The Next Step

By Jeremiah, Pennsylvania

Many years ago, I went on a picnic with some friends, and we decided to go for a hike. The trail was leading uphill, and we’d soon be high up on the mountainside. This made me a little nervous because I was afraid of heights.

Two of us soon came to a cliff. My hiking partner sat near the edge, but I hung back a few feet, reluctant to get too close.

My friend said, “Don’t be afraid. Try to come closer.”

I sat down on the ground and slowly moved closer. We were very high up, and I felt a little dizzy.

Then I looked up at the sky. A beautiful glow of sunlight streamed through the clouds. The sun’s rays shone brightly on everything around us, even illuminating the treetops below.

As I marveled at such beauty, my fear disappeared. Suddenly I heard a glorious sound. It surrounded us, as if it were emanating from all directions at the same time.

It was the celestial sound of many voices singing HU. I was amazed. Not yet an ECKist, I didn’t know what this sound was or where it came from. All I knew was that it was beautiful.

“Do you hear it? Do you hear it?” I asked my friend. He did, and we sat there listening to this incredible sound for about thirty seconds. Then suddenly the clouds closed out the sunlight, and the sound stopped.

“We’ll never forget this,” I said to my friend. “But I don’t think anyone will understand it.” So we kept quiet about our experience.

Years passed. I studied massage therapy and eventually took a position in a chiropractic office. By this time, I had become dissatisfied with my religion. I felt as if I was a plant growing in too small a pot and in need of transplanting. I stopped going to church. Instead, I would go to the park or to the shore to listen to God and pray.

One day, the office receptionist told me about Eckankar and gave me a HU card. I read about this beautiful love song to God and decided to visit the local ECK center. But I didn’t make the connection between the information on the HU song and my experience on the cliff.

On my visit to the ECK center, I attended a HU song. As we sang, I suddenly recognized the same beautiful sound I’d heard so many years before! I realized the ECK teachings had a lot to offer me.

Still, I wasn’t ready to let go of Christianity. Although I wasn’t attending church, I had developed a close relationship with Jesus, whom I called Yeshua. I wasn’t sure which path to follow.

A short time later, I decided to attend the ECK Worldwide Seminar in Minneapolis. Before I arrived, I had a dream.

I am walking through a forest on a path. Golden sunlight shines through the leaves, illuminating my way.

Ahead of me is a building made entirely of glass. The forest is reflected on its exterior walls and almost hides the structure from view. A golden statue that resembles Yeshua stands at the front of the building.

I approach the statue and touch it. Suddenly, it comes to life. It is Yeshua! He steps toward me. “Yeshua,” I say, “I love you. I miss you.”

“Don’t worry,” he replies. “I love you too.” He takes my hand, and we walk toward a huge temple with pillars of white gold which gleam in the sunlight. We enter the temple together.

Inside, Yeshua leads me down a long passageway. He stops to teach some students along the way. Then we continue down the corridor.

Inwardly, I am struggling to decide which direction to go spiritually. I want to be with Yeshua. Yet I felt like I am ready for something more. I am confused and don’t know what to do.

I look down the passageway and see Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master walking toward us. He greets us, and we all join hands to form a circle of three—Yeshua, Sri Harold, and me.

Yeshua says to me, “It’s all right. He will be your teacher now.”

Sri Harold smiles, and I finally feel at peace.

Then I woke up.

The dream was a turning point in my life. Although I loved Yeshua, it was time for me to follow a new path and learn more about myself as Soul. I became a member of Eckankar.

This experience showed me that when there is love for God, all religions are connected. There is a spiritual path for everyone. When the time is right, Soul will be shown the best path to follow for Its greatest spiritual unfoldment. Thank you, Mahanta, for helping me take the next step.


7 Responses to The Next Step

  1. Karen says:

    Jeremiah, thanks for sharing your story.
    Baraka Bashad

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience, Jeremiah. You have brought back a memory from about 20 years ago, when my beloved husband and I spent a relaxing weekend with a dear couple; the man was my husband’s best friend.

    On the last morning, he asked me why I was such a happy and grateful person. I replied that my religion, Eckankar continually taught me how much God loves me, how important love is, and that there are spiritual exercises I can do and spiritual laws I can follow that make life easier to live. I said that I also have an inner and outer spiritual guide, the Mahanta, and for all of this I am very grateful.

    My husband’s friend said he was a cafeteria Catholic. I told him that I was raised Catholic, and even attended Catholic school for 8 years, but I had never heard of a cafeteria Catholic. He said it meant that after 65 years he practiced the parts that fit him and not the parts that didn’t. I asked him how that was working for him. He said it wasn’t working, but he was afraid to choose something else. I asked him what he was afraid of, and he said at his advanced age, he was afraid if he chose the wrong religion, he might die before he could rectify it with God. This was a sad thing to hear from such a good man, who was such a giving soul to his family and his community. I told him, if you can believe anything for certain, please believe that God only loves you, and that’s why you exist; because God loves you. There is no wrong religion. God only cares that you get home, not how you get home. Just love God and listen to God guiding you in your daily life and your dreams. God will help you banish all fear and always show you your next step. If you sing HU, even silently, it helps this reciprocal love to flow between you with a powerful connection. He said he would have to think about this, because it seemed too good to be true. I told him that it had been working for me continually for 15 years at that time.

    This wonderful couple sold their home and moved quite a distance away within the next two months, and he left his physical body about a year after that . I don’t know what he did, but I thank the Mahanta for the opportunity to let him know about the HU, God’s love for him as soul, the Mahanta, and where there is love, there can be no fear.

  3. ARLENE FORBES says:


  4. Ernest Edukere says:

    This story reminds me of my experience where Guru Nanak handed me over to Wah Z.
    It was nice to let go of a past life master to be in the assuring tutulage of the great ECK Master: Sri Harold Klemp.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

  5. Wangerani says:

    Thank you Jeremiah for sharing your experience. I am at the same cross roads that you found yourself at many years ago. I hope that I find the answers sooner than later, as I am in the mature age category.

  6. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Your story shows how beautiful the next step can be whether it is another religious path to God for greater unfoldment or even translation (death) into the other inner worlds.

    What I observed is that Soul needs to be ready (devotion) for the change and it happens in a natural way because of the love you had.

    Love builds bridges into the glory of the Sugmad (God) for only love opens the heart.

    Thanks Wah Z for the wonderful work of God you do as the Wayshower. Thanks Jeremiah for sharing- your inner experience account is quite detailed.

  7. Liliana Zerbino says:

    Yes…when there is love for God, all religions are connected

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