My Father’s Farewell

By Lillian, Mexico

My father had been brought up as an orthodox Jew, and although he was a very spiritual man, he was wary of the spiritual path I’d chosen for myself. Eckankar seemed foreign and unfamiliar to him.

But as I began to practice the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, my father immediately realized something was different about me. He also noticed that when I returned from an Eckankar seminar I was filled with more light and love.

“Whatever you’re doing,” he said, “it must be good.”

One day, shortly after my return from a seminar, my father asked me, “How are your Masters in Eckankar?”

“They are the best in the universe,” I replied.

“That’s good!” he said. I was happily surprised. I’d expected him to challenge me about my beliefs. Instead, he was pleased with my response.

One Sunday after dining out, I hugged him as we were leaving the restaurant.

Suddenly, I felt a strong bond of love between us. I didn’t realize then that this was a farewell hug.

Later that week, I had trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned for hours in my bed. I felt strange, as if something were about to happen. But I didn’t know what.

Then I got a phone call from my mother, telling me that my father had translated (died). He had gotten up in the middle of the night, feeling unwell. Then he arranged his pillow, lay down on the bed, and peacefully died.

I realized that all my tossing and turning was because, as Soul, I knew my father had passed on. I just hadn’t recognized it consciously.

I decided to do a spiritual exercise. I went into the living room and played a CD of thousands of people singing HU, an ancient love song to God. Then I closed my eyes and went into contemplation.

Suddenly, I heard my father’s voice. He was speaking with Wah Z, the Inner Master.

“I’m not so important,” my father said.

“Yes, you are very important,” Wah Z replied.

“But not so much,” responded my father.

Then I felt the Mahanta nudge me to speak.

“Yes, Daddy, you are very important!” I said.

“You’re here?” he asked, sounding surprised.

I began to say, “Yes, Dad, this is—,” but he interrupted me.

“Eckankar!” he said, as he surrendered himself totally to the Mahanta. There was a noise like the rush of a strong wind, and he was gone.

That night, my son drove me to my parents’ home to be with the rest of our family. I had been tremendously moved by the experience with my father. When we arrived, I still felt the strength and peace of the Mahanta’s presence.

The next morning, as we prepared to go to the funeral, my son called me to the door.

“Mom, come quick!” he shouted. We all ran together to look outside. In the sky above us was a huge rainbow. I could feel the presence of God surrounding us as we stood together in silent amazement.

The rainbow was a divine message that my father was doing fine on the next step of his spiritual journey. As we drove through the city, smaller rainbows appeared throughout the sky, reminding us of God’s love.

After the funeral, I returned to my mother’s home. That night, just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt an invisible hand caress my hair. I knew it was my dad, coming to say a final good-bye.

“I know it’s you,” I said inwardly.

Then I felt the caress on my hair again, along with a warm feeling of love and appreciation.

A few days later, my father had one final surprise for all of us. My parents lived in a fifth-floor apartment, and the foliage of some of the bigger trees in the garden was level with the windows.

As our family sat in the living room, chatting, a beautiful eagle alighted in one of the branches close to the window and stayed there awhile, watching us.

I was amazed! Eagles are rare in Mexico, and I had never seen one in the middle of Mexico City. The eagle looked at each one of us, as if confirming we were all OK. Then it was gone.

The whole experience showed me, once again, the truth of the fundamentals of the ECK teachings: First, that we are Soul, an eternal spark of God. Second, that there is never a moment when we do not have the love and the protection of the Mahanta. And third, that life is all about love.

These three basic truths never cease to be amazing.


17 Responses to My Father’s Farewell

  1. deanna strahl says:

    Wow! The hu is very important, a lot of fun and I am happy you were able to share this with your father! My mother who was raised in a kosher jewish household but has a million different beliefs now also love eck and the things I do with it and is interested in what I have to say about it! Harolds books are great and I just love it all!

  2. Luz Adriana says:

    Gracias Lilian por comentar tu experiencia, fue algo realmente hermoso! Que bendición tener al Mahanta con nosotros! Un abrazote.

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    @ Pauline, thanks for sharing such a beautiful personal story illustrating the continuity of life. A home is a place where our heart is. And as we move home to God, we become the awakening Soul.

  4. Pauline Z Mawutor says:

    My mum passed away knowing i am an Eckist and had encouter with Sri Harold, she used to call him "my white man"
    Few years later I met her in my dream she was riding her bicycle rushing down a slope then she called me.
    I asked her why she was in such a hurry and she told me that they have not given her a home since she left, they told her that it is only me and my master that can help her; so she had been looking for me to help connect her to my white man. So, I sat down with her and sang HU, then I woke up and realized it was a dream.

    I thought about it and surrendered the situation to the Mahanta to please give my mother a good home.
    About a year after, I went to my village in my dream and met my mother riding a tricycle carrying plenty green vegetables she was harvesting from her beautiful farmland.
    She smiled at me with love and joy and drove away.

    I felt love and I thanked the Mahanta.

  5. IRENE KABURAP says:

    Merci, l’amour est tout ce qui nous fait vivre pour toujours.

  6. Emeka, E. Egbeji says:

    Thanks Lilian for sharing these with us here. "Love is all there is" no matter the situation. May the blessings be.

  7. K.Sagadevan says:

    Lillian, your story is the truth and nothing but the truth. I have had this experience with my loved ones and till today the experiences are vivid in my mind. Cheers.

  8. David Baillie says:

    Thank you Lililan. A delightful, heart moving, tear creating story.

  9. jacques lavariere says:

    Merci pour ce beau partage a coeur ouvert.L`Amour divine l`emporte sur la mort.

  10. shakuntala says:

    Thank you Lillian for your beautiful narration of a soul-stirring experience

  11. Paul Ako says:

    Love is sharing and never ending. Thank you Lillian

  12. Ray McBride says:

    No matter what path we choose in life,or our seeming differences and ties, life always returns to love because love knows not of distance or separation. Love only knows love. As your poignant and beautiful story shows, none of us walk alone on our journey back home to God.

  13. Esther says:

    Thank you Lilian for sharing this experience. Soul is immortal……very reassuring to be on the path of ECKANKAR. Doing the Spiritual Exercises and going into contemplation helps us realize more of this attribute of Soul.

  14. Susan says:

    Thank you Lillian, for sharing your beautiful experience. I hope this also helped the grief of the other members of your family. May the blessings be.

  15. Cat V says:

    Thanks for sharing Lillian and showing the world the Mahanta’s love and protection is always with us and also our loved ones who are not members of Eckankar.

  16. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks Lilian. Life is all about love. Excellent reporting by the way. May the Blessings Be.

  17. Sammy says:

    Thanks for sharing. This reinforces the knowledge that we are Soul; eternal, loving, knowledgeable and full of wisdom. I am encouraged by your story to remain focus and persistent in my quest to attain true spiritual freedom and with the love, protection and guidance of the Mahanta, this realization is certainly possible in this lifetime.
    May the Blessings BE!

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