s boot camp for Souls.

People who take their lives are to be pitied only because they threw away on a whim the divine blessing of this life.  In Christianity, it would be a final tragedy.  The reason is that its belief system admits but to a single human existence in eternity and to lightly gamble it away is to forever suffer eternal damnation.

The teachings of Eckankar view human life on a broader scale.  Each human life is a precious gift of God.  After all, survival is one of our key teachings.  Life is to cherish.  Be respectful of all life, especially your own.

When someone commits suicide, it’s due to ignorance or a willful disobedience of spiritual law.  That person has made a shortsighted choice.  The spiritual hierarchy will require that Soul to make amends in another human life, and another, under much more trying conditions.  Finally, that Soul learns that suicide is no answer.  Just another problem.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

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