A Soul Travel Experience Unveils Hidden Gems of Wisdom

By Seti, Singapore

Sarah, a friend in ECK, translated recently after a bout of illness. I was the doctor who had diagnosed and treated her. Later, I was entrusted with the responsibility of having to inform her parents and her friends of her passing.

It was a difficult task as many of her friends had not known of the terminal nature of her illness. My initial concern about having to deal with the emotional distress of her friends turned into a profound experience as many of her friends revealed that Sarah had very recently “appeared” to them.

A school friend of Sarah, who had not heard from her for thirty years said in surprise, “Oh! That’s strange. For the first time, I met Sarah in my dreams last week. It was just like we were in school.”

An ECKist friend who had visited Sarah during the first weeks of her hospitalization said, “Recently, I dreamt of Sarah. She was very happy and in the company of her little sister.”

Another friend on hearing the news could not hide her astonishment. She told me that she had seen a lady who was a splitting image of Sarah, looking fondly at her, in the subway a few days earlier.

Other friends reported having felt a strong presence of Sarah the day before her translation.

It is the strong bond of love that Sarah and her friends enjoyed that kept them connected even after she had left this physical world. These ‘apparent’ appearances of Sarah were her gesture of politeness and devotion to ensure the grievers would find peace and closure.

To have been part of this amazing form of communication that Sarah shared with her friends is extremely inspiring, healing and life transforming for me.

Interesting, I thought, “MAHANTA, but why me? Why did you give me this experience?” I already know that Soul has means to move and act outside Its physical vehicle.

In answer to my query, I soon found myself having a Soul Travel experience.

I immediately saw Sarah sitting next to me during our last ECK meeting, the celebration of the Year of Spiritual Healing. Sarah had arrived right before it began. My wife and I had already taken our seats. As my wife had chosen to sit in the row in front of me, Sarah took the empty seat beside me. Having noticed this, my wife turned and greeted Sarah, who apologized for having taken her seat. My wife however laughed and replied, “This seat is reserved for you!”

About a month later, Sarah consulted me in my capacity as a doctor. So I was the first person to discover the nature of her illness. This was a grueling experience for me as I not only had to face the painful truth but as her doctor, I had to reveal to Sarah the nature of her illness.

I turned to the MAHANTA and said, “Oh, MAHANTA, help me. Please help me! I need to help Sarah to bear her burden!”…

The next stage of the journey with Sarah consisted of visits to the hospital and HU songs at Sarah’s bedside. So many times we would address the Master saying: “MAHANTA, Thy will be done and not ours! MAHANTA, May the Blessings be!” This comforted us and helped us surrender ourselves to the care of the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

My eyes were moist from the Soul Travel recollection. It was as if I had been deliberately transported back in time to pick up lessons I had unwittingly missed. This second time around, I gathered many spiritual gems that I had overlooked.

Firstly, the Mahanta had selected Sarah to be in my life as part of the divine plan to grow my capacity for love and to be of service to a Soul that needed my skill. I realized too that there are many levels of healing besides the one that medical practitioners offer. Healing can occur at other levels too, like a healing from material or emotional attachments. Is there any better healing for Soul than to be able to liberate Itself from physical attachments with love and joy like Sarah did?

I also learned how the present and past are bound together and that all events, past and present follow a divine plan. And when I relax myself completely to this divine plan, it will manifest completely and perfectly through me.

Another gem that crystallized from this experience is that as conscious Souls we are constantly learning and growing, becoming more and more aware of our spiritual potential and our sacred relationship to everything in the Universe.

Finally, I am also grateful to the Mahanta for the gift of understanding that death is just another step in the circle of Soul’s existence.


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