Spiritual Exercise: The Open Heart

Art by: Cean YoungsBy Harold Klemp

In this spiritual exercise, you practice keeping an open heart throughout everyday life.  It’s very tough; I have to work at it all the time too.

No one technique will work for everyone, but there are ways to keep your attention on having an open heart.  Start with something you can love, even a pet or a plant, and just love it a lot.  As the love comes, let it pour through you.

The habit of love is catching; it builds, gains momentum, and becomes easier.  But like a plant that needs watering and loving care every day, the habit of love takes constant attention.

Love won’t come through unless the heart is open.  To work with an open heart is to love or care for something or someone more than you do for yourself.  This is the first step to the divine love that we are looking for.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

9 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: The Open Heart

  1. Laura Ely says:

    I am reminded of what RESA (Regional ECK Spiritual Aid) told me. He starts all his conversations with true, sincere and loving compliment for the person to whom he’s speaking. When I remember to do this my interactions with others go more smoothly. I see people as Soul and they feel the love flowing through me. Difficult situations resolve quickly. I also do this exercise with myself especially if I’m having a tough day. Leading with love helps me to serve all life as a better instrument of the Mahanta.

  2. Mercy olushola Sulu says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this, I once had a dog called Pp and she thought me how to open my heart, I used to be a very reserved person, I like keeping to myself, but when Pp came I just have to learn how to love, how to be open, I started with myself and also to love others and today I am still trying to open my heart more to love.
    Thank you.

  3. anil patel says:

    thank you Mahanta for such inspired direction. a good friend once suggested to me to never give anyone the power to close your heart, not even yourself. keeping the heart open consistently is never easy but eminently rewarding. it’s so easy to feel divine love one instance and to close the heart in the next instance. besides the wonderful spiritual exercise above, i have used the following suggestions with success:

    [a] choose uplifting company. if i hang around ECKists or close family and friends, i feel more relaxed and loving.
    [b] sing a song like the HU or any popular song that you enjoy. karaoke is great for opening the heart!
    [c] connect with your life partner or a close friend and enjoy simple romance with grace.
    [d] kundun… practice the presence… picture the Mahanta or a blue star close to you, listen to one of his talks, sing Zzzzz.
    [e] make a gratitude list and send it to the Master.
    [f] join a satsang discussion class and participate with a passion and a joy!
    [g] arrange to have an ESA session or just talk with a High Initiate.
    [h] go out and enjoy nature (camping, hikes, cycling, etc.).
    [i] seek the company of children and play with them.

  4. pepper martin says:

    I’m stuck too far up in the tree of life, which I ran up in haste, out of play or fear- way over my head because I didn’t secure my gain. Love is there to allay my fears. Love greets one at death and when an Eck Master comes to take you from the body.

  5. Nasim says:

    You opened my heart with this post. Thank you.

  6. Tammy Attama says:

    Giving love is like giving a hug, you can’t give one without getting one in return and that makes my heart smile. I am so grateful for ECKANKAR and “The Spiritual Exercises of ECK.” They have taught me to keep my heart open in what would appear to many to be the worst of times and yet I am learning that Spirit is always FOR us…no exceptions. Thank you!

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Indeed, this exercise is not so easy especially when I do not seem to love what I am doing. Thanks Harold for this statement: “Start with something you can love, even a pet or a plant, and just love it a lot. As the love comes, let it pour through you.” I found that loving my family more and more gives me the inspiration to see more beauty in what I do.

  8. shakuntala says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the loving message. The photo is soothing and the words are even more soothing . Love and healing are pouring out of my heart for all life on this planet on reading the blog

  9. Bernice McKinley says:

    I am an eckist. An old one. I am so happy that someone posted this. From my heart, I keep trying. Thank You Mahanta.

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