HU Song—How to Get Spiritual Protection

Want to learn how to get spiritual protection? Monica shares how the HU song brought miraculous results during a car accident.


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  1. Addy F says:

    Thank you Laura for sharing this miraculas experience and explaining the numerous benefits of singing HU, the holy name of God for the benefit of others.
    Your story is helpful to many. Singing HU regualrly helps build up a protective aura around us.. When sung regularly, i find HU becomes second nature, enhancing our ability to instantly draw on Its protective support when needed even within the flash of a second.

  2. Victor Bright says:

    I remember this experience and when it was first shared in a major ECK seminar. I have also shared it a few times. Nice one…I get similar experiences too.

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Monica’s story reminds me immediately of the side-door collision my wife and I had in 2014 just after leaving the airport toll-gate at an intersection. The last words I said as I gazed at the fast approaching screeching vehicle and then to my wife before closing my eyes to brace for impact was WAH Z, the spiritual name for Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.
    When we came out of the car, we were not injured in any way though partly in shock. Neither were the occupants of the other vehicle. I learnt a lot from this experience, one of which is the great work behind the scene the Holy Spirit does to uplift Souls and make life easier for us and how our karma gets worked off in the inner easing the wear and tear here.
    Thank you Mahanta for divine protection. Thanks for sharing Monica.

  4. Theresa Bothwell says:

    Thanks Laura, couldn’t agree with you more.
    Your post was succint and ‘spot on’!
    Thanks for sharing and much love back to you, also

  5. Laura Wilson says:

    What a wonderful story. Explained simply and lovingly. These principals of Eckankar are truly so simple, that people sometimes cannot put together the true simplicity/reality that IT is. Much love to all.

  6. ECKIST KALU says:

    I Cannot stop singing HU because it has become part and parcel of me. HU has done so much to me and it is the greatest gift anybody can give to another person.

  7. chima .k. Chigbu says:

    hu the love song and holy name of God has giving me protection, provision, uplift meant and break through in all I do.

  8. Sharon Evans says:

    Thank you so much. I am 65 yrs. old, yet a baby in Eckankar (1 1/2 yr). Your story revealed many things for me. I am still learning about remembering anything that happens on the inner….I so appreciate your sharing and the way that you shared it.


    That was really great. There is real power in ECK.THANK YOU MAHANTA.

  10. Sophia Irving says:

    I just returned from India volunteering for Kumbah Mela a festival celebrated throughout India. At first I wondered why would I be in a Hindu setting and helping them to build a temple, hall, eating place and medical center with dorms for men and women coming from all points on the earth. Our thoughts and ways are not our own and if it is for two the Eck will be present. One day a young lady from Canada asked me why was I there because I was different from everyone else. I told her I volunteered but I am an Eckists who study the Light and Sound of God. I told her while singing this ancient love song to God called HU order comes inside me and the outside aligns. She said you exhibit such peace and I have been watching you. I gave her a HU card and demonstrated the song to her telling her to sing it out loud or to herself within any time. I saw her again two weeks later but this time she asked if she could meet with me to sing HU together. I was so excited but as it was the Eck has Its own plans as a man came to me from California saying I have been watching you and wondered do I believe in all this stuff. I told him my intentions is to be an available channel for Eck and an answer to those who cry out for help while on this particular path. I am grateful for the HU cards given out and the stories I shared about my invitation to Eckankar. May the blessings be.

  11. marianne pereira says:

    Thank you, I have always loved singing HU.

  12. Ernest Edukere says:

    Little no wonder, the greatest sound.
    Simply HU.
    I trully enjoyed listening to this talk.

  13. Jan Krause says:

    The Power of the HU! Beautiful story to share.

  14. Gershon Teku says:

    HU is good for all humans

  15. Theresa Bothwell says:

    Wow! What an incredibly powerful story about the blessed protection of the Hu prayer, the Eck and the Mahanta ! Told so well by Monica – so blessed to have been raised in an Eckankar family.
    Thankyou Monica for sharing.
    I have no doubt your story will provide many many people with extra belief in the protective power and grace that comes through the spiritual practice of Eckankar.
    Thank you so much again!
    May the Blessings be…

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