The Woman Who Couldn’t Speak

By Andrea, Germany

A few years ago I was assigned a patient with tongue cancer who wanted to leave our nursing station. She didn’t get along with the caregiver and that person didn’t get along with her. Recently her arm was broken during nursing by the caregiver. Following which she refused any further contact with this caregiver. I only had to take care of this woman for the last four weeks before she left our nursing station.

I was not excited about doing this work. This patient was feared by my colleagues because of her aggressive behavior. So quite reluctantly I started to visit this woman in her home. My work included helping her with basic personal hygiene, preparing breakfast and taking care of various tasks in her home. The old woman received me very sullenly. I found out that she was an ethnic German immigrant to Germany from the former Soviet Union.

The first action was helping her to undress, which was very difficult because her movements were very abrupt and aggressive. Then it was off to a tiny bathroom. She insisted on being scrubbed every day from top to bottom with plenty of soap. I asked myself how her skin could endure this procedure. The physical distance between us in this small confining bathroom took my breath away and her aggressiveness made me shake with fear. I was afraid she would hit me or do something else.

Because I knew this problem would occupy me for four long weeks, I searched for a solution. I asked the Mahanta to come with me into the bathroom. He put himself between me and the patient. Each day the Mahanta came with me. I felt his presence and relaxed. I constantly sang HU inwardly. I was so conscious of the presence of the Mahanta that I was aware of him as if he were with me in this apartment.

I felt that now I radiated a quiet friendliness. And my patient noticeably relaxed. She no longer constantly watched me during my work to find fault, but greeted me warmly when she opened the door for me in the morning. I tried to give her all the free space she wanted and respected her and her situation without wanting to change her. I was there, quiet and friendly, always accompanied by the Mahanta.

This woman went through an amazing transformation in the following days. She opened up to me like a rose. We worked together in loving friendship. The woman who couldn’t speak because of tongue cancer told me, in her labored words, about her son who had died, about her daughter and her problems with her, of her life and her husband. She had so much trust in me and was happy to open up her innermost self to me. It lightened her to speak of things long buried and to laugh when I kindly joked with her.

She waved to me from the window for a long time on the last day. I had the feeling of having done something important. I had learned something very valuable with the help of the Mahanta.

Everyone wants love and understanding. But only when I was able to overcome my fear and approach her with an open heart could I give this love and understanding. That was a spiritual healing for me.


25 Responses to The Woman Who Couldn’t Speak

  1. deanna strahl says:

    Fear is an awful feeling. And I believe that behind fear is love. Your story is so warm and kind. You are a very wonderful person to take such time to think about this and give the love that was behind your fear to this woman. I wish myself could do this at all times but my mind clings to the emotion of fear and I have this karma from probably in a past life. Work causes me fear, relationships cause me fear yet I am learning to realize that when I step out of my fear there is love and kindness there. I truly believe that I am learning this through the teachings of Eckankar and the Mahanta. One of my goals in this life to to learn to be less fearful and more loving. Thanks for your lovely story.

  2. Jeff Buttars says:

    A beautiful experience and story. Thank you for sharing this example of over coming fear with the Mahanta by your side.

  3. Sue Haebig says:

    We are so fortunate that the Mahanta helps when asked, if it’s for the good of all involved. This beautiful story is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing it, Andrea.

  4. Anne Paris says:

    So cool. So loving. I’ve come to realise from this story that true love does bring immense changes in one’s life. Master’s presence is very sure thing. We are never alone in this journey Home to God. No matter how difficult times get to become, the Eck gently lifts us higher and higher into God’s realms. Mahanta’s assistance is truly incredible. Unbelievable at times.

  5. David Coldwell says:

    Wow! 👍 Being able to speak becomes such a barrier between people when we are careless with our words. Talking silently through the 💜 in every action and deed is living in the presence of the Mahanta. There are more ways to speak of love than just using words.

  6. Silver Ofo Odo says:

    Inviting the Mahanta in all you do makes a big difference and it makes our life meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. James I. Aguwa says:

    This story has confirmed that giving space to others, Love and inviting Mahanta into any situation yields positive result and we are encouraged to practice it.

  8. Victoire says:

    Thank you Mahanta, thank you Andrea for your story. I know I have my part to do before have my spiritual healing.

  9. Bernice McKinley says:

    When I bring The Mahanta into a situation where I am having difficulty with another person, my attitude changes as does the attitude of the person with whom I am having the difficulty.
    This story reminds me to practice the presence of the Master in every situation.
    Thank You.

  10. Karen says:

    I agree, observing without judging. Love is truly the answer to everything. Just give love and receive love.
    May the Blessings be!

  11. Ifeoma says:

    This story just speaks to me. Thank you WahZ for answering me through this stories on conquering fear!

  12. Olushoga Balogun says:

    This is an amazing story. It only again remind us that we should let go and let Sugmad (God).
    Also that no matter our situation, the Mahanta is always with us. We should not also forget to give love in other to get back love.

  13. Marcos M. Muledzera says:

    Total trust in the Mahanta makes all the difference in all we do! MM

  14. Deb Jacobson says:

    Beautiful story! We are so blessed to have the guidance of the Mahanta.

  15. Ryan Torkelson says:

    This story really shows that love is the answer to most difficult experiences.

  16. deanna strahl says:

    Observing without judging, how very important. I also might add to be in the here and now and give people a chance. I prefer not to invite anger invitations and only have the positive ocean of love and mercy in my life. By the way, getting ready to read the Modern Profit by Harold soon.

  17. Kathleen Frankel says:

    Your story is just what I needed to help me with a contentious relationship I’ve been having with a young child in my after school program. I see how I must be completely respectful of this child, not try to change her and open my heart to the love that is available. Putting the Master between us sounds so effective, I can’t wait to try it (if only I can remember to do so!).Thank you so much for this story.

  18. david onianwa says:

    thanks for this story it has proved that Mahanta is the present help any time any day. pls how due I become a member of this block thanks

  19. Greg S says:

    I’ve learned that one can never know what effect their words and actions can have on another person. Every interaction is interaction soul-to-soul and love is the language of soul.

  20. AZUBUIKE says:

    Thank you. fear is barrier, when we remove fear we know who and what we are. mtbb.

  21. Peter Akpokodje says:

    When we open our hearts to others the best we can, Divine Spirit flows through and the blessings around are more easily seen.

    Thank you Andrea for sharing and looking forward to the ECK European Seminar in Germany next year.

    May the Blessings Be.

  22. Carol Cameron says:

    Asking the Master to be present during the caregiving assignments was an excellent choice. Doing companion care work, I’ve often asked for the right team of ECK masters to assist me in my work w/clients who often have dementia, and difficulty communicating. I wondered if I could relate to a certain client from a higher plane. One day he approached me where I was sitting in the home, holding his cell phone. He was speaking into it. I asked him who he was talking to. He said he was talking to “Carol” (me!). He’d worked in telephone communications during his career. We were often able to cross difficult hurdles of communication after I used my spiritual tools to make his care more productive, loving, and even humorous. I discovered he had a wonderful sense of humor and understood more than he could communicate. It became a great pleasure and honor to assist this soul and his family. Sri Harold tells us there is always a solution to every problem….

  23. Brenda Lawrence says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. We truly do make a difference in life as carriers of divine love.

  24. Denise henson says:

    I do this more n more as I am learning to let the Mahanta be in my relationships…..Divine Spirit soo amazing…..

  25. Luiz Cesar says:

    When we just do what we ought to do, when we just observe without judging, and when we are present at that very moment, the Divine Spirit just takes over.

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