One Small Thing for Love

ECKANKAR, Pets, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

I got a letter from a woman whose life had pretty much caught up with her and stomped her down. She was fed up. In her letter she said, “Harold, tell it to me straight. What do I need to know?”

I wrote back to her, “Do one thing each day for love alone. Don’t expect any kind of reward.”

When the woman got my letter, she was so excited. She called up her friend, “Hey, Harold actually reads these letters. He wrote back to me!” She wanted her friend to go to the mall with her so she could tell her all about it over tea or a snack. But her friend said, “I can’t go to the mall with you; I’ve got a meeting.” So the woman went alone.

She was sitting by an outdoor fountain in a courtyard enjoying her tea. The letter had opened up the love inside her, but there was nobody to share it with. She wanted to spill this love across the table. But the ECK wanted to teach her how to give love in the most humble way.

The woman noticed a small flock of birds hovering around the fountain. Remembering the message I’d given her, she said, “How nice it would be if I had some bread to feed the birds.” And just like that, out of the sky came a chunk of bread. Who knows where it came from. It hit her on the shoulder and fell to the ground in front of her. “Heaven does provide,” she laughed, and she fed the birds.

After she’d fed them all the bread, her friend walked up. “The meeting was canceled,” she said. “We can have lunch after all.”

Love gives a shortcut to heaven. The birds couldn’t return the woman’s love as her friend might have been able to. Her lesson was to do one little thing each day for love and love alone, without any expectation of reward.

If you try this exercise, I think you’ll find that life gives you more and more.


Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.

17 Responses to One Small Thing for Love

  1. Elaine Mary says:

    I had not watched Eckankar for at least 10 years. However, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to record today’s program (Nov. 2016) and I am glad I did. It always fills me with the peace that passes all understanding. Bless your heart.

  2. Sharzad says:

    Great reminder thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    So many lessons learned from your story Wah Z, and the comments or experiences shared by others.
    Thank you all for your love.
    May the blessings be.

  4. Eulalie Anokoi says:

    I thought before that I couldn’t be abble to give love to anyone, and make myself acceptable by them.
    Until I met the Mahanta and listened to his words. He taught me and showed me patience and detachment.
    All my love and gratitude is for Him.
    I will always listen to him, all he does is for my spiritual unfoldment.
    My consciousness is opening little by little, by his grace.
    Thank you WAH Z !

  5. Usen Umobog says:

    I sing HU (and my personal word) everyday for love. How do I do this? I sing it happily with so much joy in my heart and in fact with a smile on my lips.The Shariyat calls it the pure act of love (Shariyat-ki-Sugmad Bks 1&2 page 313). And on page 315 it says: “But, nevertheless, it is a powerful instrument of love and detachment for that ECK chela who practices it regularly. He reaches out to people whom he will never know and changes the course of their lives from the Kal forces which might be gripping them to the ECK which will lead them to God.”


    Love is the key to God’s world. We are fill with love and if we don’t give out new one’s will not enter. And if we want love from God we must give without expecting reward. Thanks Wah Z for teaching us and also guide to show love. mtbb.

  7. Anne Laforest says:

    An inspiring message that I will keep in my heart today. Thank you. Also, it is good to know that letters to the Mahanta are read and answered.

  8. Gaston Fadonougbo says:

    Que pouvons nous faire sans remplire notre Coeur d’amour

  9. Inge Nunn says:

    When we ask with Love all is given. Had an amazing experience with butterflies on an university campus I had sent Love to all. Had helped a frazzled freshman just for Love and the holy spirit sent butterflies to show what loving unconditionally means. What a gift to be on this path in this life time. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to spread a little love around. 🙂

  10. Ardi says:

    Thank you for your love and guidance. I recognize it more in my life everyday.

  11. Linda Pickard says:

    I read this beautiful post yesterday morning and I got an opportunity to give love within an hour. A meter reader came to my door in distress because she had lost her phone so I stood outside dialing her number as she walked around listening for the ring. She found it several doors away. She was most grateful and I gave her a hug. Late afternoon I got a phone call from my grocery store saying they had a set of keys with my member’s tab on it. My purse was stolen at work last year at this time and the thief returned the purse but not my keys. I had to replace all my locks so the old keys don’t work anymore so I asked the Mahanta what it meant to get them back. The answer came to me this morning that I don’t have to fear anymore. The Mahanta loves me and looks after me. Then…I just sat down to share this wonderful spiritual experience and the meter reader came to the door. She had come with flowers to thank me for yesterday’s help. We had another hug, to spread some more love. Wow!! Thank you so much Mahanta for this proof of your love.

  12. Stella Udu says:

    What a beautiful story, manna does fall from heaven:-)

  13. Empress says:

    I will do one thing out of pure love today, Baraka Bashad.

  14. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks Sri Harold. Love truly leads one straight back home to God and it is the surest shortcut.

    Today is a Friday and along with the Friday Fast, I look forward to trying this out. My heart opens the much it can to the endless opportunity to serve another unconditionally.

    Excerpt once more: “Do one thing each day for love alone. Don’t expect any kind of reward.”

  15. Sandy Stevens says:

    Such a lovely story! Love gifts are ever present: all we need to do is to open our heart to receive them!

  16. James C.Potter says:

    I recently spent some time with my wife in a beuatiful part of Mexico. We stayed at a quaint hotel designed as an old Spanish Inn. In the courtyard where we had breakfast was the resident dog, Deeta. She was very skiddish of strangers and her eyes were filled with sadness. I wanted to talk with her and love on her but she had other ideas. So I asked the Mahanta, “Wah Z, this soul seems sad. Please send Deeta some love to make her life happier.” The next day at breakfast Deeta walks by me as I put out my hand to pet her saying “good morning!” She stopped, turned around walking toward me as I gently stroked her back. Then she walked off. The next morning she ran over to me as I rubbed her, head, ears, sides and and back and she enoyed the attention. Then she took off attending to her day. Here eyes had a spark in them as did the gait of her trot around the hotel grounds. I felt so humble and grateful to be part of this souls precious life.

  17. michael best says:

    I also came to understand that for the vessel (meaning us as soul/physical form) must be emptied, meaning to give out that “love” that we receive, or to empty the vessel, so that we can receive more ‘love’ that we again give out. In time I will become the clear, free flowing conduit for the ‘love’ that I get from within to flow outward to all that can receive it.

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