I Had a Dream about Your Dad

By Pier, Florida

My dad was a great person to have coffee with and talk. He was very intelligent. Every day we would meet and talk and talk. He particularly had a dislike of religions. I never let it bother me but sometimes I got weary of all the talks.

One day my dad complained of being weak. He was a body builder and in great shape. He was proud of his accomplishments in the local gym. The weakness continued, until we learned that my dad had ALS, a serious terminal illness that attacks the muscles.

I was devastated. I kept our talks up, always declaring myself a vehicle for ECK. I was now visiting him at his home since he was bedridden by this time. One day I noticed all his books. Low and behold he had many books on various religions.

“Dad, I thought you hated religions,” I said to him.

“All those books were given to me by people with love in hopes that I will get better and have a better quality of life,” he said.

“Wow, Dad, then I can give you an ECK book now.”

He thanked me over and over with love. I was astounded. He received all those books with love.

After my dad passed away, I asked the Inner Master where he was. I had a dream that he was in a coffee shop with lots of books having intellectual conversations with many people there.

At his funeral, his best friend came up to me. “I had a dream about your dad,” he said. “He was in a coffee shop with a lot of books having conversations with all kinds of people.”

Wow, what a confirmation!


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