Finding the Gold

Fubbi Quantz_internetBy Rolando, California

I just came back from three days of visiting the gold country in the Sierra Mountains of California. I was a chaperone for my son’s 4th grade field trip to Gold Rush County. It was educational, fun, and adventuresome! But I also didn’t anticipate being a Vahana for the ECK and a Co-worker with the Mahanta. It was a three-hour drive to the mountains from our home in Burlingame, California. The drive was fun and my son and his two companions were excited.

On the first day, trouble began when a known problem student, “Jeremy,” became unruly. He stole some goods from a gift shop that the group had visited and pushed a teacher after she confronted him. After dinner, he was told to pack up his gear so that he could be sent home. Wow. This is where the trip turns very interesting. It was like the ECK had a surprise job for me. Read More


One Small Thing for Love

ECKANKAR, Pets, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

I got a letter from a woman whose life had pretty much caught up with her and stomped her down. She was fed up. In her letter she said, “Harold, tell it to me straight. What do I need to know?”

I wrote back to her, “Do one thing each day for love alone. Don’t expect any kind of reward.”

When the woman got my letter, she was so excited. She called up her friend, “Hey, Harold actually reads these letters. He wrote back to me!” She wanted her friend to go to the mall with her so she could tell her all about it over tea or a snack. But her friend said, “I can’t go to the mall with you; I’ve got a meeting.” So the woman went alone. Read More


Lessons from Chloe

By Alexander, Arizona

Animals are Soul and capable of being channels for the divine, often in powerful ways, just like humans.

A case in point is Chloe, a big, sixteen-year old Russian Blue cat, who translated last night. She came to us in Seattle, from a shelter, full of fears and anxieties that she never seemed able to shake. Her natural reaction was to find a dark, secure place to hide from life: an underwear drawer, a den in thick vegetation. She ate in excess and in a panic, and then vomited on the living room floor. Her spirit was troubled. I used to think that it was our mission to help her heal. But then realized that was merely vanity.

And yet, she had an enormous capacity to give love.

When my wife was going through a “dark night” that came after a job promotion turned out to be hollow, Chloe understood the situation. She came to her each day in bed and lay almost on top of her head and purred so loudly, that it was like the Sound Current—a rolling wave of love. This only stopped once the problem was resolved. Read More


Discover the Source of All Truth

By Harold Klemp

Learn to go inside yourself, because this is the source of all truth. There are a lot of holy temples out here, but the most sacred of all is the temple inside you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit.

How do you meet with the Holy Spirit? Read More


The Woman Who Couldn’t Speak

By Andrea, Germany

A few years ago I was assigned a patient with tongue cancer who wanted to leave our nursing station. She didn’t get along with the caregiver and that person didn’t get along with her. Recently her arm was broken during nursing by the caregiver. Following which she refused any further contact with this caregiver. I only had to take care of this woman for the last four weeks before she left our nursing station.

I was not excited about doing this work. This patient was feared by my colleagues because of her aggressive behavior. So quite reluctantly I started to visit this woman in her home. My work included helping her with basic personal hygiene, preparing breakfast and taking care of various tasks in her home. The old woman received me very sullenly. I found out that she was an ethnic German immigrant to Germany from the former Soviet Union. Read More


Spiritual Exercise: A Way to Build Self-Confidence

ECKANKAR, Self-Confidence, Attitude, AuraBy Harold Klemp

If you should have your real strength of character marred by lack of self-confidence, use this technique to build yourself up again.

First find the spots in your aura or personal atmosphere that are self-conscious, shy, timid, or overly sensitive.  These tend to attract people who impose upon your weakness.  With a mental command, ask those people to move out of your way.  Mentally demand respectful attention. Read More


A Soul Travel Experience Unveils Hidden Gems of Wisdom

By Seti, Singapore

Sarah, a friend in ECK, translated recently after a bout of illness. I was the doctor who had diagnosed and treated her. Later, I was entrusted with the responsibility of having to inform her parents and her friends of her passing.

It was a difficult task as many of her friends had not known of the terminal nature of her illness. My initial concern about having to deal with the emotional distress of her friends turned into a profound experience as many of her friends revealed that Sarah had very recently “appeared” to them.

A school friend of Sarah, who had not heard from her for thirty years said in surprise, “Oh! That’s strange. For the first time, I met Sarah in my dreams last week. It was just like we were in school.” Read More


I Had a Dream about Your Dad

By Pier, Florida

My dad was a great person to have coffee with and talk. He was very intelligent. Every day we would meet and talk and talk. He particularly had a dislike of religions. I never let it bother me but sometimes I got weary of all the talks.

One day my dad complained of being weak. He was a body builder and in great shape. He was proud of his accomplishments in the local gym. The weakness continued, until we learned that my dad had ALS, a serious terminal illness that attacks the muscles. Read More

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