Just Sing HU!

Youth in ECK share the benefits of HU.

6 Responses to Just Sing HU!

  1. HUMPHREY H. ONAH says:

    Singing HU makes me face the day with complete assurance to serve life and get the best for the day

  2. Benjamin Igbinoba says:

    The wonders of HU is simply amazing. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. I just can’t imagine how my life would have been without the HU. Thank you Mahanta.

  3. AZUBUIKE says:

    HU is the most powerful blessing in my life.

  4. Catherine Stevens says:

    That’s a great video! So good to see all these young people embrace their own divinity!

  5. Kemi Ramsey says:

    Thank you ECK Youth for this beautiful video. It radiates love and opens my heart every time I watch it – which has been many times over the years. The HU is such a blessing- you can sing it, hear it, be it- all love, always there to share. Thank you Mahanta.

  6. Eck Steven says:

    Thanks for sharing Youth in ECK..
    May the blessings be

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