Everything Happens for the Best

By Kaleeswaran, India

I worked as an officer in a private bank in India. One day, my manager told me another branch of the bank had a work overload and the head office wondered if I’d be willing to help out.  It meant transferring to the other branch for a few months.

I accepted, and one week later I was working in the other branch.  My tasks went smoothly. In three months I had completed them all and began to assist as a cash officer.

One morning, my new manager told me it was time to return to my original bank branch. I offered to stay until the end of the day, but the manager refused.

“My instructions are for you to leave immediately!” he snapped. Then he walked away.

I was surprised. But there was no option for discussion. I had to leave at that moment.

I handed my keys to another officer and uneasily left the building. I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to the friends I had made there. I got on my motorbike and began the journey back to the other bank branch.

It was very hot outside. My mind raced with inner chatter. I grumbled to myself, “When I was asked to help, I immediately said yes. Now that they don’t need me anymore, I’m dismissed as if I gave no help at all.” I was very upset.

As I passed a park, I decided to stop and sit under a cool shade tree. I chanted HU for a few minutes to calm myself. As I sang, I surrendered my feelings to the Mahanta. Then I was on my way again.

My mind still chattered, but I had surrendered the situation to the Mahanta. I knew I had done my duty, and the rest was in God’s hands and God’s time. So I turned my attention to the road and the journey ahead.

I reached the bank in a short time, and I worked there for the rest of the day and into the evening before going home.

When I arrived at work the next day, my colleagues excitedly surrounded me, all talking at once.

“How did you escape?” one asked.

“Did you know before it happened?” asked another.

“You must have some extraordinary powers!” someone said.

“Your God saved you!” exclaimed a fourth person.

I was confused. “I don’t understand,” I said. “What happened?”

Now it was their turn to be surprised. One of my colleagues said, “Yesterday someone mistakenly paid out thousands of dollars in cash to a customer at the branch where you worked. By the time the bank discovered the error, the customer had vanished. The police came and questioned the bank staff until 1:00 a.m. All the employees were terribly upset and shaken by the experience!”

I sank into a chair with a huge sigh of relief. Inwardly, I thanked the Mahanta for his help. Now I understood why I was forced to leave the bank so suddenly. The ECK was protecting me from a very stressful situation.

I was so grateful for the Mahanta’s timely help. This experience was a reminder that if I keep my heart open to God’s love and trust the Mahanta, everything will happen for the best.


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