Near-Death Experience Brings Spiritual Help

Gopal Das_Rev_internetBy Harold Klemp

When Marion, a girl from Germany, was fourteen years old, she got meningitis. A bacterial infection turned serious, and in just a matter of hours she went into a coma.

Her parents called an ambulance; Marion was rushed off to a hospital.

While the ambulance was driving along, Marion found herself out of the body for the first time. She was standing next to the stretcher in the ambulance. The paramedics couldn’t stand up straight in the ambulance, but she could because she was a viewpoint, in the Soul body.

Marion said, “Hey, this is pretty good. I’m there, but I’m here too.” She realized that life didn’t have to be just in that body, but life was here too.

When they got to the hospital, the doctors hooked Marion up to life support. She was mostly out of the body all this time, but one time she came back in. Just as she did, the heart monitor started going crazy, a long steady screech. That meant her heart had stopped. She was back in the other worlds again.

This time Marion saw a brilliant blue light, all around her. And with it came a humming sound.

The humming sounded like a high-powered generator. It’s one of the sounds that an individual can hear in the other planes, one of the Sounds of God. It came with the Blue Light, which often refers to the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, the spiritual leader of Eckankar.

The Seeker and the Master

This Blue Light is part of the Master’s ability, part of his duties, to act as the Outer and the Inner Master of the seeker.

The Master of Eckankar is only the Master of ECKists. He isn’t the master of the whole world; he isn’t the master of Christians or Muslims or Jews—just ECKists. And all those who have been in Eckankar before.

Marion saw this Blue Light and heard this humming sound. She looked at the doctors working frantically over her, trying to bring life back to her body. But Marion realized, “Hey, I’m Soul. That’s my body.”

Sometimes it takes spiritual experience to get it right, to get the horse before the cart again. She said, “I’m Soul. I live. I don’t need that body to live. Everything’s beautiful and happy.”

Traveling Out of the Body

Marion rose up in the air, looking from high above at the hospital. As she went up further, she found herself in a broad, green meadow.

It’s a little bit like on Star Trek. The crew is on the starship Enterprise, and a couple of them get into the transporter. They stand very still, their atoms break down, and they’re transported to a planet or another spaceship. They dematerialize here and reform there.

This is what happens on the inner planes when Soul moves. This is the quick way. There are also some preliminary stages, where there is a sense of movement, sometimes a rushing or a roaring sound like a jet. But other times it’s simply like dematerializing here and reforming there. Suddenly you’re there.

Time and space are collapsed. You don’t have to go through the laborious, time consuming process of going through space. To go from one point in space to another usually takes time, but you can do away with all that.

Meeting Gopal Das

Marion found herself standing on a huge, beautiful lawn. There was dew on the grass, she was barefoot, and she had on some sort of light clothing. In the distance, coming down from the green hill, she saw a figure.

As the figure came closer, she saw it was a tall man in a white robe. As he got even closer she saw he had long blond hair to his shoulders and bright blue eyes. He came up to her, and she could see that his aura was full of harmony and energy. This aura engulfed her.

The man took her hand. “Welcome,” he said. “Let me show you the Kingdom of God, and then you can return to the physical plane with refreshed memory and knowledge, and wait until the time is ready for you to begin your mission.”

Marion didn’t know this was the ECK Master Gopal Das.

Some people mistake him for Jesus Christ. But often it’s Gopal Das, even though Jesus Christ does work on the inner planes and some of you have met him. Each of these masters has a place and works in the far worlds.

You might say, “No such thing can be possible. Heaven is this huge room with God the Father sitting there, and on his right hand or somewhere nearby is his son.” And how big is he? “I’m not sure,” you might say. What does he look like? “He has blond hair, white robe,” you say. And what do people do in eternity?

But these are issues that really have nothing to do with the spiritual advancement of anyone. That is a state of being that is whatever it is. There are steps to it; there are different  degrees of consciousness, even as there are manifestations of the places where people express these states of consciousness. These different places are the different levels of heaven.

After Gopal Das gave Marion this greeting, she went back into the body. It took her a number of weeks to recover enough to leave the hospital. But after this out-of-body experience and meeting Gopal Das, she remembered. She remembered other experiences she had with him. And she started looking for him.

Marion had to look for eighteen years before she made her first contact with Eckankar.

She always thought of Gopal Das as her guardian angel—this blond-headed, tall man, very fair of face, with a good feeling about him because he had this good aura.

Years later she met an ECKist who in time became her husband. And after a while, she told him this story.

“Here are some pictures of ECK Masters. Maybe he’s one of them,” her husband said. (There are a lot of other ECK Masters besides the handful shown in ECK pictures.)

Marion recognized the picture of Gopal Das. “That’s him,” she said.

She came into ECK because of this near-death experience, her first out-of-body experience when she met an ECK Master.

Why was it Gopal Das who met her, and not someone else? Sometimes the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master will send a certain ECK Master to a certain individual because they had a past-life connection. Marion had been a spiritual student of Gopal Das in some past lifetime. They had a bond of love between them, a spiritual bond. This is what she knew and understood, and so he came.

