Finding the Gold

Fubbi Quantz_internetBy Rolando, California

I just came back from three days of visiting the gold country in the Sierra Mountains of California. I was a chaperone for my son’s 4th grade field trip to Gold Rush County. It was educational, fun, and adventuresome! But I also didn’t anticipate being a Vahana for the ECK and a Co-worker with the Mahanta. It was a three-hour drive to the mountains from our home in Burlingame, California. The drive was fun and my son and his two companions were excited.

On the first day, trouble began when a known problem student, “Jeremy,” became unruly. He stole some goods from a gift shop that the group had visited and pushed a teacher after she confronted him. After dinner, he was told to pack up his gear so that he could be sent home. Wow. This is where the trip turns very interesting. It was like the ECK had a surprise job for me.

The rest of the sixty or more kids finished dinner and were brought to their after-dinner class, to discuss about wildlife. Jeremy was forced to pack up and was escorted by two teachers and two chaperones (who were fathers just like me). They were ready to escort him into a car so that one of the teachers can drive him home.

So I entered the picture. I talked with the teachers. Both were eager to get this kid out of the camp. But the drive home was three hours away. I mustered the courage to volunteer to drive the kid back home (I wasn’t thinking clearly!). The teachers thought about it and said one of them would rather accompany me just in case he becomes violent. I said confidently that this ten-year-old will not get violent with me and I can bring him home.

Then for the next twenty minutes the teacher explained to Jeremy that he was going home. He screamed and cried. Another dad talked with him to comply. Nothing worked. I asked the Mahanta for help. Then another thought came through me and I suggested that we give this child an option. He leaves now or stays with me and I’ll watch him throughout the night and he leaves tomorrow morning. So the teacher agreed. She tells Jeremy he now has a choice to make—either he gets into my car and I drive him home tonight or he goes home tomorrow with me driving him. Or the principal will pick him up.

He quickly makes a decision to stay the night and be ready to leave early morning. I told him, “I grew up in the big city and I know the games you’re playing. You can’t fool me.” He got the message and complied.

Thereafter, I returned to the dorm. And Jeremy and I bunked together and it’s a quiet night. Soon after, the rest of the screaming thirty or so boys came back from their night class around 8:30 p.m. as Jeremy was already asleep on the top bunk bed.

In the morning, I get ready for the day and was ready to make the three hour drive back with Jeremy. I grabbed a HU card from my gear bag. After breakfast, we hear that the principal requested that Jeremy stays in the camp but miss all activities. So, the teachers and parents would take turns “babysitting” him all day.

The first hour it was my time watching Jeremy. It was now just me and him again as the rest of the students and teachers went to morning classes learning about gold mining activities. When I asked about his mom he said she is dead. She passed away three years ago. I heard later that she committed suicide and had a drug problem.

Then the magic happened. I asked if he dreamed about his mom. He said he does. I asked if he can share one dream experience. He said he dreamed of his mom playing with him and his younger brother. She was so happy. I told him that was beautiful. Then I pulled out a HU card and gave it to him. He read it out loud. Singing HU can: Heal a broken heart; Offer solace during times of grief; Bring peace and calm.

Then I told him how much his mom loves him. The dream experience is proof of that. The love she has for him is so great, that it reaches beyond death. She is alive in another place of existence though you can’t physically see her. But you can dream of her anytime you like. Singing the HU can help you do this.

So I asked if he wanted to try it. He nodded his head. We sit down on the nearest bench and closed our eyes. Then I told him to think of his mom and how much she loves him. And then we sang HU together for a few minutes. After, he wiped tears from his eyes. I left him with this: Do you think your mom would be happy if she saw what you are doing and how you are acting? He shook his head. I explained that he can dream about his mom and reach out to her and talk to her. Just sing the HU, it can help!

Soon after, another dad came to replace me. I went to look for my son to join on his gold finding expedition. I wondered how the ECK used me as a Vahana to reach out to this child. As I hiked along a wooded trail, surrounded by huge trees, it was so peaceful and I heard the sounds of birds.

Suddenly, I could hear a loud thunder in my inner ears! It was so clear. Then silence. Then with my inner eyes, I could see the image of ECK Master Fubbi Quantz slowly appearing. He sent a message, “Thank you for your help. I will take care of it from here.” Then I just let the whole experience go. I was overcome with tears and so much emotion. I felt so humbled all day after this experience.

The lesson I learned was: Be ready to be of service to the ECK anytime, anyplace, and with no preferences.


12 Responses to Finding the Gold

  1. Chris Edokwe says:

    It takes a loving Heart to know when ECK (Mahanta) is giving the SIGNAL!!! Thanks so much.

  2. Richard Berling says:

    Great effort to help a struggling soul bring life into a better focus along with release from a detrimental attachment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aaron Starr says:

    Thanks for stepping up and reaching out to this boy/soul. Thanks for showing him what a man can be. I’m sure given his pain and confusion of both the loss of his mom, but also I sense he didn’t have a real man/father that would or could guide him. You did more than just share time and the HU with him. You were for him what was needed long before his Mom died. He now is been returned to the path and all it took was him supposedly “acting up”, which was only a cry to someone for help. Beautiful story and beautiful service to God. Blessings and thanks for sharing this. May the Blessings Conntinue to Be.


    This is a wonderful story, thanks to the MAHANTA for the gift of Love you gave to the boy. You were a clear channel for the MAHANTA.

  5. Jackie Allen says:

    What a beautiful story. Thanks ever so much for sharing it.

  6. Casey Louie says:

    This is such a great story. I’m overcome with emotion!

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    @Vikky, death sometimes cuts and scars the heart deep; something love and time does fill.

    It is not easy and I can only wish you well, the Mahanta’s love and understanding.

    Thank you so much for sharing and your courage. May the blessings be.

  8. Vikky says:

    Thank you so much for this story. It has given me an idea of how to help my 12-year-old grandson adjust to the loss of his father who was murdered some 3-months back. Often, while in the thick of concerns and activities that follow such a tragic incident, we can get caught in the quagmire, even as Eckists.
    Perhaps I will relate our story, after I’ve allowed myself to be a channel of God’s love for my grandson.

  9. Mary Tonworio says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience! Soul lives by giving. U made urself available at a point of need and the ECK used u to assist a troubled Soul in need of some Love and Understanding!

  10. stanleyugonna says:

    Mahanta is de key to every spiritual success, I equally pray dat Mahanta should show me de way for a total change of my life.

  11. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Every opportunity to share the ECK is Golden. We need our tools like a handy ECK book we can give another such as ECKANKAR – Ancient Wisdom for Today as well as HU Cards. I am now realizing that more importantly, we need to also open our heart to inner guidance from the Mahanta by declaring ourselves as channels for Its love; for the more we do this, and truly listen to another Soul, the more we see and recognize the golden thread in life that connects us all.

    Thank you Rolando for submitting your story to the Eckankar Blog.

  12. AZUBUIKE OMAMA says:

    This story reminded me of a man in my area who lost his wife. This man has many enemy in the area and for that nobody turn up to this man until when I came and help him. Later people were asking me what gave me the courage there I became a Vahana from there he promise to live full of love and also want be an ECKist. I thank the ECK for this opportunity. mtbb.

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