Soul Returns for Love

ECKANKAR, Reincarnation, Soul, Animals, DeathBy Harold Klemp

Siamese cats can be very finicky and self-centered.  But not Misha.

When Misha’s owner was sleeping in the morning, he lay very, very still.  Most cats are different: as soon as they are awake and hungry, they start moving around, maybe licking your face.  “Breakfast time.  Let’s get up and go outside.”  But not Misha.

Misha also had a habit of jumping into his owner’s arms, just wanting to be loved.  And after he got hugged and loved, then it was time for breakfast.  But loving always came first.

After a while, his owner began to notice there was a very close connection between the love that Misha gave and the behavior of a toy poodle she used to have named Lulu.  Misha was acting a whole lot like Lulu.

Lulu used to love to jump into her arms too.  And Lulu used to have a blanket that she chewed holes in.  The woman had stored it in the closet.

She wondered, Has Lulu come back to me as Misha?

One day, when the woman came home from work, she saw that Misha had climbed into the closet and pulled out this big, heavy blanket that the dog used to play with.

A Siamese cat is not quite as big as a toy poodle.  Misha had pulled and dragged this thing out into the center of the room and then sat there.  So when the woman came home wondering, Could Misha be Lulu come back? the first thing she saw was the cat sitting on the blanket, speaking in the only language it knows, in the language of symbols.

Misha was sitting on Lulu’s old, chewed-up blanket, sitting there with a smile on his face, saying, “Get it?”

Soul is eternal.  It never dies.  The body dies, but Soul never dies.  Since we cannot learn all that this world has to teach us in just one lifetime, we come back in another body and continue with our spiritual education.

What could be simpler?  Furthermore, the principle applies not just to humans but to animals too.  How can it be otherwise since they too are Soul?

All of us have lived before.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too! 


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