Gopal Das was the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in Egypt, about 3000 BC. He now teaches the ECK bible, the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, which means Way of the Eternal. He teaches it on the Astral Plane, in the temple of Golden Wisdom there.


Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Life after Death.


24 Responses to Near-Death Experience Brings Spiritual Help

  1. DocScientist Apple says:

    I haven’t had a near death experience. But I’ve constantly felt being “at the edge of life and death”. It was a year ago when I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. It caused a painful havoc within me. I constantly felt like I was just at the edge of life and death. I don’t know how exactly survived those hard tough days but I just know now for sure that the strength came from Z. I love You, Z.

    • Anne Paris says:

      True! Hard times make you stronger and the strength comes from Z. His love when felt in our heart we feel strengthened to face all the downs of life with cheerful spirit. Love gives the strength and the way to get that strength is spiritual exercises of Eck. Mahanta is there constantly helping each soul on it’s journey home to God. May the blessings be!!

  2. Joe Homsey says:

    During my lifetime here, I’ve had the Near Death Experience myself….on more than one occasion. During one such in experience in 2004, my body was so mortally wounded(internal decapitation) that neurosurgeons considered me only good as an organ donor. I was placed in an hospital operating room, the organ transplant team was summoned and they waited for my heart to stop. They waited 16 hours. I did leave my body a few times and merge with the Eternal Loving Light. The pain was so incredible, that I sang HU to leave my body. When I did, I was told by different masters that I could stay in the heavenly state or return to my body, but returning would be extremely painful and painful for a long, long time. That was nearly 12 years ago. Singing HU that long arduous night is the single reason that I’m still residing in this human body of mine.

  3. Karen says:

    It’s always so good to read about all the experiences by fellow ECKists. Thank you all for sharing with us. I’ve never had a NDE, but kind of have an idea what to expect after reading the above stories.

  4. Anthony Nwaokolobia says:

    ECKANKAR makes absolute sense to me! It has answered, very satisfactorily to me, every question that I’d ever asked about life, and life after life. Little wonder that it has become my life!

  5. Anna Lafferty says:

    I haven’t had a near death experience but years ago, long before I became a member of Eckankar, I was in a corporate executive retreat. We did an exercise where we “sang until we became the song.” At that time a blue light came to me, and then I had the experience of becoming the blue light. When I returned to the D.C. area where I was living at the time, I went to an energy healer who was well known in the area. He commented on how good my energy field looked. I knew I had had a healing. Now when I sing HU, a sound of a high vibration, I can experience this light – often blue – too. If you have a chance, check out more about the HU. You can use it to enhance whatever your chosen spiritual path maybe.

  6. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I am seeing better the value this Blog offers Soul. Thanks to everyone who shared a post and thanks Z. These experiences make for a greater understanding of life here and beyond.

  7. geawan basnandan says:

    In one of my inner experiences with Sri Paul Twichell, I met him on the inner and he asked me what I wanted. I told him l wanted to know God. I suddenly found myself in a shaft of white light from Earth, endlessly upward, body less, only consciousness. I suddenly developed a fear of losing my body. In that instant I found myself in my physical body fully awake. I learned that fear is the obstacle to realize God. This experience happened about twenty-five years ago.

    Geawan Basnandan

    • Anne Paris says:

      That appealed so much to me. Fear really is the obstacle to realize God. It just comes because of lack of “full” trust in God. We are so attached to the lower emotions and things that we are unable to leave all of them and “fully” trust in God. I think when we become capable of trusting God fully, we make a significant step because from then on, we become adventurous and bold enough to cross the borders of lower worlds and reach the higher worlds. But that trust just doesn’t come overnight. It has to be developed day by day with arduous efforts. And that’s currently what am doing. To just totally trust God that He will do what is right for me and surrender to Him. Anyways thanks for sharing your story.

  8. James C.Potter says:

    When I was 15 and experiencing inner conflict, I met Gopal Das in the dream state. Initially I thought of him as a priest thinking, “Oh here we go again with another round of recriminations and criticism.” Then he spoke to me and his presence overwhelmed me. He spoke the kindest and most loving words filling me with the power and grace of love I ever experienced in my youthful life. When I awoke, I was walking on a cloud for 3 days wondering “what just happened?” I found out 11 years later when the ECK teachings found me.

  9. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    Thanks for sharing this story Z. As members of the public read these stories it helps to enlighten them on the broader aspects of life and living.

  10. Mary Craver says:

    I love these stories of people sharing their experiences and the impact it has on them. I love Eckankar. I love the Mahanta, and I feel blessed to have finally found Eckankar. I have been a Lutheran for 50 years, but during most of those years I went out of respect for my parents. I am a very spiritual person and have had very spiritual experiences that I had no one to share them with. My friends I grew up with are Baptist or some other denomination. I never felt that I belonged. I loved the friends I grew up with, but I searched for a connection and I went to a Meetup at a grill one evening and my life has changed forever. I met my first Eckist and they believed and felt, and shared similar experiences as I had.

