The Mahanta’s Help Is Here for All

By Rosemary, United Kingdom

My younger sister was ill. She kept fainting, and no one knew how to help her. Eventually, she went to her doctor and received a devastating diagnosis: She had an inoperable brain tumor and had only a few months to live. She was only thirty-six years old.

When I heard the news, I wanted to see her. Although she was of another faith, I thought it might help her to have some material on the ECK teachings, so I packed some books and tapes on Eckankar.

When I arrived, I gave her what I’d brought and also gave her a picture of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. I let her know the Mahanta was the Inner Master and could help her during this difficult time. Then I shared the HU with her.

I explained that HU is a spiritual exercise that opens us to more of God’s love. It is a sacred prayer of surrender and trust. She sang it with me and then continued to practice it on her own along with the prayers of her faith. I told her, “Even if your body dies, it is not the end of you!” Eventually I had to return home.

One day, I attended a local HU Song. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that my sister was close to translating (dying). My heart was heavy with sadness, but I was grateful to be in the company of others singing HU. As I sang, I surrendered my pain to the ECK. Inwardly, I asked the Mahanta to help make her transition as easy as possible.

When I arrived home, I received a phone call that my sister had died. I arranged to travel to my family the next day.

That night was very difficult for me. I was so sad and began to cry. I was worried about my sister and wondered if she was OK in her new home.

“Mahanta,” I asked, “can I see my sister? I’d like to know that she’s all right.”

I decided to do a spiritual exercise and then go to bed. As soon as I lay my head down, I fell asleep and had a vivid dream.

I’m talking to my sister on the telephone.

“I’m in this beautiful place!” she says and describes her surroundings.

Suddenly, I’m standing next to her and am so happy to see her. In her hand, she holds a piece of paper.

“How are you?” I ask. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she replies. “I’m fine.”

I ask her if the Mahanta helped her make the transition from the physical world to her new home.

“Oh, you won’t believe what happened to me!” she exclaims. “If not for the Mahanta, I wouldn’t be here! He gave me so much help and guided me through the whole process.”

She shows me the paper in her hand and says, “He gave me this certificate allowing me to be here! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to enter.” She had bypassed the court of judgments with the Mahanta’s help.

We talk some more about her transition and then we sing HU together.

When I woke up, I felt at peace. This wonderful experience showed me that my sister was not only happy in her new home, but also under the guidance and protection of the Mahanta, the Inner Master.

I learned that if our hearts are open to divine love, the Mahanta’s help and love are available to everyone.


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