Something Only the ECK Can Do

Shariyat 1&2 CoverBy Usen, Pennsylvania

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the Shariyat:

What is confidently expected in the future is worked out and anticipated in the present, and it is the experience of God in the present which leads to confidence in It in the future.

My faith and trust in the guiding hand of the Mahanta have brought fantastic blessings and love from him. I’ll share one such blessing here:

My early years in the United States saw many tough times. At a point my employer could only guarantee thirty hours of work a week. I was lucky and blessed to have found a job. But the hours were grossly inadequate to support a family of five.

One day after my spiritual exercise, in contemplation I asked the Inner Master for help. I was very specific. I told him I wasn’t looking for a hand-out; I was willing to work and I needed a second job to augment the one I already had. That meant the time and location of the second job must be right. I was open to his guidance.

So the next morning I took off for job-hunting. I only went to three places and I returned with a job that was just a walking distance from my other job. The hours were good and the money was just right.

The speed and circumstances with which I got this job could only be described as miraculous and something that only the ECK could do. I have had several miracles like this ever since the ECK found me some thirty-some years ago. Experiences like this have helped to solidify my love for the Mahanta and the teachings of the Light and Sound.


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