HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer

By Daisny, Mauritius

When I became a member of Eckankar, I learned about singing HU, the ancient name for God.

Sung as a love song to God, HU is a beautiful prayer that draws Soul closer to God. It uplifted me, and I decided to share it with my father, who was a devoted member of the Catholic Church.

My father enjoyed the HU and began to sing it every morning. Over time, his awareness of the invisible spiritual worlds expanded. Occasionally, he shared his experiences with me. I could see that the ECK, or Holy Spirit, was an important part of Dad’s life.

Three years later, my father had a stroke which left him paralyzed and unable to speak. I was very sad and went to visit him every day.

Although this was a difficult time, I surrendered the situation into the hands of the Mahanta and continued to sing HU as often as I could. It comforted me that my father sang HU every day. I knew that when the time came for him to leave his physical body, the Inner Master would be there to help both of us.

Before long, it became clear that Dad was close to death. Our family gathered around his bed, knowing he didn’t have long to live.

Suddenly, my father lifted up his left arm, as if reaching for an invisible hand. Then he died.

Everyone was amazed. Until that moment, my father had been unable to move. Lifting his arm should have been impossible. No one could explain what had happened.

But I knew what happened. The Mahanta, the Inner Master, had offered his hand to help my father leave his physical body. What a special gift!

Soon after, I asked the Mahanta to show me Dad was OK in his new life. That night I had a dream of a beautiful garden filled with yellow flowers. Standing in the middle of the garden was my father, a smile on his face. I had my answer.

Singing HU is a precious gift from God. It helped my father and me open ourselves to more of God’s love and made my dad’s transition from this life to the next easier for both of us.

I am so grateful to the Mahanta for all his help and love. HU truly is the most beautiful prayer.


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