Moving Forward

By Eloho, Minnesota

Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master writes, in the book Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, “Soul can go in one of three ways in any stage of Its spiritual unfoldment. It can move forward, backward, or stand still.”

Have you ever had a hot cup of tea and, with each sip, felt its warmth expand within your chest? That is exactly the same warmth I felt as I read this quote. It resonated within me. I believe the reason is that I recently found myself at a crossroads regarding my own spiritual unfoldment.

When I was younger, I was disciplined with my spiritual exercises, succeeded at school, and had my future planned out. Then things shifted.

I can’t explain exactly what happened, but life became overwhelming. I began obsessing over time, and the lack of it. I lost my spiritual anchor and began drifting off to sea. Just like in Sri Harold’s quote, I found myself sailing backward.

During this time I noticed the ECK youth community seemed to be going through a transformation too. Several years back, the Youth and Family Program in my community was large. Then many of the youth grew up and went away to college.

At first I worried about what would come of such a big change, but the spiritual community continued to thrive. New Satsang classes, ECK book discussions, and community HU Songs began, and I was able to take part in them. Seeing the community transition so gracefully through changes has inspired me to do the same.

I choose to move forward. Now it is time for my own spiritual renewal.


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