Eckankar is a “Go-to Religion”

ECK-logo-low-rez-from-FBBy Pier, Florida

My car died in the driveway. My car is everything to me, of course my only means of getting around. I am low on money as well.

It was towed to the local mechanic shop. They quoted me $1,700! And that wouldn’t take care of all the problems. While I was getting this bad news, a computer guy was working on my computer. He overheard me and said, “I used to work in a body shop and that is an outrageous price. You should get a second opinion.”

I thought, What a good idea. I decided to call around and most of the shops were closed on Saturday. Then the Mahanta gave me an idea, “Call the guy who sold you the car six years ago.” I was sure he wouldn’t have the same phone number. But I called him after the Mahanta gave the nudge and he answered the phone! The shop he recommended was also closed on Saturdays, the only day I could get a ride home. Then suddenly he said, “Wait, I heard about this mobile mechanic.” “Yes,” I said, “that would be perfect.”

And that is when I met Will. He was a big man with a big heart. I told him what had happened and he said, “Let me look at your car.” Then he said, “You need a hug!” It surprised me, but I let him give me a big bear hug!

Then he proceeded to work on my car for a couple hours. When it came time to pay, he said it’s only $250.00. I couldn’t believe it. The Mahanta had led me to the right person, and one with a golden heart. This is an example of how the ECK works in my life. Mostly it is the love from the Mahanta, helping all the time, like a huge hand, a warm blanket and good friend in need.


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  1. Anne Paris says:

    I loved the story. Thanks Pier for sharing and thanks to Eckankar blog team for blogging. Whenever I feel like I am getting more negative thoughts and am in my lowest ebb, I would just read a story in this blog and it would tremendously uplift me. I would be more filled with love and happiness. This blog has helped in getting back to my balance during times of distress. I am so grateful to the holy spirit for bringing an idea of creating this blog to the Eckankar blog team who created it. Thanks again to the Eckankar blog team for listening to guidance of the spirit and posting all these uplifting stories that inspire all in ECK to lead a better life full of love, wisdom and compassion. I am truly gifted to have found my beloved Master. His presence in my life has changed every arena of my life for the better of me and all concerned. Thanks a lot Mahanta for loving me so unconditionally and helping me sidestep all spiritual harms and move smoothly on my journey home to God. Please don’t abandon me even if I do so..Lots of Love❤

  2. Holly says:

    This story reminded me of when I too needed car repair. I spoke to several shops and they all wanted nearly a thousand dollars. In fact the lowest estimate was $972.00. Then I heard the Mahanta say ever so quietly, “Take your daughter to the street fair tonight.”
    In the summer there is a local street fair with venders of al sorts, free information booths, and crafts for the kids once a month. I thought the street fair will give us some fresh air, and a nice change from being on the phone and internet all day.
    We went to the street fair just to enjoy an evening together but I got so much more. My family played games, listened to music, and make crafts. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something red that caught me attention. It was a banner waving in the breeze. As we walked to other booths this red banner further down the street seemed to glow. I thought that was interesting so we went over to see it more closely. When we arrived I realized it for an auto mechanic. We struck up a conversation as my family played their game. I read some of his literature and he said are you looking for anything imparticular? I replied that I apparently have a very expensive repair and I was not looking forward to it. He asked the nature of the repair and said that it should not cost as much. He was very kind and not pushy at all. I took my car to his shop the next day. The whole repair cost only $452.00 and he even gave me flowers upon checking out. Flowers! He said he gave them to all his customers to take home. By listening to my Inner Master’s quiet voice my family not only had a fun evening but I received flowers and my car repaired for less than half the price quoted everywhere else.

    I am, learning to listen more to that very quiet voice within.

  3. Holly says:

    What a beautiful example of not caving in to what is being said and checking in with the Mahanta. What a gift we have in the Teachings of ECK…

  4. David Gardner says:

    The answers are already there if we are open to them. This is a great story. Love to all.

  5. Mary says:

    Pier, what a wonderful story! Thank you for reminding us that all we need do is listen & be grateful!

  6. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Lovely story. I actually felt the hug.

  7. Oludaisi Farinre says:

    Pier is a discerning ECKist. So many stories like this pass everyday without the concerned being aware of the goodness of God. Spiritual Exercises of ECK sharpen our awareness so that moments like this do not pass unnoticed. Thank God I am an ECKist.

  8. Lux says:

    This is a beautiful story & such a great example of how our lives run smoother because we have been taught well by the inner teachings & the Inner Master. We in Eck have learned how to tune in & listen to our inner guidance therefore our lives go a lot smoother & we experience much more happiness, love and miracles in our daily lives. The Mahanta is so loving & kind. He blesses us every day all day long & also in our dreams. I am so grateful, honored & happy to have Sri Harold Klemp as my inner & outer Spiritual teacher & I am so grateful, happy & honored to be a member of Eckankar. 😀

  9. Sammy says:

    Thanks for sharing Pier! Your story reinforces the eternal truth that the Mahanta is always with us, helping us recognize the workings of the ECK as we unfold spiritually. The Mahanta more often than not, guides us in the challenges we face in our daily lives. The key I believe, is to recognize the guidance of the Mahanta and be appreciative of it as you did. Recognizing the hand of the Mahanta in itself moves us a step forward in our quest to realize our eternal selves through the guidance of the Mahanta.

  10. richard okagbare says:

    Show me the Eckist who won’t wish for this every moment of existence! Seek and seek earnestly and thou shall find.

  11. kikpoye Christian Olokirika says:

    the MAHANTA is indeed our guide in this lifetime, as ECKist we are privileged to have him …

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