A Dog Brings Divine Love to a Woman in Need

ECKANKAR, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

A certain woman was considered to be very strong by her friends.  She was the person that others went to when they had trouble in their lives.  But one morning she woke up feeling depressed, lonely, forgotten, and unloved.  Seventeen years ago on this date her father had died, and she had kept her sorrow to herself all these years.

She felt terrible, but she went to work.  Her boss was a very understanding person.  “On a day like this, sometimes it’s better just to forget work,” he advised.  “Go to some special place or talk with a special person.”  And the woman had someone in mind, a very close friend.

When she arrived at her friend’s home, he was painting the garage.  His dog Buck sat next to him.  Buck had always been very unfriendly toward women and very protective of his owner.  When he saw the woman approaching, Buck began to growl.  The dog sat there growling at her as she watched her friend paint his garage.

This woman needed love, but she didn’t know how to ask for it.  She was too shy to say, I feel really down; I just need a hug.  As her friend kept painting the garage, she felt worse and worse.  Pretty soon he finished.  But rather than come over and talk to her, he began cleaning his brushes.  She sat on the steps watching him, feeling worse than ever.  Buck had gone off somewhere, and she was glad.  She didn’t need him snarling at her.

Suddenly Buck crept up behind her.  She stiffened and waited for him to start his usual growling.  Instead, he licked her on the cheek, then sat down beside her and let her pet him.

The woman realized that the dog understood her need and had come to give her love because no one else would give it, mainly because she didn’t know how to ask.

The dog was also Soul, responding to the divine love that comes down from the highest plane of God.  The woman wasn’t someone that others would expect needed any love; she was one of the “strong” people whom others asked for love.  But the dog saw her need and understood.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.

20 Responses to A Dog Brings Divine Love to a Woman in Need

  1. Selvakumar says:

    Amazing and this is called Divine Love. Thank you.

  2. David says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. When we think we talk to bodies through out the day, people or animal, in reality we are talking to soul. This woman gave permission for love to come to her, she thought in the form of her friend, but she had also given permission to the dog, too. It was always there but it took till now for her to allow it.

  3. Sidnei says:

    It’s amazing how animals can give us so much love.
    One day I got home feeling really down. As I kneeled down to caress my cat, he simply rubbed his little nose on my face three times, as if saying, Hey, things will be fine!
    Then he just sat there, with his little paw on my leg, purring away.
    In no time I was feeling better again.

  4. Deanna says:

    love these stories and can relate to all of them, being a foster and rescuer has given me the opportunity to learn more about love and keep my heart open…….these souls are really teaching about unconditional love, even though they are coming from a very abusive background…..Love is all there is!

  5. Carmen says:

    this reminds me of my cat Timmy. we got her as a kitten when we were still in high school. then my brother moved house and I had to take Timmy. I was not sure how to handle her…
    then one day, it occurred to me that she was like a kid: playing, joking, loving. she was so similar to me. so lively, full of warmth and fun.
    I knew this feeling from somewhere …
    in this moment, I learnt to love.

  6. Ada Erick says:

    This really confirms that ANIMALS ARE SOULS!

  7. Donna lee says:

    I love stories about animals! Animals can tell when we need love ,one day a dog who was out for a walk with his owner was busy sniffing some plants and when he turned and saw me he ran right over for his hugs and patting he knew that I needed it more than him.

  8. Jan Krause says:

    Such a beautiful story! Animals are soul too!

  9. Greg Settle says:

    Wonderful story! The strongest of us need love to. Thank you, Mahanta for helping open my heart to the devine blessing of unconditional love of Sugmad.

  10. Louis says:

    A man said he normally does not like cats.but one day his neighbor was going on holiday and brought him his cat to stay with for a while. Gorge accepted to and he was given the cat and the cats food. When taking care of the cat, this one didn’t like his own foods but george chicken, so george started charing his chickens with the cat against his will. When george neighbors returned, they were very happy and thankful and took their cat back.
    Strangely few days afterwards the cat kept coming pop in george s flat to play around

  11. Lotus says:

    Thank you. There are days when I feel that way too. Love always comes to me one way or the other.

  12. Robert thompson says:

    Yes love comes with four legs…unconditional love unconditional love!

  13. kikpoye Christian Olokirika says:

    indeed animals are soul too, I love this .

    thanks Wah Z.

  14. oby says:

    Thank you for this story i was really feeling down n not loved before i read this ,thank you for sharing

  15. Lux says:

    This story is so beautiful… Dogs are such incredible beings of comfort/divine love.
    I was just thinking earlier how dogs ‘just know’ that ‘I’ will rub their bellies because when I talk to them they lay on their backs & wait for me to do so. And I love doing it. They just know. They’re so smart! ( I’m talking about dogs who don’t seem to ever do this with others.)

    I love beautiful stories such as the one told above by my beloved Spiritual teacher Sri Harold Klemp. His stories always touch my heart so deeply in the most wonderful way. I am so grateful for his writings and teachings etc. 🙂

  16. Ant says:

    Thank you Master, for this beautiful story, yes indeed Animals are Soul Too
    I live on my own sinces my husband passed away, “his” cat is now my constant companion, she can read me like a book,
    knows just when to come and give me special love.
    She is so precious, and her love is very comforting. We take care of one another, our love runs a full circle.

  17. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Indeed, Love does find a way.

  18. Sigrid says:

    Thank you for this wonderful story – touches my heart.

  19. Joan Ross says:

    Love always finds a way. It may take patience, but it is worth the wait. There is wisdom in the way the ECK delivers what we need, even when we do not know how to ask for it outwardly.

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