Dream Helps with Grief

By Cathy, California

After my dear ECK friend translated I had a dream. I did not know her that well until a few years before she died. She was ill with cancer and was in need of assistance. We lived close to each other and Spirit nudged me that I was supposed to help her.

At first it was just to make her juice, but as time passed it became more things. Anything from taking her to doctors’ appointments, to help arranging caregivers as she grew very weak or going to her side in the middle of the night when she was in crisis. Over the years we became very close. She was like a sister. I was with her just before she translated. She asked to be alone, and ten minutes later I received the call that she had left her physical body behind.

A few weeks later I had the following dream. I entered her hospice room to find her standing up, dressed, her hair long, her body slim, but strong. She was wearing white jeans and a violet V-necked shirt. She looked so vibrant, the way she had years before the illness had devastated her body. She was standing and a hospice nurse sat in a chair beside her, knitting quietly. I was shocked to see her alive and looking so wonderfully well. In fact, I kept saying to her, but they told me you were dead! I was almost in tears at the relief of seeing her again.

She explained that the medicines they had given her had made it seem as though she was dead, when indeed she was not. The hospice nurse was very sympathetic to my feelings and at one point shook her head and said ever so kindly, “You poor dear.” (This really makes me laugh now thinking of it.) I kept saying, but you look so good, you look so good and they told me you were dead.

When I could finally accept that she was indeed just fine, I went back into work mode, worrying about what my responsibilities would be as she was released from the hospital. As I asked her all of this she just shook her head slightly from side to side and smiled a knowing smile at me, as if to say, “Don’t you get it?” Then I awoke.

Instantly I knew that she was just fine on the other planes and as real to me as she had been in the physical world. This dream really helped me with my grief.


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  1. Pauline says:

    I met my mum several times in my dreams atfer she translated, and in one of the dreams she told me that she had not been given a home,so they told her to look for me so that i will help her get a house of her own. Then i told her that it is only WahZ that can give her a home; then i woke up. The next time i met her, she was very happy planting vegetables in her home and riding a tricycle. Thank you Z.

  2. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Soul comes from God and will go back to Him once. Regarding to This, Soul is simple happy when leaving. I finally realized that the emotional attachment and ego are the two reasons explaining “cry” when there is a death. This is senseless as we can keep communicate with those Souls who went back to God. We can see them: Soul never dies!

    I use to have the chance to meet with friends and relatives who passed away. My last experience was six days ago: I met a friend of mine who passed away recently. He was happier, younger than before, was wearing a suit and a hat. He was standing just in front of me smiling and was discussing with another friend. He looks so happy there, while his wife is still crying here. God’s blessings always accompany all the time Soul. Soul never dies!

    It is obvious that’s we’re crying for ourselves. My experience – dream – really helped me with My grief. Soul never dies. Soul exists because God does love Him. ECK teaching is full of truth that I didn’t find anywhere else. For sure I’ll stay ECKist. Thank you, Wah’Z for This endless love!

  3. kikpoye olokirika says:

    thanks for sharing this experience with us, truly soul never dies…

  4. James C.Potter says:

    Late August 2014, about 6 months since my wife translated, I attended the North Carolina Eckankar Regional Seminar that hosted many workshops including one on Death and Grief. I was still reeling from my late wifes translation so at this workshop I released my grief to the ECK. Midway through the workshop I experienced a palpable “snap” within myself as if a chiropracter had made a subtle adjustment to my body. Immediately, the grief dissolved like vapor and I was free of the weight. Spirit always has our best interests at heart as the Mahanta has our back!

  5. F says:

    With respect to the Mahanta and the Eck teachings. In one of my dreams I saw my self in a small store ,suddenly an explosion happened and I was gon , (dead) but I saw my self in the air lying horizontally , without any pain , I just knew I am alive although am not in my physical body but as soon as I open my eyes I will be alive I just knew that I Am, so simple

  6. Bernice McKinley says:

    I lost a sister and a close friend in 2013.
    One morning I woke up and there they both were, each very much alive.
    Each framed as if in a separate video.
    I hadn’t seen my sister for a few years, as I live in Canada and she in Jamaica. The love was always there. She was wearing a beautiful straw sunhat and gazing up as if at the sun. She looked so happy.
    My friend was dressed as she usually was whenever went out on the town. Beautiful white silk shirt with a cameo brach her hair perfect and not at all the way she looked before she passed. I was so happy to see them both.
    Thank You Mahanta.

  7. Kokoette Bassey says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    It’s a very remarkable dream experience that touches the heart. I too had similar dream experience two years after translation of a beloved relation.

  8. emeka Kanu says:

    I really thank Mahanta the living Eck master for the Dream teaching and learning in eckankar.we can see our love ones in the other side of life as soul, soul never die its live on and on. We can communicate with the death ones while you are living, thank you all.

  9. John Ebadan says:

    That was a very nice quote from Sri Harold, Thanks John for passing it on.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks Cathy.
    Dreams are indeed bridges worth building and looking forward to walk and explore life beyond.
    Love is all.

  11. shakuntala says:

    Thank you Cathy for sharing your experience

  12. John Marikos says:

    “When we cry at funerals, we cry for ourselves. I’ve cried at funerals, too, and I’ll probably do it in the future.” P. 110, The Golden Heart, Sri Harold Klemp. In this quote, for me, Sri Harold addresses what happens with us even when we understand that the person, as Soul, has permanently left this body and lifetime behind for better circumstances and new learning experiences. We still miss and grieve the absence of this important person in our lives, because we have achieved the capacity to love this much.

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