A Balancing of Accounts

By Emmanuel, Nigeria

All my life, I constantly felt cheated and wondered why. The recurring experiences of people taking advantage of me were too many to count. I had almost resigned myself to the situation.

One day, after another loss, I vowed to find a solution to these problems by turning the situation over to the Mahanta, the Inner Master.

“Why is this happening?” I asked inwardly.

As a member of Eckankar, I’d learned that life is a series of births, deaths, and rebirths. I wondered if a karmic root from the past might offer an explanation. I decided to set aside some time and do a spiritual exercise to look at my past lives.

Before bed one night, I sang HU, the holy name for God. Singing HU allows me to hear more clearly the ECK, the Voice of God. I invited the Mahanta, also known as the Dream Master, to show me if a past life was the cause of my problems today. Read More


A Dog Brings Divine Love to a Woman in Need

ECKANKAR, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

A certain woman was considered to be very strong by her friends.  She was the person that others went to when they had trouble in their lives.  But one morning she woke up feeling depressed, lonely, forgotten, and unloved.  Seventeen years ago on this date her father had died, and she had kept her sorrow to herself all these years.

She felt terrible, but she went to work.  Her boss was a very understanding person.  “On a day like this, sometimes it’s better just to forget work,” he advised.  “Go to some special place or talk with a special person.”  And the woman had someone in mind, a very close friend.

When she arrived at her friend’s home, he was painting the garage.  His dog Buck sat next to him.  Buck had always been very unfriendly toward women and very protective of his owner.  When he saw the woman approaching, Buck began to growl.  The dog sat there growling at her as she watched her friend paint his garage. Read More


On Holy Ground

By Alex, Canada

During a recent seminar, I was feeling sick with a cold!

I tend to close myself off when I’m sick, but I wouldn’t allow that to happen this time. I knew that would block me from the gifts and opportunities available for me. I remembered when Sri Harold shared his hospital experience. He had to endure a lot of pain, but he didn’t let that hold him back from giving love to all the hospital staff he encountered. Read More


Spiritual Exercise: The Purifying Sound

ECKANKAR, HU, Holy Spirity, Sound, Spiritual EyeBy Harold Klemp

Close your eyes and look to the Spiritual Eye.  Sing HU, an old and secret name for God.  It is one of the most powerful words for spiritual upliftment that I can give you.

As you sing HU, listen for the Sound.  The Sound may be heard in any number of different ways.  It can be like the sound of a train going by, a bird, buzzing bees, sometimes a flute, or even guitars.  The way you hear It just depends on where you are.

These sounds are the action of the Holy Spirit, the ECK, as Its atoms vibrate in the invisible worlds.  The Sound you hear is the vibration at the particular level to which you are attuned at the time.

Imagine the Sound purifying you, removing the impurities of Soul.  It will bring you an understanding of how your actions have caused your problems.  It will also give you an indication of what you can do to unfold and how to figure out the way to do things right.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.



What about Soul Mates?

ECKANKAR, Soul Mates, Self-RealizationBy Harold Klemp

Q: I read in the book The Tiger’s Fang, by Paul Twitchell, about the topic of Soul mates, and it baffles me.  Does that mean that every Soul will somehow find his Soul mate somewhere on the journey to Sugmad?

A: Your question does come up fairly often, so let’s take a look at it.

The confusion arises from something Paul Twitchell once wrote in chapter 6 of The Tiger’s Fang.  There, he endorsed the idea.  But Paul was then still a Master in training.  His understanding was incomplete.

Later he strongly reversed himself in The ECK-Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy.  You’ll surely want to read chapter 5, “The ECK-Vidya Theory of Time Twins.”  He wrote it as a spiritually mature individual.  Over the years, too, I have addressed this issue in a number of talks and writings. Read More


Dream Helps with Grief

By Cathy, California

After my dear ECK friend translated I had a dream. I did not know her that well until a few years before she died. She was ill with cancer and was in need of assistance. We lived close to each other and Spirit nudged me that I was supposed to help her.

At first it was just to make her juice, but as time passed it became more things. Anything from taking her to doctors’ appointments, to help arranging caregivers as she grew very weak or going to her side in the middle of the night when she was in crisis. Over the years we became very close. She was like a sister. I was with her just before she translated. She asked to be alone, and ten minutes later I received the call that she had left her physical body behind. Read More


Who Are You, and Why Are You Here?

inner_worlds_27_color_HIBy Harold Klemp

Q: What is Soul, and why are we here?

A: Soul just is.  It is the creative center of Its own world.

We know that Soul exists by the evidence of life around us.  When Soul inhabits a body, that body lives, moves, and has being.  When Soul leaves, the body no longer lives, moves, or has being.  What has left?  By direct or indirect evidence, we know that some unseen force gives life to a physical body.

What is that something?  Soul, of course. Read More


Llamas Offer a Lesson in Divine Protection

ECKANKAR, Holy Spirit, GodBy Harold Klemp

A man and his wife owned a farm in the eastern part of the United States.  They had llamas and sheep, and outside the fence they had coyotes.

The coyotes spent their time trying to figure out if it was worth it to go inside the fence to get the sheep.  But inside the fence was also where the llamas were.  And llamas are very protective of sheep.

A llama has a very peculiar warning cry.  It sounds like a siren.  The first time the man heard this siren sound, he had no idea what was going on.  He ran outside, prepared for just about anything.

It was the llama sending a warning to a coyote or some other animal that was thinking about coming after the flock of sheep.

You have to consider that Divine Spirit, the Holy Spirit, watches out for each of you, for your safety and spiritual well-being, with as much care as a llama looks after the sheep in its care.

The Holy Spirit, or the ECK, is a wave which comes from God made up of both the Light and the Sound.  It is the Voice of God, the Sound Current.

It speaks to us in different ways.  Sometimes it’s through intuition, sometimes through a messenger speaking for the spiritual hierarchy, like a guardian angel.  It also speaks to us through dreams.

Llamas are interesting, and the Holy Spirit is interesting too.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too!


Moving Forward

By Eloho, Minnesota

Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master writes, in the book Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, “Soul can go in one of three ways in any stage of Its spiritual unfoldment. It can move forward, backward, or stand still.”

Have you ever had a hot cup of tea and, with each sip, felt its warmth expand within your chest? That is exactly the same warmth I felt as I read this quote. It resonated within me. I believe the reason is that I recently found myself at a crossroads regarding my own spiritual unfoldment.

When I was younger, I was disciplined with my spiritual exercises, succeeded at school, and had my future planned out. Then things shifted. Read More

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