Reunion with a Departed Loved One

ECKANKAR, Dreams, Divine LoveBy Harold Klemp

Five years had gone by since “Adele’s” sister had passed on, or translated.  Adele often wondered, Does my sister still remember me?  Why doesn’t she come, even in dreams?

Adele teaches art.  She lives in a quiet suburb.  One day one of her students looked out and saw a kitten nearby that had apparently been struck by a car.  It looked as if it wouldn’t be able to live much longer.  The student ran outside and tried to catch the little kitten but wasn’t able to.  For the next week Adele worried about the kitten.  She put out food and water because it would need some help in getting fed.  But the kitten never showed up.

One Saturday morning, Adele had a very clear dream with her sister.  It was a very vivid dream, like they were actually together, because they were.  Her sister said to her, “I can take care of the kitten for you if you’ll give me some food.”  So Adele gave her sister a saucer with some food on it.

When Adele awoke, she had this feeling of love.  Two concerns were taken from her heart.  First of all, the kitten was cared for, probably in the other worlds.  And even more important, her sister had not forgotten her.  This was a demonstration of divine love.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Dreams.

17 Responses to Reunion with a Departed Loved One

  1. nock Hershey says:

    I thank sugmad because he help me to find his way i thank the mahanta to be with me every day since day one the ECk is my guide thank you mahanta

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you, Mahanta, for all the dreams that you have taught me and the time that you pick me up when I was down while I was dreaming and you brought me to my father who didn’t pass for many years. Thank you, Mahanta.

  3. Rick says:

    A while after my Dad passed over, I met him in a dream. I was surprised to see he had long hair and wore old clothes. The Inner Master immediately impressed on me that he had had a hugely responsible job for 35 years and served my ill mother for decades before he passed. He was taking time to “let his hair down”, relax and regain strength from his efforts in his recent life before reincarnating. Such service to mankind has earned him a rest before his next step on his journey home to God.

  4. Victoria Ikem says:

    My mother left the physical world in the year 2012 and I have never had the opportunity to meet with her in the dream state.

    I would sincerely love to meet with her. Could she have reincarnated already? If yes, I would love a confirmation of this.

    I have a very good reason to believe she has already started another life time around me.

  5. Ochonma Ernestina Ugochi says:

    Thanks for making me feel better today.

  6. Oludaisi Farinre says:

    I asked a question yesterday at a memorial service of a dear one. The officiating ministers were alluding to life after death but they thought this life they were talking about was in the spiritual realm. After many people had testified of the good deeds of this woman, l laid my question. I listened to the officiating minister saying that there was life after death. I also know that it is written that whatever you sow you shall reap. Now, in this sort of gathering, we do not like discussing reincarnation. Where is this departed soul going to reap all these good deeds she had sown? A member of the family asked the son of the departed to bring out his about five months old daughter that looked exactly like the departed woman and sang the favorite song of the deceased. The child reacted very well to the song; almost dancing. That proved to everyone that the child was directly the reincarnation of the departed. Soul is never lost and may be seen.

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Beautiful deep experiences of love divine. This love is transforming. Thank you all.

  8. Nasim says:

    It was so sweet. Thank you.

  9. Tony Dimegwu says:

    I have not yet had an out of the body experience. But I have other reasons to believe there is life after death. First of all, life would simply be a meaningless adventure if we just come here to eat, drink, and finish up in the dust. The idea of God itself would be useless yet we know there is a supreme intelligence responsible for all that we see and experience. If you watch carefully the order in nature, you will know there is a reason behind creation and that the creator did not create all there is only to waste it in the dust. Life must some how continue after death where the creator Himself lives.

  10. Donna lee says:

    I sometimes see certain family members in my dreams, for which I am grateful, but I have a very precious friend whom love often wondered if he remembers me.

  11. Lesley says:

    Thank you for sharing. My little Mum passed 12 months ago on the 15th and I havent heard from her. I love her very dearly and miss not seeing or talking to her I would love for her to visit me so that we may chat

  12. Abafor-Grimsons Olayinka says:

    Thanks for sharing. I also sometimes wonder if my husband has forgotten me. I hardly see him in my dreams anymore and I wonder when he would want me to move on and open up to new relationships.

  13. Bernice McKinley says:

    I often meet my loved ones that have passed on, in my dreams. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am about to join them? Tee Hee. A couple of weeks ago I was having a really bad time. Mostly I was feeling unloved. In other words, "feeling sorry for myself" I woke up and I felt and saw my grandmother leaving my bedroom.
    She has been gone some 40 years, yet she still comes. It always makes me feel loved and happy when she comes. She leaves no doubt in my mind that she is around.
    This last time the feeling of her leaving my bedroom has stayed with me, because I know the Mahanta sent her. He would not allow any "spirit' to be near if it/she was not real. I felt love, not fear.

  14. Bridget Makayi says:

    I do have the same thoughts and questions, especially when I miss my mum and my dad. I sometimes wonder if they know that I still love them and miss them terribly.

  15. Pamela says:

    My Dad passed away some years ago, and sometimes I have such thoughts too and wish I could see him in my dreams all the time. May the blessings be!!!

  16. Sigrid says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful – healing – story.

  17. Peter says:

    There is something about stories like this one that always tugs at my heart. Growing up, I was taught that there was a gulf between this world and the next, and that death was ‘the end.’ The whole subject of dying was filled with sadness and fear, which meant it was best avoided. Both of those traits, however, left a deep mark on my consciousness.
    The first time I had a Soul Travel experience, the Inner Master took me out of the body to an inner heaven. On returning to physical consciousness, I realized that I now knew that death was not ‘the end’ at all, and that there was no gulf between this world and the higher ones, only the thinnest of curtains that Soul can learn to pass through with the help of the Mahanta.
    I wept and wept at this realization. Not tears of sadness, but tears of relief.
    Stories like this one are beautiful reminders of a great, liberating truth.

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