What about Soul Mates?

ECKANKAR, Soul Mates, Self-RealizationBy Harold Klemp

Q: I read in the book The Tiger’s Fang, by Paul Twitchell, about the topic of Soul mates, and it baffles me.  Does that mean that every Soul will somehow find his Soul mate somewhere on the journey to Sugmad?

A: Your question does come up fairly often, so let’s take a look at it.

The confusion arises from something Paul Twitchell once wrote in chapter 6 of The Tiger’s Fang.  There, he endorsed the idea.  But Paul was then still a Master in training.  His understanding was incomplete.

Later he strongly reversed himself in The ECK-Vidya, Ancient Science of Prophecy.  You’ll surely want to read chapter 5, “The ECK-Vidya Theory of Time Twins.”  He wrote it as a spiritually mature individual.  Over the years, too, I have addressed this issue in a number of talks and writings.

The time-twin, or Soul-mate, theory is an occult invention.  As such, it has no grounding in the ECK teachings.  The masculine and feminine principles are within each one of us.  But such a division, or separation, is a phenomenon of the lower worlds and does not exist in the higher ones.

Let’s look at the origin of the Soul-mate theory.

The Soul-mate theory arose because some people in early history were quite aware of an emptiness inside themselves.  An individual with strong masculine forces driving him might feel an insensitivity to things.  So he searched for a Soul mate with whom he’d feel like a whole being.

All that changes during Self-Realization.  When an individual reaches the Soul Plane, the masculine and feminine principles unite within him.  Then he is made whole.

Once you know the truth about this Soul-mate theory, you can save yourself a lot of heartache in selecting a mate.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

28 Responses to What about Soul Mates?

  1. Margaret says:

    Having seen the inner Master many years ago I knew then that male/female had nothing to do with the higher realms. This is a sweet and simple explanation of a complex topic. I appreciate that all the things I knew are being threaded together into one beautiful teaching. Eckankar.

  2. Désiré Hountondji says:

    Je suis fier d’avoir plus de clarification sur ce sujet d’âme soeur

  3. Moses says:

    Thanks Wah Z, so all the anxiety, the cloud, very strong here in Africa is after all occult invention. The light has dispelled all darkness. The Eternal uniqueness of the ECK is in the Mahanta, the voice of the most High, as The Living ECK MASTER, touching all lives and all Soul as the spokesman and agent of the SUGMAD. Thank You Wah Z. (MEI)

  4. Joana Morris says:

    After four failed marriages, I finally found the eternal love of the Mahanta which opened me up to the eternal love I have in my soul for myself. This stability allows more of everything…by choice.

  5. George Nwibo says:

    The clarification will scrap off the stress searching for a soul mate. Thank you Wah Z .

  6. Linda Pickard says:

    I understand what you mean Mahanta about the emptiness that is behind the search for a soul mate. This lifetime for me was a search to find the person that would make me whole. I thought I had found this person not long after I became an ECKist. Being dependant on this person meant that I was not learning as much as I could through Eckankar. After 4 years the ECK removed this person from my life. I went to the dark places of emptiness and then gradually felt divine love begin to flow in and I began to understand where I had been stuck, as Soul. I still have a long way to go in letting you fully into my heart, Mahanta but at least I know that you are my direction for spiritual growth, not another Soul. Thank you for this written reminder of the difficulty I found myself in.

  7. Larry Magee says:

    An older neighbor (older than me) down the block has been asking me for help. First to pickup medicine, then to pay a bill before his lights were turned off, and one stop became three. One was to buy tobacco, but I only realized when a pack of cigarettes fell from his bag. Then another day he had no food so I took him with me to a discount grocery nearby where I shop. He was grateful… in his way, and said he hadn’t know it was there. He asked if he could depend on me “if he got down”. I explained there was lots of help available in our city and I was definitely not the solution, but he wasn’t interested. A couple of days ago after a long day of Dr. appointments, etc. I found him waiting on my front steps. His greeting was “Do you have any light bulbs?”; after he said, “There’s not a single light bulb in my house.” I turned him away feeling manipulated, used, angry and very tired. Yes, a light bulb appeared above my head, but my slow burning anger blocked the light. I told him I’d try the next day, but when he wanted to give me his number I said no that I’d come by if possible. I spent a long sleepless night for various reasons, and the next day I knew I had to makeup for it somehow. About an hour into my nap that afternoon I was awakened by his pounding and yelling at my door, then my window. I cut my anger short by not answering and going back to sleep. Later I was angry with myself for not handling the entire situation better. Now today after reading in one of my ECK books I was led here and read other’s stories. This time the light bulb over my head shone brightly. Its easy to forget that there is always help available in our community. Love is the key!

  8. Caleb says:

    Thank you Wah Z for this clarification. I believe it is a word people use without really knowing as the Master said, each of us has both the feminine and masculine principles within us until when reaches the Soul plane where both principles are unite to make whole.

  9. Eleanor Leon, Canada says:

    I recall the first time I understood this as an Eckist, and I felt kind of sad because I really liked this idea of a “soul mate” it was romantic and inspiring. But then I came to realize, as the Master says, it was a reflection of emptiness in my life, I needed to find love. We have the capability to fill that emptiness with divine love from the highest and truest source, the Sugmad! I am whole on my own, thanks to the Mahanta!

