How Does Prayer Work?

ECKANKAR, Prayer, Unconditional Love, God, HUBy Harold Klemp

The Spindrift Organization has done a lot of experiments in the lab trying to prove that prayer works.  They set up experiments with plants, and they tried directed prayer.  They’d always have a control group.  Then they would see if there were any differences in plant growth.  And there were.

They did these experiments for a while, and then somebody had an idea.  They said, “We’ve proved now that prayer changes things.”  In other words, saying to the little plant, “Grow!”  “But now let’s see if there’s a difference between directed prayer and other types.”  They wanted to look at another kind of prayer, which is nondirected prayer.

Nondirected prayer is more along the lines of “Thy will be done.”

So they took a plate with mold on it.  And they put it through a quick rinse of alcohol to give the mold a shock, to almost kill it.  And then they drew a line right down the center.

Side A was the control side.  They wouldn’t pray for that side.  They asked people to pray for the mold on side B, but not on the order of, “Grow, you little green molds, grow!”  They didn’t do it like that.  They just said, “Thy will be done,” regarding the B side.

By doing this truly, people are giving goodwill to life.  They’re passing along the love of God to other people and things.

They found that nondirected prayer worked even better than directed prayer.  Then they did other experiments and got the same results: the nondirected prayer was better than telling God what to do.  They also found that some kind of attention was better than nothing at all.

It gets very difficult if you have an illness and say, “God, I need more red blood cells.  Produce more red blood cells.”  It may be exactly the wrong thing.  You might need more white blood cells.

Directed prayer doesn’t work as well because it depends upon the human consciousness and all its ignorance. But nondirected prayer depends upon the divine power, the higher power.  It depends upon the power of God.  So whether you say, “Thy will, not mine, be done,” or “May the blessings be,” this is the proper spiritual way to direct your own life.

You can use it in your own spiritual exercises with a word that you sing to yourself during contemplation (HU is a good one).  You can sing the word, but before you start, you can say, “May the blessings be” or “Thy will be done.”

If you have a health problem, or if you’re having a problem finding work or keeping the job you have, or if you’re having a problem with your loved one or someone not so loved—instead of saying, “God, help me be stronger,” maybe just try “Thy will be done.”

It’s unconditional love that makes such a prayer.  And this is important.

What many people don’t realize is that God’s love, too, is unconditional love.  Soul exists because God loves It.  That means you exist because God loves you.

Excerpted from Spiritual Wisdom on Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation.


12 Responses to How Does Prayer Work?

  1. Ann says:

    Our state of consciousness might not be wide enough to see what we need very clearly. So when we ask God to do certain things for us, it might not be the best thing spiritually for us. I have realised this fact through many experiences which showed me how limited my consciousness is and how much damage I would do to myself by asking God things using this limited state of consciousness that cannot see as far as God consciousness can. So I have very quickly resorted to always saying “Thy will be done”. Always I say “Thy will be done” because I know now that God knows much better than me what is good for me. So I’ve let things in His care.

  2. Godwin ifeanyi Etie Peter says:

    Am so happy to come across this today MAY THE BLESSINGS BE

  3. Odimegwu Onwumere says:

    BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: I think the DIRECTED PRAYER shouldn’t be totally ruled out. The cosmic works on pronounced things than keeping them mute. I read a story of a boy who took picture of a beautiful hotel. He said, “This hotel is mine.” He placed the picture on his dressing mirror. Every morning he would say, “This hotel is mine.” Twenty five years after, he bought the hotel. If he had seen the hotel and just say an “undirected prayer” of “Let Thy Will Be Done” who knows what could’ve happened. I think, aged-long spirituality is, “The mind is everything. Man is as he thinks and meditates always.” Take again a king whom was messaged in the old that he would die. He didn’t say, “Let Thy Will Be Done.” He rather challenged the source of the news of his untimely death and was given 15yrs more to live. Conversely, I think while doing good to people, there shouldn’t be a DIRECTED DEMAND/PRAYER of what the person should repay us back with, hence “Thy Will Be Done”. But this is also dicey. If an errand for someone requires Trans Fare, who pays? In this case, the Sendee has to make a “Directed Prayer” to the Sender to pay for his fares and not leaving and say, “Let Thy Will Be Done” and then trekk from Aba to Abuja all in the name of showing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
    -Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Consultant.

  4. Uwem says:

    I chose a non-directed prayer, because it will help me live in the moment.

  5. Israel Nwagbo says:

    This message is an eye opener for me as a new chela, the message is real and applicable for every day life. Thank you Mahanta. May the Blessings be.

  6. Thompson Peter says:

    Z, all your talk looks like solving a challenge at hand. This kind of prayer is like surrendering oneself to the Sugmad and it virtually takes care of the situation and the ones we are not yet awear of.

  7. Karen says:

    Yes, I use/say every day,”May the Blessings Be”, “thy will be done” and/or “not my will, but thine be done.”

  8. Freek says:

    Found a beautiful prayer this morning in the new book “Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One”, page 160 :”I am a pure and open channel for the Mahanta. All my thoughts, words deeds and actions are dedicated to the Sugmad, the ECK and the Mahanta.” This is a wonderful prayer of letting go and letting God work miracles in your life.

  9. Heath says:

    I am happy to see this post, for years and years I have been praying for things, whether it be a job, a love one, personal healing etc I was always very direct with my desires, I am now going to use thy will be done as a way of giving it all to the lord as it truly is his will where my life is to go

    Thanks Heath

  10. Emmanue John says:

    Let thy will be done is the best way of living a spiritual life. Alway rememer that abundance flourishes in a grateful heart. Learn to be Gratitude at al time.

  11. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Awesome post. To realize that there is a purpose to one’s existence builds trust in Thy will being done.

    May the blessings be.

  12. Ibiye Johnbull says:

    My Z thank you sooo much. Lately I was scared of lossing a loved one..But after reading some Eck stuffs and doing my spiritual exercise, I became aware that true love means detachment ! And I just ended it by saying ‘thy will be done. I was so happy to know this and also applying it my daily life. Love you Z

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