Spiritual Exercise: The Purifying Sound

ECKANKAR, HU, Holy Spirity, Sound, Spiritual EyeBy Harold Klemp

Close your eyes and look to the Spiritual Eye.  Sing HU, an old and secret name for God.  It is one of the most powerful words for spiritual upliftment that I can give you.

As you sing HU, listen for the Sound.  The Sound may be heard in any number of different ways.  It can be like the sound of a train going by, a bird, buzzing bees, sometimes a flute, or even guitars.  The way you hear It just depends on where you are.

These sounds are the action of the Holy Spirit, the ECK, as Its atoms vibrate in the invisible worlds.  The Sound you hear is the vibration at the particular level to which you are attuned at the time.

Imagine the Sound purifying you, removing the impurities of Soul.  It will bring you an understanding of how your actions have caused your problems.  It will also give you an indication of what you can do to unfold and how to figure out the way to do things right.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


14 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: The Purifying Sound

  1. Nureni says:

    The joy of singing HU gives one the strength to live abundantly with high expectations for spiritual upliftment and peace of mind.

  2. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Sweet post Josh.

  3. Josh Ibru says:

    I love singing HU because i feel good sound when i sing it, i feel free and singing HU make me bigger than my problems.

  4. Josh Ibru says:

    I have been hearing about this Eckankar on radio program, i always listen to them whenever they come on air so i started developing interest because their good teaching so on 24th january 2016 i went there to worship with them in yenagoa branch Bayelsa state Nigeria, i love Eckankar and hope to register and become full member, i hope to be there this sunday, thanks.

  5. Kokoette Bassey says:

    There is always sound of cricket chirping around me each time I’m attentive. It’s a great joy to feel the ever presence of divine spirit around us.

  6. Beatrice Oslund says:

    I LOVE the HU. I haven't heard any sounds but it centers me & keeps me strong during times of stress. The Mahanta always brings what I need in my life to grow & heal. Thank you Mahanta!!

  7. Kathy Tuccaro says:

    Another time while I was at work in my giant truck in the mine, I was sitting dumping the load when I suddenly heard the HU song so loud. I looked up to see if I had my my HU Cd in because I play it while I’m on my 1/2 hour break, but the Cd wasn’t in it. The song was so loud that it had really startled me because it was above the sound of 2 way radio on the dash of truck. So I thanked the Mahanta and sang along with it and went about driving. It lasted a good 10 minutes then slowly subsided. Thanks Mahanta!

  8. Danny says:

    Heard the sound of Bees somtime last year & later the sound of rushing water. Visited a city in the inner where I can't find words to describe the architectural designs of building I saw (more like in a sci-fi movie), met an inner master (4got his name but he's puts on a wide hat made 4rm same materiall used in basket making) that tended to my wounds. In anoda inner xperience, found myself in front of a glass-panelled shop wit a neon sign dat read "closed" along a finely street, it was 9t tym, had a nudge to still go in despite d sign & found anoda door dat led to a room inside where d Mahanta (Sri Harold Klemp) himself was giving a lecture. When I came in, i noticed I was d youngest in d class. He (Mahanta) stopped writing on d chalk-board, looked @ me, smiled, playfully flung a piece of chalk in his hands & said "Ok!, let us welcome our newest student…………". I always feel light, happy, confident after each experience……suweet!!!!!…..wuld giv anytin 4 more!

  9. Geetha Murthy says:

    The buzzing of bee is the first sound, I heard before my second initiation. It was a wonderful experience. I have several times heard the sound HU, being sung by many voices,while trying the above exercise. The moment I stop singing, I hear the sound of HU,vibrating back. Such experiences make me humble.. The processof slow growing and understanding the right principles at right time,sometimes not understanding anything,the journey is moving on. I am enjoying every moment. I thank Mahanta for all his care, love, and guidance.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Hi Rama,

    Thank you for your post. Just keep trying.

    I would not say try harder for that never worked for me. Try the Spiritual Exercises of ECK with all the love you have. I know the love I felt when my little baby girl was in my arm for the first time in this life time. Whatever brings you great joy and love opens the heart to hear the Sound of divine love.

    The Mahanta is always with us.

  11. Rama suryam says:

    It is a wonderful tool. I' have not achieved the sound until now. may be my concentration level is not great.

    Thank you Mantha.

  12. Kathy Tuccaro says:

    I heard the very loud sound of bees buzzing in my left ear s I was driving my giant truck at work in a outdoor mine. I looked around because my window was shut and I thought a bee had gotten in my truck. But there was just the sound. .. and then it was gone so fast. Thank you Mahanta! I don’t hear that very often; usually it’s a high pitched flute.

  13. Kathy Tuccaro says:

    I had a dream last year that I could hear the song HU at first very softly, then increasing in loudness completely enveloping me as Soul. It felt as if I were vibrating with the HU. I woke up needing the bathroom, but the vibration was still there and my whole body felt as if it were floating as I walked. I was wrapped with the words HU surrounding me like a mummy until I became the HU as a whole! I could here the song as I walked /floated to the bathroom. I was the HU! There are no words to describe this experience. Now I now that everywhere I go, I carry the HU with me because I AM THE HU! THANK YOU MAHANTA!

  14. Paul Ako says:

    A wonderful tool for Spiritual Freedom! Thank you Zl

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