  10. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    What about Soul Mates? What about Soul Division?
    I want to thank you so much for this response Wah Z. Thank you for being there for us and for making sure we have the right teachings that will lead us through to Self Realization, God Realization and eventually Spiritual Freedom.
    Imagine what a waste this saga would have caused a lot of people seeking their way home to God.
    In fact, the reason, the importance, and the advantage of having a True and Living Spiritual Leader. He is there always to guide his followers and to protect the adulteration of the teachings.
    Thank you Wah Z for all your love and service to soul.

  11. ellen says:

    I’ve heard that there was soul division back in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis and that this is the basis for looking for one’s twin or “other half” – but that we are not reunited with such a twin until we have balanced our own masculine and feminine.

  12. vanessa says:

    Thanks Mahanta for this explanation about soulmates to avoid a lot persons waste the time looking for someone that doesn’t exist. Before I became in eckist I believed i had found my soulmates and when i lost him I felt completely lost in addition i wasted a lot years of my life trying to recover about this losing but Thanks Mahanta who helped me to heal my heart today I enjoy to love someone with freedom and divine love.

  13. Pauline says:

    This Soul mate issue have troubled me over twelve years of my lonesome life. I always call upon Mahanta to show me my Soul mate after my Divorce.
    Thank you Mahanta for this, I am now free in my heart.

  14. theresa says:

    I would like to know if the so called Hag Nightmare is an OBE, i experenced this nightmare and never forget it. I was told that it was my loved ones bringing me on a journey and i woke up in between , thats why i felt i was paralysed from the neck down..i realy could not move but was wide awake and i couldnt speak i opened my mouth to shout out but nothing came out. This was a frightin experence for me. So can you tell me was this an OBE??

  15. Ginavon says:

    This question involves the strong attraction others will feel toward those of you who have discovered the light and sound of SOUL. This attraction is most often misread as an earthly love that is mis directed to be that of a soul mate instead of its true nature. Can you please help those of us who already feel the Union of the feminin and masculine within to explain to those who might not understand our drive to be in service to SOUL and how this drive may often exclude the desire to merge with another person on this level?

  16. Stephen Saint-Coeur says:

    I think the confusion often comes from the fact that we find the same mates again in this lifetime as we had in others.
    The discovery of these Souls we have shared other lives with also explains (to me) the concept of “Love at first Sight”.

  17. Becky Osiah says:

    I like this. The question was well answered. Thank you Wah Z.

  18. Paule says:

    Thank you for this sweet and so simple answer…

    It would have been good to read that when I was in my teen, I could have avoided a lot of heartaches, I suppose.
    Yet, the heartaches made me who I am today, and I am so grateful of the lessons…

    There is always a step to become a magnet of Divine Love, isn’t it? ;-D

  19. John Ebadan says:

    Mahanta the way shower as always !! a few years ago me and my long time partner decided to end a longtime marriage peacefully because of differences, so we were not really soul mates after all we thought, this gives every one a chance to go search for the soul mate my partner had dropt out of ECKANKAR by this time, but I knew I had no life with out ECKANKAR and ECKANKAR was not going any where with out me, about this time I had an amazing dream of me involved in a wedding ceremony with this amazing bride, that looks exactly like me and I knew write then the search for my soul mate was pretty much over because when I woke up she never showed up and I wasn’t going looking for her either.
    Thank you Mahanta.

  20. Phyllis says:

    Thank you Mahanta for these precious teachings. Thank you for explaining so clearly. I really appreciate having a living Eck master in this lifetime.

  21. Shima says:

    Good to know it, thanks Mahanta, I’m grateful you are here, and nicely giving explanation, I love the peace resonates in your words……

  22. Edito A. Chy says:

    That’s the beauty of the ECK teachings, It has a Living ECK Master to clarify issues such as Soul Mates.

  23. Essenam Kevi-Kelensi says:

    I realise it few times ago, but now I am sure about it. Thanks Mahanta!!! You are my Guide and I am proud of it!

  24. Ping (Ruby) Lu says:

    Thank you for sending the definition of “Soul Mate”, Mahanta! It simply means the balance of “Masculine” and “Feminine” energy within oneself. When one is balanced well, he/she doesn’t need to search for/ wait for someone to fill in the void….. I got it, at the right moment.

  25. William Dowling says:

    In my time as a seeker I always liked the idea of soul mates but never really believed it. I think a kindred spirit is a better idea to work with.

  26. iminabo r fubara says:

    relationship of any form; marriage family friendship are all matters of the lower worlds. Thank you Mahanta for a final stop to it.

  27. Dalbert Butcher says:

    What about the book ” The Three Masks Of Gaba ” , by Paul Twitchell ?

  28. Sammy says:

    Thank you Mahanta! With this clarification, I am made aware that relationship being it intimate, family or friend is brought about as a result of the intertwining laws of karma and reincarnation. Each relationship plays it role in helping us learn about our eternal self; helping us learn about divine love rather than getting absolved into the theory of Soul-mate which as clarified, has no place in the higher worlds
    Thank you Wah Z

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