A Woman Receives Reassurance of the Mahanta’s Eternal Promise

15B34_Walker_Reflection of Love (2)By Margit, Germany

Despite a blue and clear sky and magnificent sunshine outside, my heart felt very overcast. It was one of those lonely days when I asked myself—is the Master truly always with me?

To cheer myself up, I grabbed a blanket and a book and headed for the nearby city gardens.

Once there I encountered much bustle; many people enjoyed the splendor of the flowers, the splashing fountain and simply devoted themselves to this beautiful day. On one of the grassy areas close to the edge of the huge pond I spread out my blanket and surrendered my heavy heart to the sight of the fountain and a single cluster of reeds.

Suddenly a mother duck with her eleven ducklings swam around a cluster of reeds. They were such tiny, sweet, and fluffy creatures and I couldn’t help singing ecstatically HUUUUUU. Mother duck just wanted to swim by, but the ducklings seemed to have a prank in mind and aimed towards the brick edge of the pond, right where my feet were. Suddenly one by one they hopped out of the water, not without effort, as the edge of the pond was taller than they were. And there they stood, right next to my feet and tried to nibble them. Again and again their little beaks touched my feet and I burst out in a loud chuckle.

Then they let go, much like they were done with this matter and hopped back into the refreshing water. Mother duck, with a puzzled look, was awaiting them and off they swam.

My heart flowed away with them and I had gotten my answer. As envoy from the Mahanta these sweet creatures opened my closed heart by fondling my feet and letting me know “wherever you walk and wherever you stand, I am always with you!”

What a gift of love! Deepest gratitude streamed through my entire being and I felt connected with God in a way which freed me of any inner sorrow.

Thank you Mahanta for again confirming that you truly are always with me!


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