Discover the Source of All Truth

By Harold Klemp

Learn to go inside yourself, because this is the source of all truth. There are a lot of holy temples out here, but the most sacred of all is the temple inside you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit.

How do you meet with the Holy Spirit?

If you’re in Christianity, you pray. You come to the holy temple, to the holy of holies, through prayer. You meet on holy ground with your God. If you’re a member of any other religion, you have a means of going to that holy of holies, whether it’s meditation or contemplation or prayer.

Go to the holy of holies. It’s the temple inside you. This is the place where all truth comes from. Before there were words, before there was a written Bible or a printed Gutenberg Bible, before there was Luther’s translation, there was the Word in the heart of mankind.

This is the temple. Go there.


Excerpted from The Call of Soul.


28 Responses to Discover the Source of All Truth

  1. Passion MATONDO says:

    Merci Mahanta, maintenant j’apprends à écouter Dieu par la contemplation.

  2. Anne Paris says:

    The problem with going inside for knowing the truth is that it is not so easy. It takes time and efforts. Perhaps the truth is never hidden. If asked, it comes to us in different ways. We simply need the eyes to see and the ears to listen to it. The creator speaks to his creation in infinite ways. We just have to let go of all preconceived notions about truth and let God choose one among the infinite ways to bring truth to our reach.

  3. Isaac K. Annan says:

    I am very happy to find the truth I have been looking for many years, through Eck teachings. I understand the holy temple and holy spirit. Although the path is not easy but the guidance and help of Mahanta—I will get there.

  4. Okoronkwo Anthony says:

    Please I need guide on how to sing HU.

  5. ime dan says:

    How can I be come a coworker of God? I am Eck new member.

    • Laura says:

      The main way in Eckankar is the spiritual exercises, practiced every day.
      You can sing HU throughout the day to spiritualize your consciousness and declare yourself to be a channel for the ECK and the Mahanta in the beginning of your day. Then you just do your best!

  6. Marcelina McCool says:

    Thank you for this reminder about the source of all thruth. I used to think and believe that people needed to identify themselves with a religion or dogma in order to believe in God or practice spirituality. I used to think that how could an individual believe in God if there were no thing to identify them with a religion?
    The more I contemplate in this principle the more I am inclined to have no judgement of any kind towards anyone who has chosen to practice his/her own spirituality without the outer elements of religion including being part of one.
    Inside each of us is a treasure of experiences, journeys, wisdom and love that we can discover just by going to our inner chambers of our own being.
    Thanks again for pointing out a fundamental principle that aligns us to realize our connection with God through the best way we know according to our state of consciousness. In addition, I also learn that my path is not the only path and there fore each individual who I meet has the same right, respect and consideration, he/she is just another Soul tries to find his/her own way to God.


    Since the TRUTH is within us and I have the MAHANTA. I am the truth of ITSELF, a STAR of GOD,the GOLDEN DIAMOND, THE LIVING TRUTH OF ITSELF..

  8. Karen says:

    Thank you for you continued guidance and love.
    May the Blessings be!

  9. Hillary onah says:

    You learn more about the truth within when you make out time to listen to the sound that comes from inside you. The truth is always there if your open.

  10. Modeline Occelus says:

    I thank the master for this essence of divine!

  11. Eulalie Anokoi says:

    Going inside of ourselves to visit the Holy of Holies, and discover how much we can love and how much we are loved is priceless.
    Thank you WAH Z for your presence.

  12. Clemene Etienam says:

    Yes we are the light of God as well as the mirror to reflect the light. The temple we are and the Temple within.
    Thank you so much MAHANTA for your love.

  13. Kirk Williams says:

    The inner world is full of wonder and joy!
    I am grateful for the guidance and care.
    Thank you!

  14. Priye Iyalla-amadi says:

    It’s quite a comfort to know that I carry truth with me wherever I go and can have access to it whenever I want. The inner Master helps me enliven this truth – every time I remember to ask him. One of the big pluses of being in ECKANKAR for me!

  15. Florence Owhe says:

    the temple within is sacred ground and a source of truth for the individual.

  16. Geetha Murthy says:

    We do everything except the right one. Mahanta has shown us the easy way of knowing the source of truth. I am amazed the way he showers his Blessings on us. Thank you Mahanta for all your kindness and guidance.

  17. Marcos M. Muledzera says:

    God is closer than we often realize. Recently, I had such a longing to see my son and my 2 grandchildren in distant Europe. “Out of the blue”, a journey to Europe wa arranged for me. I was a bit shaken as the mission was one of high profile having to deal with dignitaries of both my country and the European country. I asked a HI what to do. He told me: “Just let the Mahanta be in command”. I complied. Result? Not only did the mission go wonderfully BUT I was able to see my son and my grand-daughter. Am grateful to the Mahanta for this blessing and many more I sometimes do not even notice. Baraka Bashad! MM

  18. Ukachu Ifeanyi says:

    There’s no truth greater than this. To know this is to rediscover your true self.

    • Goodness Kodi says:

      Quite frankly, I was very sceptical about leaving any comment cos most of the comments I’m seeing is from over 4/5years ago. Well, I’m new here. I’ve been online reading everything I see on ECK. I sang Hu last night, I had series of dreams buh I can’t remember any. I’ve been feeling funny and weird, I was hoping to find directions and what next to do but I ended up confused.

  19. iminabo r fubara says:

    One thing l have decided to learn is to go to d holy of holies because it purifies you to enjoy life moment by moment. l thank the master for his love and guidance.

  20. Michael Chandler says:

    The most sacred love is always present in the heart
    It is felt in everything we do when the heart is open
    It is the HU in action

  21. Lura Genz says:

    Welcoming nightly the Sound Current, the Divine ECK, to enter deeper, more fully, into my state of being / my consciousness.

  22. Sandy Stevens says:

    How blessed are we to be in the inner temple? Ever present within our consciousness, we can be there in a heartbeat. To love and to be loved.

  23. emma says:

    With the love of the depths of my soul.

  24. Kokoette Bassey says:

    Have a quiet time with God. The holy temple is within.

  25. Peter Akpokodje says:

    the Word is in our hearts.

    Divine Love needs no words.

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