Practical Benefits of Dreams

ECKANKAR, Dreams, HealingBy Harold Klemp

Sometimes a lesson derived from the dream state brings a healing.

Healing in Dreams

An ECK initiate, “Helen,” went to see her doctor about a certain health problem.  He gave her two prescriptions which had proven helpful to other patients with the same condition.  She took the medications faithfully for a few days but finally concluded that they were not going to work for her.

One night Helen had a dream—a very simple inner experience.  First she saw a plain black screen.  Then the letters began to appear, one by one, each a different color, spelling out the word Ornade.  She didn’t know exactly what it was, but she had a feeling it was significant for her health.  She woke up in the middle of the night and, while the experience was fresh in her mind, she got out of bed and carefully wrote down the word. Read More


A Woman Receives Reassurance of the Mahanta’s Eternal Promise

15B34_Walker_Reflection of Love (2)By Margit, Germany

Despite a blue and clear sky and magnificent sunshine outside, my heart felt very overcast. It was one of those lonely days when I asked myself—is the Master truly always with me?

To cheer myself up, I grabbed a blanket and a book and headed for the nearby city gardens.

Once there I encountered much bustle; many people enjoyed the splendor of the flowers, the splashing fountain and simply devoted themselves to this beautiful day. On one of the grassy areas close to the edge of the huge pond I spread out my blanket and surrendered my heavy heart to the sight of the fountain and a single cluster of reeds. Read More


How Does Prayer Work?

ECKANKAR, Prayer, Unconditional Love, God, HUBy Harold Klemp

The Spindrift Organization has done a lot of experiments in the lab trying to prove that prayer works.  They set up experiments with plants, and they tried directed prayer.  They’d always have a control group.  Then they would see if there were any differences in plant growth.  And there were.

They did these experiments for a while, and then somebody had an idea.  They said, “We’ve proved now that prayer changes things.”  In other words, saying to the little plant, “Grow!”  “But now let’s see if there’s a difference between directed prayer and other types.”  They wanted to look at another kind of prayer, which is nondirected prayer. Read More


The Last-time Dream

By Lynne, Crofty, United Kingdom

I met a lady about twenty-five years ago. She came to my salon of health and fitness. Three times a week, at 7:00 a.m. she would be there and doing an hour of Toning Table exercises. As it was too early for most, I would chat with her to keep her motivation up. And she told me all about her family. The result was that over the years we became firm friends. She was twenty years older than me. My mother had passed on. So it was a warm, almost friends-mother-daughter relationship.

Well, the past three years or so were hard for her. She had a fall and hurt her knee. But was insistent that Spirit would heal it. We all asked her to visit her doctor, but she had none of it. I did what I could, because now as friends I needed to cross the line of therapist. Not easy. Read More


For Alignment with God

Spir_Exer_Shariyat_1By Harold Klemp

“If the Mahanta bestows gifts upon the solicitor, then he is the most fortunate of the fortunates for it means that he basks in the favor of the Living ECK Master and seeks nothing further in life. He has met and found the true Vi-Guru, and must now start his spiritual journey to God. Read More


Resolving Karma

By Adebowale, Nigeria

In 2009, I lost almost half my poultry chickens to various uncontrollable diseases. I could not restock because of finances so crossbred local hens with one non-local cock. It went well for six months and I had high hopes.

After six months I noticed that snakes were eating the eggs and during incubation some of the hens will just disappear. I later traced the cause to hawks and a kind of animal called “ayinren” the family of foxes were responsible. I figured out that I should be boasting about three hundred chicks by December 2014. By January 2015, I have only five left—three fowls and two beautiful pullets. By March the two pullets were gone after feeding them in the morning, leaving me with three fowls. I then decided not to invest until I am able to be rid of the other preying animals. Read More


A Visit to Heaven

Fubbi Quantz_internetBy Harold Klemp

Lenny was a seeker.

Years ago, Lenny had gone hunting in a neighbor’s field with his father, brother, and a neighbor friend. Tragedy was to change Lenny’s life. Lightning struck both him and his neighbor, who died immediately. Lenny himself went into cardiac arrest. His brother revived him en route to the hospital. In the emergency room, however, Lenny’s heart then failed again.

The medical staff tried everything in its power to revive him, but without success. Grave, hopeless seconds flew away like falcons upon the wind. Unable to make out a sign of life, the doctor signaled a nurse to pull the plug. As she bent over to disconnect the monitors, the faintest bleep sounded from the EKG.

Life! Read More


My Spiritual Companion

By Nora, Georgia

This morning, I had a troubling issue that kept coming up to me. And no matter how hard I tried to let it off my thoughts, it kept coming. Even this morning’s spiritual exercise could not suppress it. The issue actually kept intruding in my thought as I was singing HU and making effort to focus on Mahanta’s gaze. It was a battle.

Then suddenly I looked to my side on the bed and beheld there was the new book by Harold Klemp, Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One. I had a nudge again to open it at random for guidance. I found my thumb on this paragraph:

“Prepare yourself for a chat with the Master. Read More


HU Song—How to Get Spiritual Protection

Want to learn how to get spiritual protection? Monica shares how the HU song brought miraculous results during a car accident.



Soul’s Purpose in This World

John V Winter_6By Harold Klemp

Soul‘s whole purpose for being in this world is to find divine love. People come to the teachings of ECK for a number of reasons. Some come for the phenomenal things, like the gift of prophecy. They want to learn Soul Travel, which is a spiritual art. Or they want the gift of healing.

But those who are farther ahead spiritually come to ECK with the desire to find love, divine love. In fact, before they find ECK, they often asked, “Show me how to find love.” And then they find it in ECK. Read More

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