I Had a Dream about Your Dad

By Pier, Florida

My dad was a great person to have coffee with and talk. He was very intelligent. Every day we would meet and talk and talk. He particularly had a dislike of religions. I never let it bother me but sometimes I got weary of all the talks.

One day my dad complained of being weak. He was a body builder and in great shape. He was proud of his accomplishments in the local gym. The weakness continued, until we learned that my dad had ALS, a serious terminal illness that attacks the muscles.

I was devastated. I kept our talks up, always declaring myself a vehicle for ECK. I was now visiting him at his home since he was bedridden by this time. One day I noticed all his books. Low and behold he had many books on various religions.

“Dad, I thought you hated religions,” I said to him.

“All those books were given to me by people with love in hopes that I will get better and have a better quality of life,” he said.

“Wow, Dad, then I can give you an ECK book now.”

He thanked me over and over with love. I was astounded. He received all those books with love.

After my dad passed away, I asked the Inner Master where he was. I had a dream that he was in a coffee shop with lots of books having intellectual conversations with many people there.

At his funeral, his best friend came up to me. “I had a dream about your dad,” he said. “He was in a coffee shop with a lot of books having conversations with all kinds of people.”

Wow, what a confirmation!


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  1. Alfred Dorgbetor says:

    Reading the experiences of others strengthens one’s trust in ECK. Before the death of my father, I saw him crowned as a king. This happened three days to his death. So, I really celebrated when he passed on. People could not understand my joy. After his passing I dream of him often where he offers great guidance and in some situations he strongly defending me. No experience will ever be more than this. Thanks to the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master.

  2. Donna lee says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful stories—they are very uplifting. Baraka bashad


    Like my father, Benjamin, he was a character and famous for being so special with each and every one of the people who came to him, perhaps in difficult times. But he always gave comfort to those people.

    He was a strong, tough, Catholic, respectful and very talkative man; at the end of his days he got a disease that left him prostrate in bed. I was with him the last two years. That’s where I gave him “HU, “A Love Song to God.” At his funeral, a man approached me, that I did not know, and he said: “I have a memory about your father.” One day we participated in a cycling competition and I fell and your dad never hesitate to get off his bike and handed it to me to win. Eureka. “That was my beloved father, Benjamin.” Indeed, May 2 is the date of his death.

    Mahanta, THANKS for all your love and support for me in those days with my father and his beloved family. And also, “Thanks for the BLOG, ECKANKAR.” “May the Blessings be.”

  4. Bonita Louisa says:

    I have been a follower of the ECK teachings for over 30 years. In that time I have had many dream and Soul Travel experiences that demonstrated the truth of life after life in varied and vivid ways. Then in 2008 my brother was in the last stages of cancer. We were very close. Before he passed away, my daughter had a dream showing him moving on to the next life and waving goodbye to all of us with love. I was grief stricken about losing him however, and didn’t want to hear about this so I blocked it out. After he passed, I had a dream showing him walking by, and waving goodbye to all of us with love. When I told my daughter about my dream she reminded me that she had had the exact same experience. We both had seen him and experienced his loving farewell on the inner planes. I am grateful to know that love never dies, and we can see our loved ones on the other side while we are still here on earth.

  5. Olaito Abass says:

    Life after death is real. With the teachings of Eckankar, I am able to visit the inner world and experience it. I visited my dad, my mum, they gave me many instructions on how to live life. Each time I miss them, whenever I contemplate on it, I don’t use to see them. But whenever I let go of the feelings they come to me and say one or two things. I thank God I am an ECKist. Eckankar teachings allow me to be able to accept the love they gave me. I thank Wah Z.

  6. Rosemary Peterside says:

    Life after death is real. Thank you, MAHANTA, for this awareness.

  7. Laurence Cruz says:

    As above, so below!

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Dreams are a gateway to the inner worlds. And you can’t stop it… you may choose to forget, but dreams always come for Soul has no dull moments in Its creative universe.

  9. Anna Lafferty says:

    I had a dream that prepared me for the death of a brother who died not long after. In the dream, my oldest brother who had already died told me that he was taking my second oldest brother for a rest. I woke up and knew my second oldest brother was going to die. He died at the end of that year. Some time after that, I found out that his last words to his wife were “I’m going to take a rest.” She didn’t know then what it meant. It was hard to lose both brothers, but I can see how connected we all are, whether in the physical body or not, or whether in the same physical location or not. Your story and the dream of your friend reminds me of that. Thank you for sharing from your heart. It means a lot.

  10. claudya k kapenda says:

    Thanks, John Scevola, for directing me to the blog and thank you, MAHANTA.

  11. Paule Boucher says:

    Goosebumps on my arms, lol.

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