A Visit to Heaven

Fubbi Quantz_internetBy Harold Klemp

Lenny was a seeker.

Years ago, Lenny had gone hunting in a neighbor’s field with his father, brother, and a neighbor friend. Tragedy was to change Lenny’s life. Lightning struck both him and his neighbor, who died immediately. Lenny himself went into cardiac arrest. His brother revived him en route to the hospital. In the emergency room, however, Lenny’s heart then failed again.

The medical staff tried everything in its power to revive him, but without success. Grave, hopeless seconds flew away like falcons upon the wind. Unable to make out a sign of life, the doctor signaled a nurse to pull the plug. As she bent over to disconnect the monitors, the faintest bleep sounded from the EKG.


The team sprang into action, reviving Lenny.

He lay in a coma for six hours. But seemingly unconscious, he’d actually awakened out of the body, in the inner worlds.

A realm of stunning beauty greeted him. There he found delightful rest and peace. His was a flood of bliss and ecstasy. And in that place of unspeakable love, Lenny caught sight of his neighbor, who’d  been struck by lightning and translated (died). The man was lingering near a stairway leading to an even greater light. He motioned Lenny to join him; they’d ascend the stairs together. But Lenny shook his head. No, there was still plenty to see and do on earth.

Then a man with a snowy beard and in a long white robe addressed him. Was this God? (Lenny was to learn later that this exalted being would never, ever make a pretense of being God.) The old man spoke of the changes to come for Lenny: his future.

Lenny met other beings too. One especially striking man had a gleaming bald head, but more about that later.

Lenny could recall only fragments of his inner conversations with those beings, though the beauty and tranquility of that world were like an exquisite script engraved upon his heart. His remembrance of that celestial place enfolded him in an aura of peace and contentment. So profound and pure, in face, was this recollection that he would spend many fruitless years trying either to recapture or escape its memory.

Lenny regained consciousness. Later Lenny’s doctor would confide to him what a miracle his recovery had been. Such things did not happen; it was simply unheard of. The doctor, badly shaken by Lenny’s amazing recovery, could not understand how he ever survived. It defied all reason.

For the next twenty years Lenny tried to blot his near-death experience from memory. He desperately wanted to get on with living, yet the exquisite splendor  of that divine love continued to haunt him. So Lenny felt like a misfit in society.

Ten years after leaving the hospital, tragedy struck again.

Lenny’s best friend suffered a massive heart attack and died in his arms. The shock of it brought to mind memories of his own near-death experience. No question about it, his friend was rejoicing in the very love and peace that Lenny had once enjoyed too. Every waking hour since his best friend’s death, Lenny tried to recapture that elusive feeling of total love and acceptance.

A few years ago, Lenny’s own life began to unravel. For one thing, his marriage crumbled. Then, his career went up in smoke. He’d lost everything worth living for. Gone. Everything was gone. Yet even during this storm of pain and turmoil, Lenny could feel a guiding hand directing his affairs.

Who or what was this silent presence?

One day, seized by despair while out driving, Lenny cried, “What’s going on? Help me! I give up! Do with me what you will. I need help!”

At that very moment, a white car swerved in front of him. Its bumper sticker read “ECKANKAR 1-800-LOVE GOD.” Curious, he thought.

Soon he began to notice those bumper stickers everywhere.

Tossing and turning one night, Lenny realized he was spiritually on the edge of a precipitous cliff. He crawled from under his covers and switched on the TV. On the screen was an ad for the ECK Worldwide Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A voice inside him said, “Call the number.” Lenny hesitated. “Call the number!” So he dialed 1-800-LOVE GOD.

A short while later, a mailing arrived from Eckankar. Inside it was a free book, ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today. He skimmed it; he liked it. All right, then, it was time to visit the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Lenny, a Minnesota resident, had driven past the temple for ten years. He’d always known he’d stop in someday, but a certain timidity kept him from it.

He finally overcame his reluctance and went to the temple. Inside, a genial host offered him a tour, to which Lenny agreed. The tour coursed along a corridor to a chapel near the main sanctuary. There, on a wall, hung color portraits of ECK Masters.

Lenny stared at them. For the first time since his near-death experience, he finally understood his out-of-the-body journey. He recognized the ECK Master Fubbi Quantz. He was the man with the white beard and long white robe. He was the very one Lenny had once mistaken for God, the one who’d told him things about his future.

And there, too, was a portrait of Yaubl Sacabi, the bald-headed man who’d offered guidance in times of trouble.

For the first time in twenty years, Lenny knew with absolute certainty that his experience had been real. He wasn’t crazy; in fact, he was blessed.

In good time, Lenny learned about karma, reincarnation, and past lives, and he also found answers to a lifetime of questions. Best of all, he discovered the way to again enter those worlds of light, love, and infinite beauty he’d seen so many years ago. It is through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.


Excerpted form ECK Wisdom on Life after Death.


7 Responses to A Visit to Heaven

  1. Angel says:

    I would love to learn more about Eck….I have downloaded the app. Reading more and more. I just want this spirit of fear to leave my mind. And then I will be successful.

  2. Rosalie Staley says:

    In 2014, I experienced an emergency surgery, and felt the presence of the Mahanta and the ECK Masters in the hospital, and later with healing. . . As I wondered, that winter about getting well, I suddenly noticed on my hospital room wall a large image of my small “bear with the blue sweater (and beige jacket)” talking with his bear friends (all of whom were smaller bears in my apartment); I felt they were discussing how they might assist the Mahanta with my healing; immediately I felt more awake, and soon was able to leave the hospital, resuming my normal life activities; thank you, Wah Z! I know the Mahanta is able to “bring to life” what is needed, and the ECK Masters are able to assist with “miracles” in an instant! I enjoyed the article on “near death” experience and the seeker finding ECKANKAR, “just in the nick of time”!

    Best Wishes in ECK, Rosalie Staley, Nashville, Tn.

  3. Todd Gambino says:

    One thing I learned reading quotes from the ECK Masters, they say what they mean, and they mean what they say, don’t waste time trying to over think it.
    Contemplate with a open mind. Anyway only took 33 yrs to figure that out.

    You can see the bliss of Heaven by looking at the eyes of an ECK MASTER, so calm and peaceful.

  4. Richard Berling says:

    Stories like this are true inspirations to anyone on any religious path to God. There is much instructive literature on near death survivors reminiscent of this story.

  5. Rob Ilechuku says:

    Plagued with a fear of death that had afflicted me since early childhood, I finally overcame it after my very first Soul Travel experience when I left my body completely in my last year at university. It remains one of the greatest blessings I have ever had on this wonderful path to God.

  6. Karen says:

    Wow, what an experience or should I say experiences by Lenny. Twenty years is such a long time, but I guess that’s how it was supposed to play out. I haven’t had any near death experiences and what Lenny experienced was very intense.
    May the Blessings be!!

  7. deanna strahl says:

    Wow! I had a near death expierence one time many years ago and went to a very special place too. I then after this found out about ECKANKAR too and have been very happy with it and the teachings of the ocean of love and mercy, through the Mahanta, Harold Klemp.

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