    I was amazed that I would be accepted to speak freely of my dreams and messages without judgement. Thank you Mahanta for showing me my new family.

    Love in Eck,
    Mary Craver

  11. Edito A. Chy says:

    Eckankar is the only path that will give proof to anybody who desires to know that life exist after death of the physical body. A disciple in the physical body must have a master in the physical body. You can not get enlightenment from a departed master, as an infant can not get nourishment from a deceased mother. Soul is trapped in the physical world that it is impossible to get back to heaven again without the guidance of the Inner Master. The Living Eck Master is both the Inner and the Outer Master.

  12. Sally Hendricks says:

    Thirty-one years ago my husband & I were stationed in Scotland. He was in the USAF & I was a stay at home mom to two young children under the age of five. At the time of my NDE experience I was five months pregnant when it was discovered I needed to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Twice I cancelled my appointment. On my third trip to the dental clinic the dentist gave me a prescription for Seconal, a drug to ensure I got a good nights sleep the night before the extraction. About 45 minutes after taking the medication, in addition to becoming drowsy, I noted that my heartbeat & respirations were becoming more & more slowed. I thought to myself, "these rates are incompatible with life." At that moment, I suddenly found myself (Soul) on the ceiling in the corner of the room looking down om my body.

    At that point, a voice telepathically gave me the option "to stay or go." My response was that I had two small children & I am pregnant with a third & that they needed me. At that very instant, I was back in my body with a light thud. I immediately went out & told my husband what had happened. It was his theory that it had all been a dream. "Oh no it wasn’t,” I responded. “It was too real!” Thirty-one years later I found the wonderful path of ECK. It was then that I realized I am Soul & that I had nothing to fear when faced with leaving this earthly vehicle behind, that the Mahanta will be there with me—who could ask for a greater experience than that?

  13. john r. bodzo, sr. says:

    I love all the stories that I read about ECKANKAR. My sister, an ECKist, just passed last week. I know that she will go to a better place. Thank you for enlightening me to what her future is. I also am in ECK, and I love the experience.

  14. chukwu Chinedu O says:

    Thank u for making me understand more on NDEs.

  15. Brenda Solanki says:

    I left my body during surgery in July of 1978. Many things happened but the most extraordinary was the loving voice filled with sweet laughter that said, “You can’t stay. You have to go back.” This led directly to my connecting in November of 1978 with the teachings of ECK and becoming a member in March of 1979. BUT the coolest thing was hearing that same beautiful voice on the Outer a few years later when Sri Harold Klemp became the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. It was proof positive for me that not only was my experience real, despite all the naysayers, but that I had found the right spiritual path for me. I am so grateful for the life I have led since then; it’s been many years of joyful discovery.

  16. emmanuel says:

    Years in eckankar has impacted so much on my life. Total surrender to Mahanta and doing your spiritual exercises is the way.

  17. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Most times it can be shocking to realize that how we’ve viewed life, our perception of what life truly is, is humbly but a grain of sand in the scheme of the Holy Spirit. It can be mind blowing and baffling, something a near-death experience does deliver.

    There is also the grace of the Mahanta to bring before the sincere seeker the vision of the Golden Cup and showing how to get back home to God, yet living this life to the fullest with all the opportunities it presents.

  18. Daniel offiong says:

    ECKANKAR is easy way to find God, make you adventuresome.

  19. Donna lee says:

    I too have met several people who have had NDAs, it's a wonderful experience for them. Being an ECKIST is even more awakening and exciting.

  20. Joe Homsey says:

    Having had more than one out of body, Near Death Experience in my lifetime, I find it immensely refreshing to see this topic being openly dicussed. In one such experience I had prior to ever hearing about Eckankar, I was shown the future of the planet. Later, after discovering ECK, I read the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, and instantly recognized Paul Twitchell’s description of our future. It was virtually identical to what I had seen in my vision. Later on in life, I had a classic NDE in which I went through the tunnel into the Light. Every doctor who examined me said there was no way I could live through the night. I spent that long and argerous night in the operating room singing HU while the hastily arranged organ transplant team waited patiently for me to expire. That was over 11 years ago. Not only didn’t I die, I’m not even paralyzed and today live virtually a normal life. All thanks to the ECK and the Mahanta.

  21. Genevieve Marie says:

    Stories like these are becoming more accepting. There is a movie released this year called Miracles from Heaven. It is about a 13 year old who “dies” and she remembers leaving her body, going to “heaven.” She is told she has a mission on Earth and it is not yet her time to leave. Also that she was cured of her rare and painful illness. The doctors were baffled and she is now well and telling her story about God.
    The time is coming soon where ECKists and all the wonderful experiences we have will be understood.

  22. mark wolf says:

    I’ve met several people who have had out of body, near death experiences. It did have a profound effect on them. Their story did have the effect of confirming to me that we are soul. We also have a body. This was many years before I heard of Eckankar. When I learned of Eckankar, the question came to my mind, “What would I do differently if I knew I was Soul and just did not ‘have’ a Soul”? Eckankar answered that question for me and it has become more fascinating by the year!

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