The Last-time Dream

By Lynne, Crofty, United Kingdom

I met a lady about twenty-five years ago. She came to my salon of health and fitness. Three times a week, at 7:00 a.m. she would be there and doing an hour of Toning Table exercises. As it was too early for most, I would chat with her to keep her motivation up. And she told me all about her family. The result was that over the years we became firm friends. She was twenty years older than me. My mother had passed on. So it was a warm, almost friends-mother-daughter relationship.

Well, the past three years or so were hard for her. She had a fall and hurt her knee. But was insistent that Spirit would heal it. We all asked her to visit her doctor, but she had none of it. I did what I could, because now as friends I needed to cross the line of therapist. Not easy.

So last year, she had another fall at home. And caregivers were brought in daily. Her real daughter lived in the USA and could come over rarely. I visited almost every day. After a year or so came the last fall. She was hurt and needed to be hospitalized. She was almost ninety and one could see she had given up. She did not want to end her days in a hospital, in a ward for the old and infirm. She asked many times, why wasn’t she in the Santa Maria private hospital. But her daughter didn’t do anything.

So last September, after a visit with her that I knew would be the last time for me to see her in this life, I had a dream that night.

She and I were climbing a huge mountain. It was grassy and muddy, raining and cold. We climbed and climbed and rested in fallen down stone buildings, which were animal shelters, and old fallen-down farms of years ago. She was tired but determined to carry on. I was with her all the way. But it seemed we were getting nowhere. And then, I looked up, and saw an opening in the dark sky, a circle of blue sky. And golden light beamed down. I said, “Look up.” She did, then turned to me and said, “That’s it I’m off.” And took off like a two-year-old with a big smile on her face.

I woke up and wrote it down and will never forget it. I appreciate Eckankar and all that goes with it. My gratitude has no bounds.


8 Responses to The Last-time Dream

  1. Rainie Dionne says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, both in the physical world and dream world with your dear friend. It reaffirms for me that the dream world is wonderfully valid. It is an arena where I, Soul, also exist and have my being. And thus can continue to be of service to my loved ones and others. The worlds of God are infinite. Your dream is an example of that for me.

  2. Becky Osiah says:

    It’s wonderful being a Conscious co-worker with the Mahanta. Thanks for Sharing.

  3. John Ebadan says:

    Thanks Lynne for sharing this story of how to be an open channel for the Mahanta

  4. Dee says:

    I saw both of my parents through difficult translation experiences. Both times, it was a privilege for me to be there and know the Mahanta was also there with us. When Mum was in casualty in hospital for about 14 hours after her fall, my sister and I sang softly to her which kept her calm. At one point, she sat up and told me to tell the man in the grey suit at the end of her bed to go away. I said it was up to her to tell him. And she shouted: Go away! Mahanta disappeared from her vision, but remained in mine. I sang the HU a lot.
    As we were moving with her to a ward, a lady who was in the next cubicle spoke to me. She thanked us for our singing as she too was there with her elderly Mum and they had both enjoyed our quiet singing, HU included. Wherever we go, we take the Mahanta, and not just for ourselves. May the blessings be.

  5. Michael John Harbadin says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for posting <3

  6. Kokoette Bassey says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the older and aged friend. That’s a gift of love from the ECK. It’s a thing of joy for Soul to have a peaceful journey. My beloved mother translated last year at 93. Two months before her translation, she had a good time with me, my daughter and her great grand children who paid her their last visit after an ECK Regional Seminar in Uyo. It was indeed a very pleasant experience to have shared love with her before her translation. May the blessings be!

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    We are all here with our past life relationships; golden opportunities to learn to give and receive divine love. The past and the future, in my opinion, are right now for no sooner the latter becomes the former.

    Wonderful experience showing the continuity of existence as Soul. Soul knows (her Santa Maria). What great gift can you give another that they can carry into the beyond: Love.

    It is indeed love and love is the Mahanta.

  8. Carol Cameron says:

    It is lovely to see how the ECK used your mutual devotion w/this older friend. What an honor to accompany her on her journey and return home.

    During my own mother’s long journey with Alzheimer’s and eventual death, I, too, was blessed w/an older friend. When she turned 92 she told me she wouldn’t see 93. During her last couple of years she asked me about my spiritual path. I was able to share the teachings of ECKANKAR with her. Not long out from her death, which took place just before she turned 93, she told me she’d been sitting in her living room one day and saw the hand of God. During one of my last visits w/her I became aware of a great deal of golden light around her head. One night before she died, I had a dream where my grandmother gave me a box of tissue. Shortly thereafter, I learned my friend had collapsed at home and died several days later in the hospital. Our older friends are special treasures, and gifts from Holy Spirit to us.

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